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Formula for Instagram Influencer Success

Samuel Butcher
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Samuel Butcher
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Nov 01, 2019
Formula for Instagram Influencer Success

Instagram is the most prominent social media platform there is, and it makes you wonder what is the formula for Instagram influencer success? As the digital age grows, more and more social media platforms are popping up. Tik Tok stars are beginning to rise, just as much as Instagram influencers. What sets them apart is definitive of their niche, their content, and their ability to engage with their followers and fans.

A lot of society still does not understand the term “influencer” or how they’re beneficial to marketing, but if you are in the age of digital media consumption, you either adapt or fizzle out. In this blog, we will be giving you a brief overview of what the top influencer formula is and how you may utilize these tips for your own Instagram in hopes of raising the bar, making a wave and ultimately becoming an Instagram Influencer.

Let’s get into it!

Discover Your Niche

What is your niche? Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food. When someone visits your page, your followers want to be able to see quickly what you’re all about! A niche is a good way of substantiating yourself within a certain loose guideline as well as it’s ability is to provide you with a target audience. To grow within your niche, it’s important to not stray too far from your audience and create less of a variation in content.

Utilize Your Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio is the first thing people see when they click on your profile. It should also depict what you’re about, your name, a quick bio, some of your favourite hashtags, or hashtags that you use frequently such as #TorontoBlogger or #TorontoFoodie, and also be able to give prospective followers a quick insight into how you represent yourself, and what brands or followers can expect from you.

Use Your Voice

It’s important to use lengthy captions, now more so than ever. You want people to be able to read your stories, engage with your content, and want to stick around. A longer caption can leave readers in tears, make them laugh, or convince them to answer a call to action. It’s important that you use your voice and your potential platform to talk about things you’re passionate about, or that are important to you. Sharing your story helps you build long-lasting relationships, create an open dialogue, and become more relatable to your followers.

Influence written by a hand on a piece of lined paper

Influence written by a hand on a piece of lined paper

Create Captivating & Original Content

Well thought, original, and artistic content will get you noticed. Create captivating moments, pair them with your stories, and your voice to create something special. To captivate the interests of potential followers, you need to show what kind of effort you put into the content that you’re posting. This allows your followers to see that you’re not only posting content that you love to produce but that you also are catering to a heart-string inside themselves, too.

Creating captivating and original content also presents you in a better light for potential opportunities such as brand deals, campaigns, and paid product placements. The opportunities for social media are endless!

Ensure Consistency

It’s important during your content creation and ideation that you ensure your consistency. This means that when onlookers are viewing your social media profiles that they flow properly and seamlessly with each other, and that they act as an extension of your personality. Whether it’s posting at the same time every day or multiple times, you must be posting at least 1 time a day minimum to keep your followers engaged.

The Instagram algorithm is constantly changing, but it does reward consistency. A good way to ensure your on top of your engagement is using programs like Hootsuite and Sprout Social, which allow you to schedule your content and have it automatically post to your social media networks. It’s important to take time out of your day and use proper tools like Planoly, or Preview, that will help you create and curate content for future posts.

posts in social media networks

Engage & Collaborate

Practice ensuring that you’re engaging with your followers and other like-minded accounts each day. This ensures that within your niche, you still hold a place, you are active and engaged, and your followers with take notice! Posting questions, stating a call to action, offering tips, replying to every comment and answering your DM’s are all important avenues for your engagement.

Ensuring you’re also utilizing social listening tools, and paying attention to comments and threads coming in allows you to keep tabs on your account, and also adjust for any positive/negative feedback that has been received. Collaborating with your followers and with other influencers in the same niche, helps you build on those relationships and gives you the ability to learn and grow with each other.

Utilize Hashtags

If you had 30 chances to win the lottery, and you could use all 30 chances, would you take it? Instagram’s capabilities for using hashtags maxes out after using 30 hashtags. It’s important that for every single post that you utilize those hashtags and create more avenues to be discovered by potential followers, prospective brands, and people from across the world.

Ensure that when you’re choosing your hashtags that you pay attention to the usage amount of a single hashtag. For example, if you look at #love with 1.7 billion uses and counting, your post will likely get lost almost immediately. You must use a mixture of hashtags; start with the majority of your hashtags between 500-700K, add in some more between 700K-1 million, and finish with a few that are 1 or 2 million. Optimizing your hashtags ultimately helps with more leads, more views, and more followers.

Are You Influenced By Social Media?

Growing your online presence can substantiate a career in a certain niche or specialty, can provide value to put on your CV, or provide self-empowerment to achieve something you’ve always dreamed of. It’s important that if this is the route to wish to pursue that you use your voice properly, and build relationships that help lift people rather than putting them down. Social media can be fun but should be taken seriously. Work for it, tell your own story and make a social impact. Influence an audience, create conversations, and create your platform.

Have you thought about becoming an Instagram influencer? What do you think of our formula for Instagram influencer success? Let us know below, and learn more about what we do here at The Influence Agency! Contact Us today!

We always appreciate your feedback.

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