The Most Instagrammable Places In Vancouver with VanCityWild
Nancy Chu

The Most Instagrammable Places In Vancouver with VanCityWild

Vancouver is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. From the breathtaking landscapes and lush scenery straight out of National Geographic, it is guaranteed to bring your Instagram game to the next level, #nofilter needed.

When you’re out exploring Vancouver and the beauty it has to offer, look no further than Vancouver natives, Brie, Reuben (and baby Oliver), also known as @vancitywild to show you the reigns. We sat down with them to chat about some of their picks for the most Instagrammable places in Vancouver and we promise that you’ll be itching to get out and explore in no time. Here’s what they had to say.

Lynn Canyon

“Lynn Canyon is a North Vancouver classic. A short drive from home brings you deep into a lush rainforest, thick with west coast firs and alongside the beautiful, rushing Capilano river. This park has it all – waterfalls, emerald coloured pools, a suspension bridge, a lake, and a forest hike. We come here when we need a dose of nature, and it always does the trick.”

Lighthouse Park

“We love shooting at Lighthouse Park because the light ALWAYS seems to be good. This park takes you down to part of Vancouver’s beautiful rocky ocean coastline, with the lighthouse as an iconic landmark to shoot against. There are several trails that you can explore that take you to different views along the water, and the park itself is very family friendly. We especially love coming here on a sunny day when the ocean catches the sunshine just right, but it’s a great place to visit year round.”

St. Mark’s Summit

“St. Mark’s Summit is a hike that offers one of the most stunning and quintessential west coast views. Atop the rocky bluff overlooking Howe Sound, this spot offers the most incredible view of the sunset you could ever hope for. It’s a photographer’s dream! The trick? There’s snow up on the mountain until summer. Go too late in the summer, and you’ll be surrounded by flies. That’s part of the magic – you can hit that St. Mark’s Summit sweet spot and the outcome is oh-so worth the climb.”

Stawamus Chief

“Looking for a workout AND a beautiful view? Hike up this rock face near Squamish BC and you’ll feel it – and the shots you’ll get as a result will be worth it! There are three peaks in total, all offering a unique view over the Howe Sound and the surrounding area. Most of the hike is well established, with steps carved into roots and rock. Near the top, you get to scramble up the rock face, using ropes to help you up. If you’re feeling ambitious you can tackle all of three peaks, otherwise you can pick one or two. The view? On a sunny day, the water looks almost tropical, and your unobstructed view of Howe Sound will have you breathless.”

Chiliwack Lake

Chiliwack Lake is one of our favourite places to camp and shoot, and for good reason. The camp sites are dwarfed by fir trees with just the right amount of sun and shade, and our favourite sites back right onto the lake. We’ve spent many evenings looking out onto the lake, surrounded by snowcapped peaks, watching the sun go down. We’ve taken some of our favourite photos here at dusk.”

Golden Ears Provincial Park

“Golden Ears has some of the most lush and vibrant rainforests we’ve ever visited – we’re so lucky to have it close to home! Visiting the park transports you into another world, with its thick forests, moss covered trees and fern lined trails. There are so many places here to shoot: hikes to epic viewpoints, strolls along the river, waterfalls, lakes and mountain views, but our favourite might just be to find ourselves lost in the woods, surrounded by green.”

And there you have it! Your Instagram game is about to be on fire with the addition of these gorgeous Vancouver gems. Did anyone else just book a flight to Vancouver after reading this or was that just us?!

A special thank you goes out to Brie + Reuben of VanCityWild for taking part in our brand new “Most Instagrammable Spots” series. Be sure to give them a follow on their Instagram to stay up to date with their west coast adventures!

Do YOU want to be featured in the next part of this series? Be sure to get in contact with us here.

What are some of your picks for the Most Instagrammable Spots in Vancouver? Let us know in the comments down below!


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