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How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Taylor More
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Taylor More
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Jun 10, 2021
An influencer filming “how to get more followers on Instagram”

You want to become an Instagram unicorn—that’s why you’ve landed on this blog. It’s 2021, and we live in a world where success can all too often be defined by one figure: your Instagram follower count. To keep up with this, people and brands are always on the lookout for unique ways on how to get more followers on Instagram. 

You’ve probably never heard this before, but treat your followers like they’re plants. Yes, you read that right, plants. If you want them to grow, hydrate them with refreshing content, be that ray of sunshine they’re looking for in their feed, and most importantly, talk to them and make them feel like they matter. 

Get ready, because we’re about to break down the eight ways you can convince people to tap that follow button!

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Put the “Social” in Social Media

Remember the good old days when people would talk to each other in person to make friends and acquaintances? That also works in the world of social media too! Communicating with your audience is a fool-proof way to build a strong connection and get more followers on Instagram. Here are some of the best ways to build better relationships with your followers on social media:

User-Generated Content

User-generated content works because sometimes, it’s just nice to be part of something. Encourage people to share their photos that contain your products. Repurposing that content on your own Instagram will do wonders. You gain advocates for your name and consumers get to be part of the fun experience of being featured by a brand. Everybody wins with user-generated content.

Tell Your Story with Instagram Stories

Not everyone who lands on your Instagram page will know who you are. By highlighting your best Instagram stories, you can quickly paint a clear picture. 

It’s human nature to love a good story. With over 300 million users actively posting stories there’s no doubt about it that it can help you get more followers on Instagram. You can also integrate features like:

  • Using polls to learn about what your audience thinks and feels. 
  • Post Q&As so your followers can get to know you better.
  • Send shout-outs to other influencers and large accounts. This could result in re-post interactions that will in-turn drive followers to your page.

Reply to Comments

A lot of influencers and brands tend to take their commenters for granted. Your audience took a few moments in their busy day to reach out to you. How hard could it possibly be to reach back out? To get more followers on Instagram, pay close attention to what your audience is saying in the comment section and take the time to reply. Even something as simple as an emoji to let them know you acknowledge their existence will make their day— it will encourage engagement from other users as well. 

Host Giveaways

Trust us when we say that everyone likes free stuff. Hosting giveaways is one of the quickest ways to get more followers and boost engagement on Instagram. If you’re a brand, this is a great way to stir up excitement for a new product, boost sales, and drive more traffic.

You’ll have to make sure that following your profile and tagging Instagram friends in the comments are part of your entry-criteria, so you’ll be able to expand your reach.

Use Hashtags to Get More Followers on Instagram

The reason why brands and influencers use these in their posts so often is because they really work. Utilize hashtags in your captions, stories, and add some to the comment section of your post. This does a great job at boosting your visibility among Instagram explorers.

Remember to only use hashtags that are relevant and aren’t oversaturated so your content will stand a better chance at being discovered. Creating a hashtag that is unique to your brand also helps build awareness around the topic and keeps all similar content in one place.

Hashtags on a laptop

Collaborate with Influencers for Instagram Takeovers

When looking for ways on how to get more followers on Instagram, partnering with popular influencers is one of the most effective tricks. In contrast to paid promotions and endorsements, this is a more authentic way to introduce yourself to the influencer’s followers.

During Instagram takeovers, influencers produce exclusive content for your page with the goal of cross-directing their own followers. Instead of simply urging their fans to follow you, they’re showing what they do on your brand’s account. This is one of the go-to ways of expanding your network.

Create a Unique Visual Style

The truth is, people are attracted to pretty things. Instagram is all about visuals and if you want to capture their attention, you’re going to need to post some good-looking stuff.

But with all the aesthetically pleasing content on the platform, you have to make sure your visual style stands out so you can easily be recognized. To get more followers on Instagram, stick to an image that best describes your brand. Colour schemes, fonts, and layout themes are just some of the elements you can customize to clearly establish your personality as one worth following. 

Add Sparkle to Your Bio

Instagram’s bio portion allows you to link a URL to your other content. Take advantage of this feature to redirect people to specific pages with interesting content. Don’t just link to your website’s homepage. This is your shot to impress them with other substantial content that you have to offer, whether it’s a new product, an entertaining blog, or a social cause. Be straightforward and point them in a clear direction. Use your other platforms to prove why you deserve to be followed. 

Use Creative Captions

Even though Instagrammers love aesthetically pleasing photos, adding a witty caption to go along with that image adds to your likeability factor. Turn heads with your sophisticated posts and make sure they never look away with your relatable captions. Use your wit, make your audience smile, and ask for their opinions. To get more followers on Instagram, give them a post that’s worth looking at and a caption that deserves to be read. 

Post at a Consistent Pace

The reason why people follow influencers is because they’re anticipating some awesome content. If you make them wait too long for updates, they’ll forget you exist. But if you post too often, they’ll get sick of your face. Create a balanced posting schedule, so they’ll know when to expect something new. 

A woman introducing herself to her new Instagram followers

Convert Scrollers Into Followers

The attention span of human beings is getting shorter as we speak. If your content happens to find its way into their feed, you literally have two seconds to make or break your first impression. Developing a striking visual style and an entertaining tone should do the trick. Engaging with your audience and collaborating with the right influencers and brands will help you grow your online presence.

If you find yourself googling “how to get more followers on Instagram” a lot, utilizing these eight strategies will increase your chances of converting scrollers into followers. If you’re an influencer, The Influence Agency can help you partner with the biggest brands to expand your reach!

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