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How To Enhance Your Videography + Free Resources

Eliza Mehr
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Eliza Mehr
Published On
Sep 02, 2020
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Videography is an essential form of multimedia being produced in an abundance these days. As the capacity to host and share digital content is rapidly expanding, the importance of providing value while making yourself seen increases synchronously. Whether you are creating content as a freelance, or for an agency, your videos matter.

Ready to take your creative projects to new levels? Keep reading to understand the impact that you as a videographer have on the world of digital marketing, and step up your videos with free downloadable resources.

The Value of Your Videos

Demand for professional videos is on the rise as brands and companies continue to integrate it as an integral part of their digital marketing strategy. Video posts do wonders for social media engagement, performing better than any other type of post on Instagram, making them a powerful tool for connecting with an audience. They’re shareable across multiple platforms, easy to understand, and can lead to major ROI. Consumers actually retain 95% of a message presented in a video, versus text; thus, it is essential for key messaging to be conveyed in a visually compelling manner.

social media video

Colour Grading

Similar to photo filters and effects, the same can be applied to video clips through your software’s adjustment panel, or better yet—in the form of LUTS. A LUT is a colour lookup table, which is essentially a preset of colour input values that adjust the lighting of your footage. They create a consistency of appearance, setting a predetermined look and feel that will contribute to the tone of your project. Using LUTSwill also boost your efficiency, as it removes the need to make manual adjustments on each and every clip.

Many creators are known for their distinct editing styles that can be hard to replicate. Thankfully, there are people out there who not only have been able to do so, but have been gracious enough to share. Youtuber Kamran Brown is a colour grading aficionado who has an incredible free LUT pack.

Looking for something more subtle and professional? Check out these free cool-toned LUTS from Lutify.me!

Before and after shot of colour grading


While you’ve probably tested out the transitions that came with your video editor, you’ve also likely realized that most of them are simple and seemingly tacky. What you may not know is that you can install additional transitions through the motion templates folder on your device.

Having innovative transitions in your video helps to build a creative flow. They also add excitement when used appropriately, as engaging bursts will keep your video from being too stagnant and help retain the viewer. However, it is important to ensure that you’re connecting clips together in a way that enhances the storytelling, rather than detracting from it. There are endless possibilities when adding and layering transitions into your projects!

Here are some key transitions that you will find yourself using frequently to liven up your projects:

  1. Smooth zoom transitions are perfect for shots where there are inwards or outwards camera motions, creating the effect that it’s moving right into the next clip. This transition is available free here for Adobe Premiere, and here for Final Cut Pro X.
  2. Pan motion transitions are great for adding camera movement, making the connection between clips look more dynamic. This transition is available free here for Adobe Premiere, and here for Final Cut Pro X.
  3. Luma fade transitions are useful for when there is high contrast between the lights and the darks in shots, dissolving the clips into each other in various styles. This transition is available free here for Adobe Premiere, and here for Final Cut Pro X.

Sound Design

Visuals aren’t the only component that make up a video. Sound design is part of the sensory experience, adding an additional element that takes your projects to new dimensions and helps stimulate the viewer. When audio and visuals synch together, it creates a satisfying feeling of coherence and completeness, tying everything together.

Both music, and sound effects aid in the storytelling process of your vision. Next time you have a shot of an inanimate object that would make a noise in real life, try layering that sound over your background track. Or, if you have a video where people are talking, add an instrumental at a reduced volume and watch the impact it makes!

Unfortunately, almost all popular music is copyrighted these days. However, this Youtube channel provides hundreds of songs that you might not know, but it is 100% free for your personal or professional use. ZapSplat is also a great website to utilize, with a comprehensive library of any sound effect you may need.

Take Your Videos to the Next Level

What are you waiting for? Add these free resources to your video editing toolbox and transform your projects into stunning videos that your clients will adore. Make your mark on the video realm today!

If you’re looking for professional videography services, we’ve got you covered! Our team of expert digital marketers knows what it takes to create videos that stand out. Contact us today to find out how we can work together to take your video advertising to the next level.

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