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The Best Marketing Blogs and Newsletters to Subscribe To

Sonia Batra
Written By
Sonia Batra
Published On
Dec 14, 2021
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Being equipped with a phenomenal marketing skill set might just be the key to making your business skyrocket to success. But where do you even begin to take your knowledge to the next level? 

You could always scour the great World Wide Web to find some tips and tricks, but that would be incredibly time-consuming. Instead, allow the most valuable and updated information to land directly in your inbox by subscribing to these top marketing blogs and newsletters. 

As a leader in the digital marketing industry, The Influence Agency, has sifted through and rounded up the best marketing newsletters and blogs you would gladly welcome to your inbox. 

Scroll down to see our list divided by seven marketing specialties: 

Whatever field it is that you’re interested in learning more about, we’ve got you covered.

a keyboard with a blue “blog” key

SEO & Content

The Moz Blog  

As one of the first and most trusted SEO companies, the experts who write for Moz’s marketing blog will provide you with how-tos, insights, and research that will help you level up your SEO game.

Search Engine Land

Expect to see articles by professionals across all digital marketing disciplines when you subscribe to Search Engine Land. The practical tips, tactics, and strategies necessary to execute successful marketing programs can all be found here. 


Dedicated to supplying you with updates on the content you care about, SEMrush will give you fantastic SEO tips and strategies that will help you drive traffic. 

Search Engine Journal (SEO)

Search Engine Journal is your ultimate source for all things search engine optimization (SEO)! They’re out to educate and empower everyone in the SEO community with the freshest news and modern tips that actually work. 

Search Engine Journal (Content)

Search Engine Journal isn’t just about SEO; they’ve got a content marketing guide too that any beginner would definitely pick up some valuable information from!


Backlinko is the place to be for proven SEO advice that gets you results. Enjoy no-fluff tips from internationally recognized SEO expert Brian Dean. 

Social Media Today

Social Media Today takes pride in its original analysis of the latest developments in the social media industry. Count on it that this leading publication covers SEO & content ideas as well!

Neil Patel

Neil Patel’s marketing blog generates over 4 million visitors per month! He is a successful entrepreneur who’s helped some of the biggest companies, like Amazon and Microsoft, grow through marketing—which is just one of the many reasons people flock to his website! 

Google Ads

WordStream Blog

Online advertising is made easy with WordStream. Those who work with the company actually see an average increase of 30% in conversions! They’ll help you get the most out of your online advertising through their marketing blogs as well. 

Google Ads Blog

So you’re leveraging Google Ads, but are you subscribed to their very own blog? Stay in the loop by subscribing to their marketing newsletter. 

Search Engine Journal (PPC)

Check out Search Engine Journal (PPC) to hone your skills in the field of pay-per-click marketing, and receive important updates about Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and paid search platforms. 

Social Media

Social Media Today (Social Media)

What’s going on in the world of social media today? Allow Social Media Today’s newsletters, the one read by industry experts all over the world, to keep you informed. 

Gary Vaynerchuck

As a successful serial entrepreneur & investor, chairman of Vayner-X, and CEO of VaynerMedia, it’s clear that Gary Vaynerchuck knows a lot about phenomenal marketing and social media strategies. Learn all about his tried and tested ideas by subscribing to his marketing blog! 

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner has helped over 93 million marketers discover how to leverage social media and content to connect with their customers, generate awareness, drive traffic, and increase sales. They’re dedicated to helping people navigate the “social media jungle.” 

Search Engine Journal (Social Media)

You guessed it right; Search Engine Journal has got you covered when it comes to SEO & Content, Google ads, and social media. 

Neil Patel

Is there anything Neil Patel’s marketing blog can’t help you with? It’s no surprise that Forbes even named him one of the top 10 marketers! He’s clearly got all the strategies figured out, including those for social media. 

Later Media

Later is the number one visual marketing platform for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Now, they’ve got an incredible marketing blog that will help you streamline your social media strategy. Their goal is to enable you to set yourself up for more sales and success. 

Rachel David

Another marketing newsletter you should definitely add to your subscriptions is Hashtag Communications. The company is led by Rachel David, who is a thought leader in the digital media space. They’ve got the resources you need to become your own marketing guru. 

a keyboard with a red “newsletter” key

Social Paid Advertising

WordStream Blog

Making another appearance on our list, and this time under the Social Paid Advertising category, is the WordStream blog. They specialize in “turning 60% more leads into customers while spending 10% less”—which is a clear indicator that their advertising tricks can make it happen for your business. 

Social Media Today

Over 148,000 people are subscribed to Social Media Today’s marketing newsletter. Social Paid Advertising might seem challenging to navigate, but they’re here to solve the common problems that marketers face. 

Social Media Examiner

Examining marketing and advertising is what the Social Media Examiner does best, and they share all the valuable information they gather with over 435,000 people that are subscribed to their blog. Social paid advertising is among the many categories they specialize in. 

Neil Patel

Making a third appearance on our list of “Best Marketing Blogs and Newsletters to Subscribe To,” Neil Patel also has a knack for social paid advertising.

Jon Loomer – For Advanced Facebook Marketers

Jon Loomer is who advanced Facebook advertisers turn to when they want to “sharpen their skills and stay on top of the constantly evolving world of advertising.” Now, if you’re an inexperienced advertiser, Jon Loomer will help you become advanced. It’s definitely one of the top marketing blogs to follow!



You might know Adweek as the leading source of news and insight that serves the brand marketing ecosystem—and they’ve got a marketing blog that covers everything you need to know about various vital elements of marketing, including designing and advertising your brand. 


As the leading destination to find and showcase creative work, Dribbble is home to some of the world’s best design professionals who share their knowledge through their marketing blogs. From project management tips to building design portfolios, you’ll always love what they have to say. 

Nielsen Group

How do you design a seamless user experience? Allow Nielsen Group to give you the details through their marketing newsletter! All the information they share is research-based, giving you even more confidence in all the Nielsen Group emails that will land in your inbox.


Popularly known as a platform that empowers designers to easily build customized websites in a completely visual canvas without code, Webflow is the expert when it comes to the design elements of marketing. Their marketing blog is an absolute must-read. 


InVision brings design-driven innovation to every organization—and all the Fortune 100 companies have chosen this award-winning design team. We’re pretty sure you’ll pick up some unparalleled design tips from their marketing blogs. 

Design Systems

This Figma publication was created specifically for design system creators, designers, developers, and managers. It’s a haven for anyone who’s into design, and their marketing blogs are just as compelling. 

It’s Nice That

It’s Nice That has been championing creativity since 2007. Through their marketing newsletters, they aim to “keep you in the loop with everything good going on in the creative world.” 

They’ll send creative ideas straight to your inbox. It’s nice that they do that, really. 

AIGA Eye on Design

If you’re familiar with AIGA, the largest not-for-profit design organization in the United States, you’d be ecstatic to find out that they’re the publishers of AIGA Eye on Design. Not only do they feature the most exciting designers, but they also have marketing newsletter programs that cover conferences, events, webinars, design education, careers, research, insights, and so much more!


Rocketstock by Shutterstock

Rocketstock, which was created by Shutterstock, has a marketing blog that focuses on tips and tutorials for after effects, motion design, and video editing. You don’t want to miss out because videography will always be a vital element of marketing! 


Robinhood Snacks

One facet of the marketing industry that marketers need to be familiar with is financial news. After all, they are very closely related. If you’re looking for a resource that provides more digestible financial news, then you need to check out Robinhood Snacks’ marketing newsletter!

A person subscribing to a marketing newsletter on their computer

Fill Your Inbox With Top-Tier Marketing Knowledge

By subscribing to these top marketing blogs and newsletters, you can always expect to receive valuable news and updates in your inbox! You’re just a few clicks away from upgrading your skills and boosting your brand’s strategies. 

Remember to tap the subscribe button for The Influence Agency’s very own newsletter as well! Whether you’re a brand/business, influencer/creator, agency, or are in the field of media, we’ve got you covered with the latest guides and tips for marketing & social media. 

Stay connected with Toronto’s leading digital marketing agency and follow us on Instagram for instant updates! 

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