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Best Instagram Spots in Toronto (and the GTA)

Amaara Dhanji
Written By
Amaara Dhanji
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Oct 06, 2021
A collage of five influencers at the best Toronto Instagram spots

Toronto is home to a number of beautiful landmarks, restaurants, stunning architecture, and picture-perfect opportunities. This means, Toronto is also home to a TON of incredible IG and TikTok-worthy backdrops.

To make your journey across the city a little easier, we asked the influencers what they’re favourite Instagram spots are in Toronto and conveniently plotted them on a custom Google Map at the end of this blog. We’ve also added some of our TIA Team faves to the map to make sure you can grab a #fitpic no matter where you are in the city! 

Without further ado, here are some of the best Instagram spots in Toronto: 

Emily Mallett | @emilyrhiannon55

Princes’ Gates

Add some historic flair to your feed by stopping by this monumental gateway at Exhibition Place. It’s one of the best Toronto Instagram spots you shouldn’t miss out on. We’re 100% sure your shots will be as triumphant as the history of this landmark when you use it as the backdrop to your OOTDs!

Union Station Bus Terminal

Whether it’s airports or bus terminals, we just love locations that signify travel! If it has vintage vibes, that just gives us major aesthetic plus points — no one will be able to resist taking some photos at the iconic Union Station. And neither will your followers be able to resist double tapping!

Lillian Massey Building

Everyone’s into the classics, and that’s why we’re always on the lookout for the best Toronto Instagram spots that embody this! The Lillian Massey building is a neoclassical structure that sits right across the Royal Ontario Museum. Bring out your inner royalty by sitting like a queen (or king!) on these steps. 

One St. Thomas Residences

One of the most iconic condo buildings in Toronto is popular for a particularly important reason; it’s a perfect spot for taking aesthetic shots! The skyscraper’s muted gray tones bring out anything and anyone that leans against it. It’s the one location you should definitely visit. 

105 King Street E

You probably already knew that King Street is a haven for those who want to take their photography to the next level. But have you ever been to 105 King Street E, specifically? This is where you’ll see one of the best Toronto Instagram spots! Just bring your camera and capture yourself with the beauty of those pillars.

Samuel Butcher | @smbtchr

Chelsea Shop

Don’t we all pretend we’re just strolling around Europe sometimes? There’s nothing quite like this continent, and those who’ve been here won’t be able to stop thinking about its beauty. With its French windows, Chelsea Shop will give you major “I just shopped ‘til I dropped at a super cute vintage store in Europe” vibes.

Sunnyside Pavilion

If you’re thinking about adding some sunshine to your Instagram feed, then we’re pretty sure the solution would be to stop by Sunnyside Pavilion. This historic waterfront pavilion even features an observation deck! Get ready for photos that will look like a tropical getaway in the middle of the city. 

June Callwood Park

You seriously can’t go wrong with some pink that comes in the form of artistic landscapes. June Callwood Park is the perfect pop of colour just waiting to be included in your Instagram repertoire. Just lean back, relax, bask in the pinkness of it all – and don’t forget to snap a photo! 

Stackt Market

We can’t explain exactly what it is that we love so much about shipping containers; we just do. Drop by Toronto’s very own shipping container market and get ready to capture high fashion photos (after trying their cocktails, of course!) with some heavy metal in the background. 

Novotel Toronto

The Novotel brand never fails to impress with their chic architecture! It’s no surprise that it’s one of the best Toronto Instagram spots. Would you look at that pathway — it just screams sophistication. This is exactly where you can take those walking shots everybody loves so much. Make it your own personal runway in the middle of the city. 

Camera Wall

But did you notice that there’s a white sheep among these cameras? No? Okay. This camera wall may look simple at first glance, but the longer you stare at it, you’ll realize that it’s the epitome of modern art. It’s definitely one of the best Toronto Instagram spots you should check out!

Mikael Melo | @mikaelmmelo

Harbourfront / Waterfront

Probably the most basic, but also most ICONIC spots you can take a photo at this summer. Show some city love and get the CN Tower in the background while you’re at it. If people didn’t know you’re in the 6ix, they certainly will now.

High Park

Clearly, I’m basic based on the locations I shoot at, but HEY a good spot is a good spot! And High Park is an excellent photoshoot spot. Especially during cherry blossom season! But it’s a great photoshoot spot all year round. There’s lots of nature, a pool, tennis courts, even an outdoor theatre – lots of creative concepts to work with.

Toronto Reference Library

This was taken pre-covid (thus the no mask), but a library photoshoot is always a cute idea! The Toronto Reference Library is gorgeous and even has a Sherlock Holmes museum on the top floor. So whether you’re a fan of fiction or nonfiction, there’s a lot you can shoot here. As Arthur once said, “having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card!”


Besties, patio szn is here! And after a very depressing few months in the province, nothing will bring out a natural smile more than some food and drinks on a patio! Not only will it be nice to leave the house, but you can also shout out a local Toronto restaurant: a win-win for everyone! I recently went to TacoTaco in Kensington and their patio was adorable (and the owners were super nice!)

Your Own Home

Okay, hear me out! I know we’ve been stuck inside for like 100 years, BUT cause of this I’m sure most of us have found cute ways to decorate our spaces. Heck, I’ve had to have NOT just 1 but 2 LOCKDOWN Birthdays! Not fun – BUT on the positive, I was able to decorate my space nicely and get a picture-perfect photo for the occasion! So sometimes home sweet home can make for a great photoshoot spot.

Brigitte Truong | @brigittetruong

Kensington Market

Kensington Market is one of the best places to take a variety of IG-worthy photos. There are eclectic graffiti walls, local vintage businesses if you’re into #thriftpics, and of course, a fun array of beautifully decorated cafes and restaurants! 

Lapinou’s Patio

Good food and good pics? Say no more. Lapinou’s patio is the perfect spot for a date night or girls night out glam photo. Plus, it’s a mix of concrete, exposed brick, and string lights at the top – what more could you ask for?

Cafe 23

I love Cafe 23s backyard patio because it’s a plant oasis. Grab a casual coffee pic or dress up and go glam on the steps. Or if you really want to mix things up, they have a gorgeous mirror for a mirror pic! It’s giving very much Montreal terrace vibes. 

Union Station

Union station may be confusing, but one thing’s for sure – there are a lot of photo ops outside! Given it’s old architecture and across from the Fairmont, I never miss the chance to take a photo with the iconic clock! You can even switch it up across the seasons. 

Liberty Village Alley

Liberty Village is another great place to take photos throughout the area. While this isn’t a specific location, I love wandering through the alleys of the village and finding the perfect exposed brick background. I personally love this spot for fall but it is magical at any time of the year!

Corktown Common

This east-end spot is underrated, in my opinion. The 18 acre park was built on remediated industrial lands, meaning there are so many different types of photo-ops available! Plus, it’s great for golden hour. 

Toronto Sugar Factory

Want a photo that makes it seem like you’re not in Toronto? This is the spot. Come here during the day for some moody lake shots or wait until sunset for a more magical vibe!

Matt Edwards | @mattredwards

Parking Garages

This one isn’t a specific location, but if you’re into streetwear #Fitpics like myself, you most likely already have some Parking Garages you love to shoot at! It’s just something about the urban vibe they bring + they’re SO EASY to shoot at because they’re all (normally) open to the public! On sunny days most garages provide fantastic lighting, especially if they have an open up top parking. On not so sunny days, overcast lighting still works great! This is by far my favorite place to shoot! 

Underpass Park

This spot is actually a location, and a location with many different areas to shoot in! Whether it’s the basketball court, the skate park or any wall you choose, Underpass Park is another great spot in the city to shoot at! And if you go near Sunset, you can get some WICKED lighting! 

Toronto-Dominion Centre

I love shooting here for getting great fit pics with the CN Tower behind you. It has a really cool vibe, but sometimes too many people walk past. 

Literally Any Wall in The City

TBH, I LOVE a good wall! And some alley ways have great walls, with excellent lighting! If you can find a lighter toned wall, instead of a brown brick + good lighting, your Fit pic is bound to get a couple 🔥🔥🔥 – trust me! 


Whether you simply love visiting beautiful sights or are one of those “do it for the ‘gram” type of people, these best Toronto Instagram spots are the ultimate solution you’ve been looking for. A fair warning though: your Instagram feed is about to look fire and receive a crazy amount of double taps. 

Your quest for the most aesthetic locations where you can take incredible photos has just become a lot easier. The Influence Agency is here to map out the way for you. Click here to check out our full list of recommended places on Google Maps!



  • Amaara Dhanji

    Amaara Dhanji is a Social Media Manager at TIA, and loves all things creative. Outside of work, you can find her trying a new restaurant, thrifting, making DIY home decor, or thinking about dogs. You can follow her @amaaradhanji

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  • Amaara Dhanji

    Amaara Dhanji is a Social Media Manager at TIA, and loves all things creative. Outside of work, you can find her trying a new restaurant, thrifting, making DIY home decor, or thinking about dogs. You can follow her @amaaradhanji

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