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Using TikTok As A Marketing Tool

Samuel Butcher
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Samuel Butcher
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Mar 03, 2020
Using TikTok As A Marketing Tool

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service that has certainly blown up over 2019 and will continue to grow in 2020. The company is owned by a Beijing-based ByteDance. In 2018, TikTok merged with Musical.ly to create a larger video community and was allowed to consolidate previous user-profiles and data. TikTok continues to expand and become available for other markets and is available now in 150 countries. With approximately 800 million monthly users, the average user spends about 52 minutes per day within the app. With the majority of content being 6 to 15 seconds long and no more than 1 minute, the numbers show that users are very engaged and present on the platform daily.

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How To Use It

You can film, edit and create short-form snappy and fun videos within the confines of the streamlined app. This app puts together the ability to use different effects, editing filters, background music, face filters/AR filters, speed adjustments, and also includes features like Duet and React for user videos.

Advertising & Influencer Marketing

There are a few key forms of TikTok Ads within the app, and even more evolving as the app grows and produces different updates and changes to make user experience greater. The ability to market on TikTok is very new, but many brands are starting to include TikTok ad spend as part of their marketing budgets, especially for new product launches and recent campaigns. TikTok even took it one step further in the ways of gathering analytics and data, providing a better ability to house companies and brand marketing tactics by creating their own advertising platform.

Advertising and Influencer Marketing

Within the marketing toolkit of TikTok the different abilities are as follows:

In-Feed Ads

Much like Instagram, this feature allows you to create custom audiences, ad spends, target specific demographics like age/interests/location, and works on very standardized action models like CPC, CPV, and CPM.

Brand Takeover Ads

Prompt the TikTok user to click on a call-to-action within a landing page, website, either internal or external to the native app.

TikTok Hashtag Challenge Ads

These hashtags promote User Generated Content, by allowing other TikTok users to create their version, join in on conversations or adapt the content to fit their feed style.

Shoppable TikTok Ads

When brands sponsor certain branded hashtags, making the user able to shop through TikTok Hashtag Challenges.

Branded TikTok Stickers

Much like branded GIFs on Instagram, these allow for a more interactive brand mention and experience for the user and their creativity.

Influencer Marketing Ads

Investment in a specific Influencer aligned with your product, niche or demographic, to create a paid promotion showcasing, using or featuring your products.

It’s important to research both the platform and the influencers before utilizing them for a TikTok campaign. TikTok may be a fun and interactive way for influencers to showcase your content or products, but most importantly it allows you to utilize influencer audiences, see a great ROI, and have a looser concern about the audience unlike you would have if the content was living on your company account.

Influencers you choose for a specific campaign have the task of coming up with fun and creative strategies that are aligned with the brand sentiment, tone, and objective, all while keeping their audience engaged with a content piece that is aligned with their brand and video aesthetic on their account. This helps get your product seen by many eyes in different audiences and demographics and can lead to greater brand awareness and loyalty without being too in-your-face with sponsored posts like Instagram.


It is reported that in the USA, 52% of TikTok users are specifically iPhone users. The demographic that lives within the app, skews female, and if your brand has an age demographic of 13-30 years old, you should have an active account on this app. The app houses people from many different countries, cities, cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, and abilities. With such a large geographical location like India, it is no surprise that approximately 43% of TikTok users are from India, and they are also some of the most highly engaged and followed accounts. The sentiment surrounding the usage of the app with prevalent TikTok users is that 90% say they use the app daily.

Brands That Are Doing It Well



Apple Music

Calvin Klein

Elf Cosmetics


Have you heard of TikTok?

Are you currently searching for TikTok influencers for your upcoming campaign? Have you thought about adding TikTok to your marketing strategy? Do you want access to TikTok influencers to help promote your product? We’d love to chat more about how we can help benefit your business by adding TikTok influencers into your marketing game and letting you see first-hand how valuable the platform is as a whole. Have more questions about TikTok or what else we do here at The Influence Agency? Fill out our Contact Us form or give us a call, today!



  • Samuel Butcher

    Samuel Butcher is the Creative Director at TIA. He is passionate about all things creative & content. In his spare time this vegan-foodie can often be seen travelling and soaking up the sun while capturing amazing photography with his keen eye! You can follow him @smbtchr

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  • Samuel Butcher

    Samuel Butcher is the Creative Director at TIA. He is passionate about all things creative & content. In his spare time this vegan-foodie can often be seen travelling and soaking up the sun while capturing amazing photography with his keen eye! You can follow him @smbtchr

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