Cannabis marketing is known to be a sector that’s not easily navigated. To successfully advertise your cannabis business, you’re going to need a team of experts who fully understand the legalities surrounding this industry in the digital space. That’s where we come in. The Influence Agency is among the top cannabis marketing agencies and we strive to take your digital strategies higher than they’ve ever gone before.


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The Influence Agency is the team of digital marketing professionals that you’ve been looking for. With our skillset, we successfully design campaigns that never fail to exceed expectations. Having worked on marketing campaigns for countless companies across various industries has enabled us to develop the ability to create content that’s engaging and compelling, no matter what industry it is—including cannabis marketing.

As a strategic cannabis marketing agency for Canadian markets, The Influence Agency will work closely with your brand to navigate the sometimes confusing world of cannabis marketing. Our goal is to help your business garner the engagement you’re aiming for. With our team of digital marketing experts, you’ll be able to overcome the roadblocks that often appear in this particular industry.

How We Grow
Cannabis Companies

In 2020, Canadian sales of legal recreational cannabis reached $2.6 billion, up 120% over 2019. This sector is clearly growing swiftly, and our strategies will enable your business to keep up in just a few simple steps.

First, we’ll identify your cannabis-related company goals and objectives. From your unique selling point and positioning in the market to your target audience, we consider all vital factors in designing effective campaigns. In doing this, we gain a clearer picture of your brand which allows us to develop it to its full potential.

The next step involves our team devising a digital cannabis marketing plan that will effectively represent your brand and communicate your message across various platforms. Through comprehensive social media calendars, email marketing proposals, and influencer marketing recommendations, our services are specifically curated for your company’s goals in order to produce meaningful results.

When we receive your go-ahead, our in-house experts will officially kick start the process of cannabis marketing for your brand. On the creative side of our services, we work to capture the essence of your product through custom branded photography and videography, then repurpose that content through our social media marketing and blog writing expertise. From there, we can transform your website with our web design and development services, equipped with expert local search marketing and extensive keyword research to drive the most traffic and conversions to your domain.

Once your project has been successfully completed, we’ll provide you with a detailed report on all the statistics and results that we achieved for your brand. Looking closely at the outcome will enable both parties to continuously take their potential to the next level.

Our Cannabis Marketing Expertise

Cannabis marketing is essential in order to effectively reach your target audience, and ultimately convert them into consumers.

As a top cannabis marketing agency in Canada, The Influence Agency knows exactly what it takes for a brand to stand out in such a competitive market. Depending on your company’s specific goals and objectives, our team carries out each of these marketing efforts carefully and strategically:

Our Cannabis Social Media Portfolio

Cannabis marketing - Seven Point - The influence agency Toronto
Cannabis marketing - Smokey's Cannabis - The influence agency Toronto
Cannabis marketing - TGOD - The influence agency Toronto

Why You Should Hire a Cannabis Marketing Agency

The rules of cannabis marketing can be confusing at times. When you choose to work with The Influence Agency, you won’t have to worry about campaign efforts going to waste due to content being blocked on social media and other channels. You want your brand to reach the masses—and we’re the cannabis marketing agency that can get the job done.

With our unparalleled expertise in digital marketing and our ability to carefully navigate the legalities surrounding cannabis marketing, you can rest assured that there’s a passionate and driven team helping you grow your cannabis brand.

Connect with us today to start the process for your business, or if you have any questions regarding cannabis marketing.

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