The Importance Of Colour In Content
Samuel Butcher

The Importance Of Colour In Content

Have you ever wondered about the importance of colour in content, marketing, and photography? We’re going to break it down. Colour is defined as a component of light that is separated when reflected off an object. The different properties of colour such as Hue, Saturation, and Value, and using the colour wheel to include contrasting colours within your brand content or photography, help draw attention to your object and creates a powerful visual effect that is pleasing to the eye. The ability to use colour properly takes time to learn and fine-tune as some colours work better with each other than others. When the images or content is living on social, including colour may allow for better engagement and allow people to click the infamous heart instead of just passing it by.

Pop’s of colour; creating different tones or moods, using colour and negative space to showcase a specific object, and most importantly utilizing complementary colours are some of the ways that you can include it within your imagery. To learn a little bit more about the use of colour within photography and how you can use it to benefit your content, continue reading!

Understanding Colour

The usage of colour in content and photography is often a very important choice, especially since colour can have an incredible psychological impact on people. Colour also creates a memorable experience and allows someone’s brain to associate a specific brand with the colour of the content, logo, or depiction. The association of colour is due to “Colour Psychology” which is the study of hues as a determinant of human behaviours and responses. Colour influences perceptions that are not obvious, such as the taste of food, a feeling, the effectiveness of an ad, or emotions.

Using colour can make or break your content or advertising, and it’s important that when it’s used it concisely and is thoughtfully done.

What Performs Best On Social?

Many studies suggest that in terms of content living on social, that the colour that does the best in terms of overall engagement is the colour BLUE. Images that featured the colour blue, or were mostly-blue, garnered 24% more than other ones that had other colours like orange or red. The colour blue may pertain to many things, but more importantly, it is associated with dependability, awareness, openness, security, and reliability. What this means is that people would be more inclined to like or interact with a blue image due to the fact they subconsciously associate that colour with any one of those given traits that may be important to them. Blue is also a visually pleasing colour and is physically calming.

When To Use Colour

There are many instances one can use colour within their images or content, it must be established before the content is created to help streamline processes. Colour may be used when you need to showcase a specific object, create separation from another object, make a focal-point pop, create or add composition, utilize maximum visual appeal and also can show time-of-day or weather. Colour also helps give a specific look and feel to what you’re depicting.

Tips To Successfully Use Colour

1.Utilize your surroundings. Use natural colours as composition or guidelines and inspiration.
3. Use colour to successfully evoke emotions or feelings.
4. Keep it simple!
5. Use A/B testing to see which colours perform better on your marketing and social media channels.

Brands Who Do It Well

The Importance Of Colour

Are you utilizing colour as part of your marketing strategy for 2020? Try implementing some of our tips and tricks and let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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