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Top 10 Apps Social Marketers Need

Samuel Butcher
Written By
Samuel Butcher
Published On
Feb 10, 2020
Top 10 Apps Social Marketers Need - The Influence Agency

The world is full of different apps that let you create and manage content with ease, these are our Top 10 Apps Social Marketers Need. Let’s paint the picture, you’re working in social media marketing and find yourself struggling to stay current and create dynamic collateral for your clients, stories, and social media posts. These apps can help you change your content and manage your time, with the ease of creating fun and engaging collateral, to organizing and scheduling social feeds, you need to be using these apps in 2020.

Are you ready to change your content game? Let’s get started!


Plan unlimited Instagram posts, schedule as many photos as you like, and preview your feed before you post it live. This app allows you to format and plan for Instagram feed for a more balanced aesthetic. You can schedule your posts to go live through the app and include tags, caption, find the best hashtags and monitor your growth!

Download Here

Top 10 Apps Social Marketers


Think Adobe InDesign and Photoshop put together. This app and website allow you to create amazing graphics, posters, Instagram posts, stories and much much more. With capabilities such as making gifs, animated stories, Instagram highlights, and beautiful layouts. Canva has 100’s of fonts to choose from, templates to adapt into your own, and millions of images for you to utilize!

Download Here



A toolkit for storytellers. Unfold is for creating beautiful Instagram stories using over 150+ different templates. From ripped paper to vintage film, or even a more classic look, Unfold has it all. This app is perfect for making social media content on the go, and has unbelievable capabilities to change your boring stories into beautiful captivating ones!

Download Here


From desktop to mobile, Lightroom makes the worlds best photos accessible and easy. This app truly has every capability in the book when it comes to photo editing software and all available in the palm of your hand. You can easily transfer purchased Presets from your desktop Adobe Lightroom program, to your app account. Seamless editing. It’s all you want, and more, and certainly takes your photos from average snapshots to captivating content.

Download Here


Create stunning and dynamic video stories using one simple and easy to use app! Mojo makes creating client or personal stories fun and easy. With multiple fonts, 40 templates updated regularly, and the ability to help you create new and engaging content for your Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and Snapchat.

Download Here



A social media managers dream, all in one seamless dashboard. This program can be used on desktop or a smartphone app and supports social network integrations for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and more! Schedule posts in advance to allow yourself more time for engaging with your audience, and never forgetting to post!

Download Here

Facetune 2

The best “selfie editor” in the game. Edit, enhance, retouch. This app, although it may have a pre-conceived notion if used correctly, can be one of your best social media marketing tools! You can remove items from the photos, sharpen, highlight, add filters, change backgrounds, reshape, white, smooth, and more! This app can do it all!

Download Here

Story Art

Story Art is an Instagram story editor app that offers over 1000+ story templates to help you create beautiful and fun collage layouts for Instagram stories! Utilizing fun and engaging story templates may help you increase engagement on your account and more easily get likes and followers.

Download Here


One of the most used planning apps for Instagram, perfect for helping you achieve aesthetic Instagram perfection! With capabilities for planning and scheduling your Instagram feed, reading into data and analytics on your account, this app can help you determine layouts and themes for your account.

Download Here



Create beautiful stories, with many different templates that are updated monthly! There are over 32 free templates and 50 premium templates to choose from. Bring your stories and Instagram content to life with colours, patterns, fonts, and professional-grade filters and more.

Download Here

Have you thought about how you can up your content game in 2020? Have you tried any of these apps or think there’s a great one that we have missed? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear your feedback!


Some apps are good for editing technical aspects of a photo while other apps are best for styling various images into creative collages. Instasize can do both! Get a powerful image editor that also offers fun layouts, trendy borders, and premium font styles all in one easy-to-use app. iOS users can access Unsplash’s vast free image library and also use beauty tools to retouch acne and dark spots to give your portraits an extra edge.

Download Instasize on the Apple App Store or in the Google Play Store. If you want to unlock over 100 filters, borders, and additional creative tools, you can subscribe to Premium for only $4.99/month.

To learn more about what we do here at The Influence Agency and how we can help you with your business or next influencer marketing campaign, feel free to contact us today!

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