Life Insurance Through Influencer Marketing
Stephanie Palasti

How We Promoted Life Insurance Through Influencer Marketing

This past December, Empire Life, a company that offers Life Insurance and critical illness coverage, asked us to help them promote their Life Insurance product through Influencer Marketing.  Empire Life wanted to reach men and women, ages 35-54 in Ontario, and was struggling to find a unique, out-of-the box approach to marketing their key demographic. 

Finding The Right Platform

A lot of people have questions about life insurance.  

Do I need Life Insurance?  

How much Life Insurance do I need?  

What Life Insurance products are right for me and my family?  

The list goes on…

In order to create a conversation around Life Insurance and answer some of these questions, we decided to Go Live with Facebook Live videos.

Facebook live would allow our creators to interact with their viewers in real time and answer any questions that they have on the topic of Life Insurance.  

Finding The Right Influencers

Since the campaign required our creators to Go Live with Facebook Live videos, we narrowed down our list to Facebook first creators, who specifically host weekly Facebook Live podcasts.  After reviewing audience statistics to ensure that we would be having conversations with the audience that Empire Life wanted to reach, we selected our creators; one of our favourite Social comedians, the always hilarious Brittlestar and connected with our agency partners over at Kin Community to enlist the very popular, and just as charismatic mommy and lifestyle creator AmandaMuse.

Finding The Right Influencers

Finding The Right Message

Brittlestar and AmandaMuse hosted their own Facebook Live videos, sponsored by Empire Life, around the topic of #adulting.

Brittlestar’s Facebook Live video took place during his regular Monday morning show called The Morning Show Thing, co-hosted with his wife Shannon.  On the show, they discussed current events along with the topic of ‘adulting’ – asking their audience questions focused around Life Insurance.  

AmandaMuse’s Facebook Live video asked her audience “Are you ready in the event of death?”.  In her video, Amanda interviewed an expert at Empire Life, and asked her questions on Life Insurance and coverage in the event of death.

The Results

Over 36,000 people tuned in to the Facebook Live videos, with over 1,000 people joining the conversation by either asking questions or commenting on the topic.  

The top audience for the Facebook Live videos were women, ages 35-54 in Ontario – hitting our client’s key target demographic in remarkable fashion.   

Taking a topic as serious as Life Insurance, and promoting Empire’s Products through influencers in a light-hearted and conversational manner garnered incredible results for the brand!



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