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10 American Dad Influencers to Follow [UPDATED]

Dale David
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Dale David
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Jun 10, 2022
A collage of five American dad influencers

It’s no secret that Father’s Day isn’t as popular as Mother’s Day — and there are actually statistics to prove this! In fact, two-thirds of social media-savvy dads agree that their day of the year doesn’t get as much media attention as Mother’s Day (sorry dad, we’ll try to do better next year). 

Since Father’s Day 2021 is coming up, The Influence Agency is here to shine the spotlight on some of the cool dads on Instagram! These American dad influencers are sharing their wisdom and adventures with the world of social media and are quickly gaining massive traction for it.

Scroll through to see who they are — and get ready to add 10 more people to the list of accounts you’re following!

Duane McLaughlin | @duanemclaughlin

Duane McLaughlin may seem like a “dad of few words” on social media, but that’s just because he often lets his amazing Instagram photos do all the talking. 

We love how this American dad influencer’s feed literally looks like a breath of fresh air with its minimalist and artistic aesthetic. What we love even more is that Duane says “one thing is certain, I’ll never look back on life and say ‘I spent too much time with my kids.’” Cool dad alert!

Jason Hanna | @2_dallas_dads

The adventures of the two Dallas dads and their adorable twin boys are a must-follow on Instagram! Whether they’re boat riding or making snowmen, their family photos always look like a fun boys day out that make you want to join in on the fun.

These two American dad influencers also share valuable information on their surrogacy journey that will serve as a useful resource for anyone who’s interested in knowing more about the entire process. 

TJ Davidson | @tjdavidsonfilms

You’re bound to pick up a trick or two from TJ Davidson’s photography and videography expertise. His helpful content is something you don’t want to miss out on! From how to select camera gear for your business to the basics of filming an influencer campaign, this is the American dad influencer to follow.

As a dad to four kids, he also uses his impeccable skills to capture adorable family moments in high style. Oh, the perks of having next-level photography skills. 

Tyler Fontes | @fontes_four_pack

Tyler Fontes’ family is the epitome of adventurous — and the proof is all in the Instagram photos. One thing’s for sure, we officially want in on their hiking trips, because they always look like such a blast!

The brotherly love of his two little boys will also capture your heart in no time. Follow this American dad influencer for your daily dose of family trips and cute kids!

Robert Singleton II MD | @robertsecond53

Being an anesthesiologist who specializes in anesthesia care and pain management, you just know that Robert Singleton II is a pro when it comes to proper care — and this clearly echoes into his role as a father! 

This doctor and American dad influencer says he is his daughter’s “first knight in shining armor” who wants to make sure she always feels special, safe, and unconditionally loved. And this is honestly one of the most touching captions we’ve ever read. We’re not crying — you are. 

Luca Andrisani | @2daddies1baby

Luca Andrisani’s mission on social media is clearly stated in his bio —  normalizing gay families one picture at a time. So, tap that follow button if you agree!

This American dad influencer is spreading positivity online and inspiring people to “fight to be themselves.” Did we mention that his daughter, Elena, is as cute as a button? Follow these two daddies and their journey of raising their little princess! 

Stevie Hendrix | @stevie_hendrix

Could Stevie Hendrix’s daughters be any cuter? Aside from posting adorable family photos, this funny dad creates the quirkiest videos that you’ll be binge-watching in no time. With all the characters he’s portrayed in his skits, it’s safe to say that this dad deserves to star in his own TV series.

If you loved watching his videos, you’ll be glad to know that this American dad influencer also has his own podcast called The Good Life with Stevie and Sazan

Thomas Daddio | @daddioskitchen

By following Thomas Daddio, you won’t just see beautiful food, you’ll also see charming potatoes (yes, we’re talking about his two baby boys!) This is why he’s one of our top American dad influencers.

We’re 100% sure you’ll be trying out Thomas’ recipe for sprinkle sugar cookies and red velvet cookies with cream cheese frosting. You can thank us later!

James Meeks | @iamjamesmeeks

You might’ve heard James Meeks on the Dear Fathers and Life Partners Gang podcasts before. Through his content, he’s inspiring men to lead in life and business.

Scrolling through the family photos on this American dad influencer’s Instagram, will make you question whether it’s a social media feed or the pages of a fashion magazine. Go check it out!

DK Williams | @detroitfather

This DADvocate will remind you to celebrate your wins instead of immediately looking for the next thing to do. He also believes that “Learning that joy is the by-product of knowing your purpose and showing your gratitude”. 

We’re trying to find a way to express how inspiring DK William’s Instagram captions are. For now, let’s just go with “BRB, we’re going to spend the next hour giving a standing ovation”. 

LaTroy Tillery| @lovethetillerys


Do you want a dad who brings the energy? Well look no further than LaTroy Tillery! A happy go lucky twin dad, LaTroy, alongside his wife Nicole, love sharing positivity with their audience. From fun shows like Disney on Ice to the everyday family walk, this Atlanta local always highlights 3 important things: family, relationships and mindset.

Frank Mele| @mmmfrankiemele

You may have heard of Frank Mele before. If not from being an award winning producer, possibly from being featured in his son Joe Mele’s TikTok videos. From funny comedy sketches to challenges, Frank gets involved in them all. 

Be sure to check out Joe Mele’s Tik Tok and Frank’s Instagram to see more of the Mele family fun!

Nick Cho| @yourkoreandad

@yourkoreandad I did this all in one 24 hour day. Whew! #YourKoreanDad #Butter #BTSArmy #SF #BayArea #Sneakerhead ♬ Butter – 방탄소년단 (BTS)

Are you looking for advice, adventure and food recommendations? Be sure to check out Nick Cho! From having someone to roast marshmallows with by the campfire (virtually) or seeing Nick walk the red carpet with Ryan Reynolds, Nick is constantly busy with fun activities. 

To keep up with Nick be sure to check out his website

Brendan Fallis| @brendanfallis

Brendan Falllis is not just any dad, he’s a cool dad! This Canadian DJ is taking over the scene. When he is not making fun mixes and energetic events, Brendan enters dad mode. Always sharing his fun family adventures from around New York to Italy and beyond.

Check out Brendan’s vlogs on his YouTube to see all his adventures!

De’Brence| @youngblackdad

De’Brence is the king of fit checks! But what makes them even better? He matches them with his son. Sharing their playful relationships through getting ready together. A dad of few words but lots of play. 

Be sure to check this duo out on TikTok

Jeff Segura| @daddystylediaries

This Houston local is a certified girl-dad! A self proclaimed road trip connoisseur, Jeff is always out and about with the family. With high quality photography and cinematography, alongside their family moments are all things lifestyle.

For more information, tips and tricks from Jeff, scroll through his website!

Cool Dad Alert

Because of their amazing content, these American dad influencers have become the celebrities of the dad community. The knowledge they share on the challenging journey of fatherhood has turned them into reliable go-to sources and in-demand endorsers for influencer marketing campaigns. We may not say it out loud very often, but dads are cool  — and we’ll all try to shine the spotlight on that more often!

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