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7 YouTubers to Subscribe to on BookTube

Danielle Howson
Written By
Danielle Howson
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Jan 17, 2022
A collage of the BookTubers PeruseProject, JesseTheReader, PolandBananaBOOKS, FictionalFates, and Ariel Bissett

BookTube was a significant part of my teen years, helping me to find an outlet for my love of reading and sense of camaraderie through my favourite BookTubers.

For anyone new here, “BookTube” is a community of creators on YouTube who share content related to books. These videos include everything from book hauls to interviews with some of the industry’s biggest authors to calming reading vlogs. If you haven’t heard of BookTube, welcome! And if you have, you’re likely going to be familiar with some of the names on this list.

I’ve personally watched all of these BookTube channels, so I promise they’re worth checking out! Let’s do this.

Regan Perusse | PeruseProject

We’re starting off this list of BookTubers with my personal favourite: Regan Perusse, AKA PeruseProject! 

If you’re a fan of fantasy or historical fiction, you’ll love her channel. As an avid fantasy reader myself, Regan is my go-to channel for all my book recommendations — and I promise you’ll be rating them five stars on Goodreads too.

You’ll come for the MASSIVE book hauls and leave with at least a dozen more books on your buy list. You might even catch a glimpse of her little pug, Matilda. So cute!

Joel Rochester | fictionalfates

Self-proclaimed Prince of Stories and Scion of the Sun, Joel is our next BookTuber to grace this list! FictionalFates started as a book blog back in 2016 and has since evolved into a YouTube channel with over 75k subscribers.

I love going to Joel’s channel for QPOC book recommendations. He is an advocate for more diversity in media and his BookTube channel showcases great books by marginalized authors. If you want to expand your reading beyond the same authors we all see again and again on TikTok, I highly recommend checking out Joel’s BookTube channel!

Noelle Gallagher | Noelle Gallagher

I love Noelle. She has nerdy older sister vibes — and I’m allowed to say that as a nerdy older sister myself.

She started posting videos in 2017 and became active in the BookTube community in 2019 with her Novels With Noelle video series. She is now a full-time BookTuber with over 187k subscribers. From book hauls to unhauls, reading vlogs, author Q&As, and everything in between, Noelle’s channel has exactly what you’re looking for from a Book YouTuber.

Christine Riccio | polandbananaBOOKS

This list would not be complete without the queen of BookTube herself, Christine Riccio! 

Christine is the reason I discovered BookTube way back in my childhood bedroom in 2014. She has been posting videos on YouTube since 2011 when Twilight, The Hunger Games, and Vampire Academy were the epitome of YA literature. (Remember that era, anyone?) Her energy in her videos is absolutely infectious, and she’ll have you coming back to her BookTube channel again and again for more than just her book chats.

Now a published author of two novels, Again, but Better (2019) and Better Together (2021), Christine continues to keep her audience up to date with her writing career and reading habits.

Jesse George | jessethereader

Jesse is another very familiar face of BookTube — and his subscriber count (398k!) shows it. He created his channel in 2012 and has been posting bookish content ever since! As a pioneer of the BookTube community, Jesse has come a long way since his very first book review for The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and remains a popular creator.

I’ll admit that I haven’t watched Jesse’s BookTube channel in a while, but his content is pure nostalgia for me. His skit-driven, high-energy videos will definitely keep you entertained. Check him out!

Hailey LeBlanc | Hailey in Bookland

Hailey is a Canadian BookTuber with over 309k subscribers to her channel. She started posting videos in 2014 and hasn’t stopped in the last seven years!

If you love contemporaries and romance, Hailey is your girl! She’ll be able to provide you with the best recommendations for “popcorn reads” — perfect for cozy days in bed spent reading. My favourite weekend activity.

Grab a cup of tea and let’s fall down the reading rabbit hole, together!

Ariel Bissett | Ariel Bissett

Ariel is a Canadian BookTuber, writer, filmmaker, and podcast host — she’s been working hard! For over eight years, Ariel has been posting book-relatedcontent online, gaining over 280k subscribers to her YouTube channel.

Ariel’s channel has evolved to include more than just videos for BookTube. For the last year, she’s also been giving her audience an inside look into the renovation process of her 160-year-old house in Nova Scotia. So, if you’re like me and love both book and home renovation content, her channel is perfect for you!

Do You Have a Favourite BookTuber?

There you have it; the list of my favourite BookTube channels!

Let me know in the comments below if I’ve missed any BookTubers you love. I’m always on the hunt for more bookish content to consume — even if my TBR is already overwhelming as it is.


  • Danielle Howson is the Content Manager at TIA and self-proclaimed word nerd. She spends her time writing, thinking about writing, and coming up with creative ideas to write about. When not writing, you can find her online at @howsdani

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  • Danielle Howson is the Content Manager at TIA and self-proclaimed word nerd. She spends her time writing, thinking about writing, and coming up with creative ideas to write about. When not writing, you can find her online at @howsdani

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