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20 Best Nail Art Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Taylor More
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Taylor More
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Dec 01, 2023
A collage of beautifully painted nails by nail art influencers

It’s time to dip your claws in loud, fun, and out-of-the-box nail art! 

Your manicures should be anything but boring. We’ve rounded up the 20 best nail artists and influencers on Instagram so you’ll never be caught with basic French tips ever again. Whether you’re into 3D nail designs, playful patterns, or celebrity-inspired pegs, their feeds are major nailspiration for your next self-care appointment. 

Give these accounts a follow for some next-level Instagram content!

1. Stephanie Stone | @stephstonenails

If you’re a fan of Miley Cyrus, Tessa Thompson, or Charli XCX, then you’ll love Stephanie Stone. She’s worked on fashion campaigns, magazine editorials, runways, red-carpet events, and even music videos. She’s one of the Instagram nail artists that Hollywood (understandably) just can’t seem to get enough of!

Bloody nail art by Stephanie Stone
Image source: Instagram

2. Rose B. | @rosebnails

Kawaii queen Rose B. is every girly girl’s dream nail artist. Her anime-inspired designs are highly impressive thanks to hand-painted precision and quality. She also does other nail illustrations, as well as beachy sets to match the Florida vibe.  

Hello Kitty-inspired nails holding a carbonated Hello Kitty drink
Image source: Instagram

3. Melanie Graves | @overglowedit

Melanie Graves, the beauty guru behind @overglowedit, is one of the best nail artists on Instagram for DIY fans. Her feed is a treasure trove of inspiration and tips where she effortlessly tries on nail trends. She’s also one of the few nail art influencers who shares her makeup, skincare, and nail product rotation—what’s not to love? 

Sparkly glitter nail art with pink star and pearl applique
Image source: Instagram

4. Madeline Poole | @mpnails

Real nail enthusiasts know Madeline Poole as one of the OG nail artists on Instagram. She somehow went from being a struggling artist to the editorial manicurist for Vogue—all before her 25th birthday, no less. Her minimalist style has been spotted on countless celebrities and models’ nails and has been featured by brands on runways.

Black nails with horizontal green, violet, yellow, and orange stripes
Image source: Instagram

5. Eda and Anna | @ladyfancynails

Eda and Anna, the dynamic sister duo at @ladyfancynails, double the fun when it comes to manicures. Their Instagram is a delightful blend of creativity, showcasing how collaboration can result in nail designs that are twice as captivating.

A black man with pink and green goggles showing off his blue nails
Image source: Instagram

6. Helen | @helennails_yeg

Long acrylic nails are Helen’s specialty, and her Instagram is proof of her nail design expertise. From playful cartoon-inspired sets to sultry gem-studded tips, she’s a seasoned pro with a knack for making nails the ultimate fashion statement.

 Louis Vuitton-inspired nail art with rhinestone appliques
Image source: Instagram

7. Britney | @britneytokyo

Few Instagram nail artists blend worlds like Britney. Tokyo meets New York in her work, which has made her a favourite of fashion icons like Paris Hilton and Kim Petras. Check her out for designs that are as vibrant as Shibuya’s street art scene.

 A black hand with colourful nail art and gold rings.
Image source: Instagram

8. Kaya Webb | @cindywiththegoodnails

Kaya Webb is one of the most popular and best nail artists on Instagram—seriously, she’s followed by none other than Doja Cat. She’s always turning acrylic nails into mesmerizing works of art. Her designs range from hyper-realistic flowers to ribbon appliques, drawing inspiration from iconic artists and animes. 

Black nails with 3D tropical flowers nail art.
Image source: Instagram

9. Sarah Kane | @topknotnails

Having stylish nails often comes with nail breakage, but not with Sarah Kane of @topknotnails. Her shop was recently voted as “Best Nail Salon in Portland” and it’s easy to see why. Her manicures come with protective nail care on top of super artistic nail designs that are sure to get you more than a few double takes.

Nails featuring a spooky nun, branches, tombstones, and crosses
Image source: Instagram

10. Gena del Portillo | @i_heart_nailart

Gena del Portillo’s Instagram is a nail artist’s wonderland. Her designs are a lively mix of colours, patterns, and even beloved characters. She combines artistic illustrations with a variety of polish brands and nail art techniques.

Ocean blue marble nail design with gold flecks
Image source: Instagram

11. Spifster Sutton | @spifster

Spifster Sutton is a true nail art trailblazer. Her exceptional artistry as a manicurist has earned her a lot of recognition through the years, having recently worked as the designer for Pear Nova’s Black Panther nail sets. If you’re looking for bespoke nail art with cool colour combinations, then @spifster is worth a follow!

 A Black woman in a yellow-green sweater holding up Black Panther-themed nail art
Image source: Instagram

12. Lila Robles | @nailjerks

Lila Robles is one of the best nail artists on Instagram using airbrushing. Her Latinx-inspired designs are a testament to her roots, turning nails into miniature works of art. Dive into her gallery and discover a colourful niche nail community that she’s created.

Pink airbrush nail art with puppy, paw, and bone decal and gold tips
Image source: Instagram

13. Diana Nguyen | @ricekittynails

Diana Nguyen’s nail art at @ricekittynails brings the sweet, spice, and everything nice. From seasonal-themed nail art to sparkly sets, Diana’s style is perfect for the girl next door. If you like your nails cute and dainty, check her out!

Cute sparkly nail art with smiley, hearts, and rainbow decals
Image source: Instagram

14. Betina Goldstein | @betina_goldstein

Chanel nail artist extraordinaire Betina Goldstein is known for her sculpted manicures that strike the perfect balance between experimental and classy. Her Instagram is a showcase of daring designs—from lips to cigarette butts—all with a touch of timeless elegance.

Cigarette butt nail art
Image source: Instagram

15. Virginia and Donne | @heynicenails

“Hey, nice nails!” is what Virginia and Donne want their clients to hear after every appointment. A tall task for most manicurists, but this sister duo’s blend of style, technique, and taste has made them two of the most popular nail art influencers. So whether you like Keith Haring-inspired nails or a magnificent chrome finish, @heynicenails is a must-visit.

Chromatic midnight blue nail art
Image source: Instagram

16. Naomi Yasuda | @naominailsnyc

Naomi Yasuda’s maximalist nail art always catches eyes. Her Instagram is a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns that will dazzle your senses and inspire your nail art journey. Not only does she regularly work on Madonna’s nails, but she’s also a highly sought-after manicurist for movie premieres, fashion shows, and even the MET gala.

Maximalist gold nail art with gemstones
Image source: Instagram

17. Fariha Ali | @nailjob

Fariha Ali’s Instagram is a chrome nail art paradise. Her metallic creations are nothing short of stunning and promise to add a touch of futuristic elegance to your style. With a “nail job” from her, we’re sure to be in nail heaven for the next 2-3 weeks. 

Pink chrome nail art
Image source: Instagram

18. Mei Kawajiri | @nailsbymei

Mei Kawajiri constantly pushes the envelope for Instagram nail artists with her eclectic designs. She draws inspo from everything—we’re talking Japanese schoolgirl socks, mobile phone dial pads from the early ‘00s, and even milk bottles. She puts the “art” in nail art! 

Japanese school girl socks and uniform nail art
Image source: Instagram

19. Imarni | @imarninails

Imarni brings a touch of Hollywood glamour to your fingertips. Her nail art has graced the hands of actors, musicians, and influencers, making her the go-to artist for red carpet and runway events. She doesn’t shy away from bold colours, patterns, lines, and constantly experiments with different styles.

Halftone tropical-coloured nail art.
Image source: Instagram

20. Miho Okawara | @mihonails

Miho Okawara always takes nail art to a whole new level. She’s one of our favourite Instagram nail artists, her feed is a visual feast of artistic expression. From intricate details to whimsical themes, Miho’s designs are nothing short of enchanting. 

 Diamond studded nails
Image source: Instagram

Nail Your Next Influencer Marketing Campaigns 

With their talent, social media presence, and trendsetting impact, there’s no denying that these are 20 of the best nail art influencers out there right now. 

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  • Taylor More

    Taylor More is the Social Media Coordinator at The Influence Agency. She has a passion for digital marketing and all things creative. Outside of work, she loves travelling, especially when it's somewhere tropical. You can follow her @taylorr.more

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  • Taylor More

    Taylor More is the Social Media Coordinator at The Influence Agency. She has a passion for digital marketing and all things creative. Outside of work, she loves travelling, especially when it's somewhere tropical. You can follow her @taylorr.more

    View all posts

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