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Top 5 Graphic Design Instagram Accounts for Inspiration

Rocco Bombardieri
Written By
Rocco Bombardieri
Published On
Mar 11, 2021
Instagram Feed with graphic design account posts

Hi there! One of The Influence Agency’s resident designers checking in with a collection of my favourite graphic design Instagram accounts that I think are worth eyeing for your daily dose of design inspiration.

Of course there’s going to be some bias as this is a list that I have personally written while on the couch and a quick scroll through my Instagram account. I encourage you to let me know in the comments of any other accounts that are worth a mention since I’m always on the lookout for more accounts, more inspiration, and more ideas.
With that being said, wow, this introduction is getting long. If you didn’t just scroll past it: thank you! I appreciate you reading this. But without further ado, let’s get onto the good stuff.

Grafik Official


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A post shared by Grafik. Official (

I’m going to start off by saying that these aren’t in any particular order. Just because Grafik Official is first doesn’t mean it’s the absolute best Instagram account to follow for inspiration. It also doesn’t mean it’s the fifth on this list. Instead, it exclusively means that it is the first one added to this top five roundup.

I bet you didn’t think there to be this much discussion in a roundup of graphic design Instagram accounts, did you? That’s too bad because we’re in this together. Looking at pictures, nodding our heads, and saying, “well isn’t that nice?”

Which is exactly what I thought after coming to this Grafik Official who consistently delivers the most vibrant and barrier-breaking content to keep you inspired.

Nicogs Collection


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A post shared by Nicogs Collection (@nicogscollection)

Here’s the second account, and like I said, doesn’t mean they’re second best or fourth best. No. It means they’re the second account that I added. That’s all. If you want to be inspired, maybe read something another way. Start in the middle then work your way out. Number 3,2,4,1,5, why not? No one’s going to fire you, especially not me.

Instead, I’m here to bring you some design Instagram accounts to inspire you. Which is why Nicogs Collection has made its way on the list.

Not only are you presented with unique and abstract content that sets them apart from many other accounts. Not only are you given carousels upon carousels of design advice and information. But you are also given a beautiful feed to look at it all.

That’s right, Nicogs Collection is the trifecta of design inspiration and a hint to you that we aren’t messing around with this list.

Type Goodness


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A post shared by typegoodness (@typegoodness)

Yes, before we get started, I know that there are other typography Instagram accounts. But this is mine. This is the one I like. 

Why do I like it? Great question, now we’re getting somewhere.

Well, it’s just a big ol’ dose of Type Goodness. That is: typography pushed to its extremes. No longer is it type for type’s sake, no sirree, this is type as art.  

The folks who run the page bring about the uses of typography across editorial and digital work that I have ever seen which gives them a very deserving spot in this top five list.

The Dieline


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A post shared by Dieline (@thedieline)

Is it fair to include an Instagram account that’s focus is on awards? Yes, because I made the list.

The Dieline shows the very best in consumer packaging and I mean the very best. From smaller brands that are producing beautiful works of art to brands as large as McDonald’s who are rebranding their packaging, The Dieline is there to keep you in the loop of the best work being produced in the industry.

I mean, come on. If you love packaging (and you do, even if you don’t think about it), this is where it’s at. Each row on the page focuses on a new project, giving you more context for the design work as well as more ways to feel in awe of the absolutely inspiring works being put together.

Brand New by Under Consideration


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A post shared by Brand New (@brandnewbyucllc)

At long last, number five. Again, there’s no particular order, it’s just the fifth one added to the list. And what is a design roundup without the addition of Brand New? A design blog (and now Instagram account) that follows noteworthy rebranding projects across different industries.

Here you can compare the old and the new of some of the world’s largest brands and let them know your thoughts on its execution. 

Out of all the accounts listed here, this is the one that can bring you the most joy or frustration as designers create beautiful brands or die trying. So have a look at some of the comparisons being put out by Brand New, whether you leave with a smile or frown, you’ll hopefully be heading out with some inspiration for your next branding project.

Inspiration Secured

There’s the list folks: my personal top five graphic design Instagram accounts for inspiration. I hope you found it useful and gave some accounts a follow. I also hope you’re already following us at The Influence Agency where you can find content just like this exact article.

Until next time, this has been me, one of The Influence Agency’s resident designers, ending this writing session to scroll through some Instagram feeds and get back to designing.


  • Rocco Bombardieri is the Multimedia Designer at TIA and also the one writing this little byline. What I lack in height, I make up for with talents ranging from graphic, web, to motion design and beyond.

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  • Rocco Bombardieri is the Multimedia Designer at TIA and also the one writing this little byline. What I lack in height, I make up for with talents ranging from graphic, web, to motion design and beyond.

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