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20 TikTok Yoga Influencers to Follow

Sari Klaczkowski
Written By
Sari Klaczkowski
Published On
Dec 13, 2023
A collage of three TikTok yoga influencers

Breathe in… breathe out. 

Now, open your eyes. What do you see? Well, if you’re reading this article, it’s a list of 20 TikTok yoga influencers injecting some mindfulness into our mindless scrolling—sounds like something worth checking out, doesn’t it? 

Well, get ready to feed your mind via your TikTok feeds. Join us as we get inspired to step into our wellness era and tackle the Yoga TikTok challenge! 

1. Victoria Hutchins | @thedailyvictorian 

If you are interested in colouring your feed in yoga, poetry, feelings, and the occasional full moon and retrograde talk, then @thedailyvictorian is your girl!

This yoga powerhouse is famous for her motivational nuggets of wisdom, which she shares while seamlessly switching from downward facing dog to the triangle pose. We dare you to follow her and try not to smile as you binge her Yoga TikTok content!


you deserve a warm love

♬ i’ll be your reason – Antent

2. Jessamyn Stanley | @mynameisjessamyn 

Jessamyn Stanley is a huge game changer in the world of wellness. 

Aside from encouraging her followers to live the yoga life, this TikTok yoga star likes to share snippets from her 9-5s and 5-9s. Whether it’s words of affirmation or a new yoga pose that enables you to touch your toes, you are bound to find value in her videos. 

(Reminder: touch your toes at least once a day!) 


When’s last time you touched your toes? #shoulderstretch #yoga #fyp

♬ Agora Hills – Doja Cat

3. Kino MacGregor | @kino_yoga

@kino_yoga has a knack for creating TikTok yoga content that’s simple and easy to follow. So, if you’re a yoga newbie, you know where to find her follow button!

The best part is that you can find her meditating anywhere from the comfort of her home to the studio to a scenic seaside, and even majestic hills of India. Kino is proving to us one TikTok at a time that any place can be a yoga haven. 


Yoga in the hills of India #yoga #yogainspiration #yogapose #mysoreyoga #ashtanga #yogi #yogaflow #yogateacher #yogalove #yogaday #kinoyoga

♬ Butterflies (Piano Sonata) – Tony Anderson

4. Cathy Madeo | (@cathymadeoyoga)

For effective tutorials on yoga poses and handstands, Cathy Madeo has got you covered. 

Always clad in stylish activewear, this TikTok yoga buff is out to conquer fitness and TikTok. She might even throw some humor into the mix by striking a yoga pose with her shopping cart at the supermarket. To prove that working out is the perfect bonding activity, her videos also feature her friends taking part in the yoga experience.


There’s no such thing as being behind in life! Follow your own path and let go of timelines🙌🏼✨ If you told me I’d be traveling the world and doing crazy yoga poses like this and training yoga teachers across the globe at 48 years old, I’d never have believed you! Did you know I actually quit teaching yoga at 35 and went back to school because I was worried that yoga couldn’t provide me security or be a sustainable path? 2 degrees and a lot of suffering led me back to what I love and I’ll do it my own way and on my own timeline, thank you very much😉 Share any struggles you have with societies timelines or share how you’ve carved your own path in the comments🫶🏽 Flying in the desert with Cathy Madeo Yoga YTT alumni @Azure Wolfe basing me Haely lending us a hand🫶🏽 #acroyoga #partneryogapose #yogateachers #theresnosuchthing

♬ original sound – Kirra Dickinson

5. Brett Larkin | (@upliftedyoga)

Yoga was made to lift you up, and you’ll probably find that your energy is definitely looking up when you follow Brett Larkin on TikTok!

When she isn’t busy giving simple yet powerful yoga tips, you can find her discussing the roots of yoga and the undeniable health benefits of transforming chaos into calmness. She’s certainly adding some knowledge into the yoga TikTok challenge!


Morning Yoga Plan ☀️ | 3️⃣ Easy Moves #homeworkout #workoutplan #morningroutine #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok

♬ Get On It – Chris Alan Lee

6. Faith Hunter | (@spirituallyfly) 

Faith Hunter is on the hunt for self care, healing, and wellness. 

Aside from her mean lateral stretch, this ray of sunshine loves to talk about full moon affirmations and unlock secrets to manifestation. Tap the follow button and just trust the yoga TikTok process—you won’t be disappointed. 


Unlock Your Inner Radiance with Lateral Yoga Stretches! 🧘🏾‍♀️ Feel the transformation as you flow through the beauty of lateral yoga stretches. These graceful movements not only help you increase flexibility but also create space within your body. Say goodbye to tension and stiffness, and hello to a more vibrant, balanced you! 💫 #YogaMagic #LateralStretch #InnerRadiance #FlexibilityGoals #flexibility #yogapose #yogateacher #blackyogateacher #IAmSpiritualFly #SpirituallyFly #Selfcare #calming #relaxingvideos

♬ original sound – Faith Hunter ~ Spiritually Fly

7. Anna Wilson | (@annaxoxowilson)

Yoga can mean a variety of things to different people, but first and foremost it’s about caring for your overall well being and existence. 

Your body works hard 24/7. Even in our sleep, your body makes sure that your system runs smoothly. Give it some well-deserved TLC by following Anna Wilson’s TikTok yoga content. It seems yoga can also be spelled s-e-l-f-c-a-r-e. 


this mornings flow 🌞🌿🌸🪬☁️ #yoga #yogaflow #yogagirl #morningyoga

♬ sonido original – Day Bufalini

8. Koya Webb | @koyawebb 

Is it just us or are millennials and gen z people just collectively battling lower back pain? We see you nodding in agreement. 

Well, the good news is that Koya Webb is harnessing the power of yoga to help us relieve lower back pain and get in touch with our inner peace. If that isn’t one of the main purposes of yoga, then we don’t know what is. 


5 Twists To Aid Digestion and Relieve Lower Back Pain Tips: ✨ Hold each pose for 5 breaths. ✨ Be gentle with your body. ✨ Try doing them in order for an effective flow. Asanas: ✨ REVOLVED DOWNWARD FACING DOG (PARIVRTTA ADHO MUKHA SHVANASANA): Promotes spinal mobility stretching, strengthening, and digestive system stimulation. ✨ THREAD THE NEEDLE (SUCIRANDHRASANA): Promotes spinal stretch, and release, shoulder opening, and lower back release. ✨ REVOLVED TRIANGLE (PARIVRTTA TRIKONASANA): Promotes spinal flexibility, and hip opening. ✨ CHAIR TWIST (PARIVRITTA UTKATASANA): Stimulates circulation, and detoxification strengthens core and improves posture. ✨ SUPINE SPINAL TWIST (SUPTA): Improves, spinal health, digestion and stimulates energy flow. Share your favorite pose below. ootd: @aloyoga #yoga #yogainspiration #yogateachertraining #yogareels #yogapractice #yogaeveryday #wellnesscoach #wellnessthatworks #wellnesslifestyle

♬ original sound – KoyaWebb

9. Dylan Werner | @dylanwerneryoga

If regular yoga isn’t your thing, how about yoga underwater? Yes, some people are really taking the Yoga TikTok challenge to another level! 

You’ll find this and more on Dylan Werner‘s yoga TikTok page. This fitness master can perform yoga poses nearly anywhere. Whether it’s next to the pool or in the pool, he’s determined to prove yoga is always a good idea. 


#handstand #yoga #yogachallenge #fitness #fyp

♬ Surrender – Natalie Taylor

10. Payton Hagen | @paytonhagenholistics 

When you follow Payton Hagen, you are signing up for tips on personal development, diet, lifestyle, philosophy, and of course, yoga. His holistic approach to these life-changing elements will be a welcome addition to your Sunday morning TikTok adventures.


Here are five healthy substitutes you can make your pantry. They might be a little more expensive but you either pay now or pay later. Your health is worth the investment. These are some of the staple condiments we use in a lot of different meals so going for the healthier options really makes a difference. I use some of these almost every day to make my meals delicious. #health #fitness #paleo #animalbased #condiments #primalkitchen

♬ original sound – Payton Hagen

11. Allee and Hendry | @ahthespace 

Allee and Hendry are the duo we never knew we needed. Their TikTok yoga page is a wellness paradise bedazzled in all things vegan and yoga. Also, if you’re looking for a post-yoga snack, they have a ceviche recipe that you will love on a spiritual level.


Replying to @bellavta444 the sugar is sugar relies on the belief that our bodies handle food in isolation fruits also include a potent combo of fiber, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, antioxidants & more to assume our body digests & handles this the same as isolated sugar is a huge oversimplification but a very easy sell to an uneducated population. if sugar is sugar we may as well pick dessert over fruit or choose neither… (& eat more processed ‘health foods’ instead) none of the nutrition studies done which implicate sugar in health issues were done on fruit. & when fruit has been the object of study (which is rare because of $) they haven’t replicated negative outcomes even at extremely high levels. this conversation doesn’t even touch on the fact that we’re eating/combining with our fruit in the same meal or even the same day has an effect on how our body reacts or burns & stores energy. nutrition science is super complicated if something ‘scientific’ sounds too simple or absolute it probably is… it reminds me of the classic teaching the more we study, the more we learn, the more we experiment the more we are aware of everything we don’t know. our food philosophy is ‘nutrition, tradition, intuition’ we are always experimenting, always listening, always learning from our bodies, nature, indigenous cultures

♬ Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose

12. Juliana | (@julianabruno28) 

Juliana‘s TikTok bio says it all: Yoga inspiration. Namaste. 

Well, if you’re looking to learn how to do a variety of poses—whether it’s inside or outside—then this is a page you need to follow. Inspiration indeed. 


Yoga time. #yogateachertraining

♬ original sound – Juliana

13. Amalia May | (@maymoves)

The yoga lifestyle takes a turn for the modern with Amalia May. This girl is always on the go in the direction of Mother Nature’s finest sights and sounds, bringing her bag of yoga tricks (and backpack) with her wherever she goes.


Dis transition tho

♬ original sound – saulgoodfan

14. Tiffany | (@tiffanycroww) 

Tiffany Croww wants to heal your back—smash the follow button! 

This wellness queen promotes yoga for all body types, creating an inclusive environment for this profound form of exercise. Currently, there are over 711k people with achy backs following and benefitting from Tiffany’s pain-alleviating TikTok yoga advice.


Try it with a bolster @Tiffany | Yoga for all bodies #yoga #mobility #yogaforeveryone #accessibleyoga #yogaforbeginners #yogaforbackpain #lowbackpain #yogafortighthips

♬ original sound – JR

15. Keels Montana |(@keelsmontana) 

Keels Montana is a yoga TikTok teacher and energy healer with an endearing sense of humour. 

Come for the yoga inspiration, stay for the hilarious filter content. Talk about blending the best of both worlds on one profile. The yoga TikTok challenge has got everyone talking, and we’re all ears for whatever funny stuff Keels Montana has to say.


#stitch with @Soph Galustian stawp

♬ original sound – Keels Montana

16. Sasha | (@sasha.yogasha)

Sasha is fierce and charming, and it’s evident in her yoga lifestyle. 

Looking at life through her looking glass is all yoga with a dash of dance. Her content gives rise to a colourful and playful way to getting fit.


Mobility what?.. it’s really all about Shaka 🐈🐾😸😆 #hip #hipopener #hipmobility #hipsperience #mobility #lifeontiktok

♬ Bach unaccompanied cello suite “Prelude” – Jianteng

17. Elena Megan | (@elenamegan5) 

Elena Megan is redefining yoga by working out with her best friend… who also happens to be a little grey cat. Who would’ve guessed that yoga and pets make such a wonderful combination?
Follow her to discover who among the two besties has more yoga prowess!


i have a yoga mat and she has me #FindYourCore #catsoftiktok #yoga #yogacat

♬ Sunny Day – Ted Fresco

18. Yoga With Max | @yogawithmax 

Did you know that yoga can actually make you look taller? 

The TikTok yoga movement isn’t just ideal for releasing stress, upgrading your wellness, and alleviating backache. It’s also an amazing hack for improving posture, thus making you stand taller. Practice yoga with Max to get straightened out! 


Have you started your yoga journey yet? Get started today! This beginners posture should be accessible to almost every person, and it’s the best, easiest place to begin opening up your back, neck, shoulders, and chest. From here, you can begin full body posture rectification exercises you see on my page! Are you starting? #yogawithmax #yogadao #yogatok #yoga #height #heightincrease #tall #taller #tallgirl #tallguy #tallguys #tallman #tallpeopleproblems #shortpeopleproblems #tallpeople #shortpeople #shortpeopleprobs #talltok #gettaller #grow #growth #yogainspiration #yogainstructor #yogateacher #yogaflow #yogaman #posturecorrection #posturecheck #posturetips #posturecorrector #roundedshoulders #beginnersyoga #fitness #mobility #flexibility #healthy #sanfrancisco #korea #howtogettaller #howtogrowtaller #yogalover #live #heightdifference #heightincrease #heightcheck #puberty #insecure #confident #healthyhabits

♬ Ick – Lay Bankz

19. Alaaabasey | @Alaaabasey

Yoga isn’t just for your body, as it can also benefit your face. Yup, there is an actual yoga form designed just for your face! @alaaabasey is the perfect TikTok influencer to follow for a facial refresh—and for some great content, too. 


غلطه و ندمان عليها😅 #viral #skincare

♬ original sound – alaaabasey

20. Naya Rappaport | (@nayitavp) 

Naya Rappaport is the epitome of tranquility and vibrance. Her upbeat take on yoga, positivity, and the power of dance will light up your experience. The yoga TikTok challenge couldn’t ever be complete with these good vibes!


Transitions #yoga #armbalance #aloyoga #azul #crowpose #crane #oneleggedcrowpose #armbalancing #headstandpractice #asanas #yogatime #latina #dominicana


Stretch Your Brand’s Reach With Yoga TikTok Influencers 

These 20 creators are filling our feed with stretches, mindfulness tips, and, in some cases, helping fix our sore backs—if that doesn’t earn your follow, what will? 

Now, it’s time to take a more mindful approach to your marketing campaigns. The experts at The Influence Agency can help you launch more thoughtful influencer campaigns, from planning to connections to execution. 

Contact us today to start leveraging TikTok yoga influencers! 



  • Sari Klaczkowski

    Sari Klaczkowski is a Senior Client Success Manager at TIA. She is passionate about influencer marketing, conversion rate optimization and building impactful relationships with her clients and colleagues. In her free time, you can find Sari walking the city, likely with an overpriced coffee in hand. She also enjoys watching anything Mindy Kailing has touched and eating pasta.

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  • Sari Klaczkowski

    Sari Klaczkowski is a Senior Client Success Manager at TIA. She is passionate about influencer marketing, conversion rate optimization and building impactful relationships with her clients and colleagues. In her free time, you can find Sari walking the city, likely with an overpriced coffee in hand. She also enjoys watching anything Mindy Kailing has touched and eating pasta.

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