10 Brands To Watch
Samuel Butcher

10 Brands To Watch In 2020

With a new year, comes many opportunities for brands to grow and shine, these are our selects for 10 Brands To Watch In 2020. With many of these being some of the most talked-about influencer marketing brands within 2019, it’s easy to say they will continue to be present on social media within 2020. These companies small, and big, young and established, allow for their influencer collabs to speak for themselves, oftentimes utilizing user-generated content, and giving clear and real depictions on the products in real life.

This speaks volumes to consumers and it’s very important also, that most of them also feature ethical and sustainable practices. For more information on each of these brands and to find out who made it on our Top 10, continue reading!

Mejuri – @mejuri

A fine jewelry brand hailing from Toronto. This brand has skyrocketed with influencer marketing and utilizing UGC within 2019 and they will continue to pop-off during 2020. This brand is sure to grow immensely launching new products every Monday, and we’ll definitely be watching!

Knix – @knixwear

Serving real women comfort and style. Making undergarments more comfortable and making you more comfortable in your own skin. This company is on a mission to break boundaries and bring awareness surrounding themes like post-partum and menstruation.

KOTN – @kotn

Quality essentials and basics made from Egyptian cotton ethically and sustainably sourced from the Nile Delta. Every purchase a customer makes gives back to children in need, by funding new schools.

Everlane – @everlane

Another ethical brand focused on radical transparency with their sourcing, production, and quality. Products designed to last! From material, labour, and transportation, all the quality without the markup.

Summer Fridays – @summerfridays

One of the most talked-about brands in 2019. Summer Fridays will continue to be present within influencer marketing campaigns, as they launch their new products in 2020 with items such as face wash, serum and more!

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Dosist Canada – @dosistcanada

Dosist is finally in Canada and we’re excited! Hailing from California, this wellness company is all about micro-dosing target CBD/THC formulas. Making it accessible, safe, and healthy for all users of age. The launch finally happened in Canada with retail selling in Toronto starting during January 2020.

Casper – @casper

Beds-in-boxes have been blowing up all over social media for the last few years, and Casper is sure one we’ve taken notice to. Through smart content marketing, this brand continues to substantiate themselves as one of the best investments you can make right now.

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Kollar Clothing – @kollarclothing

A local Toronto fashion designer David Kollar launched his company in 2011, and have finally hit the NYFW stage this year, making them one to watch in 2020. He brings an unbelievably cool aesthetic to stylish men’s garments, that have been worn by the likes of G-Eazy, Wacka Flocka, Shawn Mendes, and Steph Curry.

Bather – @bather

Launched in Toronto in 2013, this swimwear brand is making influencer marketing waves by allowing customers to wear quality, functional designs that can change your look from beach to street! Street-inspired beachwear with amazing colours, patterns, and designs.

Uncle Studios – @unclexstudios

From the conception of influencer Allegra Shaw and her co-owner Shirin Soltani. Their minimalist design pieces are produced with sustainable fabrics and have trackable carbon footprints every step of the way.

For all of these brands to watch in 2020, and for all the brands we heard talked about through influencer marketing in 2019, plus more, you can visit our page HERE! Signup for our new exclusive newsletter and get your very own copy of our Influencer Marketing & Social Media Trends 2020 Playbook.

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