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4 Overlooked Benefits of Working With Influencers

Mike Landry
Written By
Mike Landry
Published On
Sep 11, 2017
Benefits of Influencer Marketing

If you’ve read this site or any of our blogs, you will have learned a lot about influencer marketing, including what makes it valuable, and the many different methods for delivery.

When thinking about the value of influencer marketing, we focus on the value of the audience,  ROI metrics, and awareness benefits of pushing your message to the influencer’s audience.

Instead, this blog will focus on the influencer themselves and offer 4 often overlooked benefits of working with the influencer.

Premium Content

There are a lot of influencers faking it out there, but for those that have developed a following naturally it’s because people care about content they produce, and care enough to follow them, watch their videos and read their blogs.

If you’re working with an influencer, it’s best practice to let them create the content because great content production is what has gotten them so far and has you talking to them!

Whether it’s a picture, a story, a snap, a video, or a blog, it’s definitely going to be special because they take your message and integrate it with their special sauce so what is produced from that is something unique. This leads perfectly into the next benefit…

Repurpose Influencer Content

Before an influencer becomes an influencer, they’re creators. The influencers were creators whose content and messaging caught on and made people care and share. Thus, as mentioned above, the creative coming from influencers will tend to be of a different ilk than most other content developed by brands and graphic designers. The content is unique and perhaps puts your brand in a different creative light that can be used in many different ways.

Common uses of the content generated from influencer marketing campaigns are:

Retooling the creative from an influencer will serve to create residual value well past campaign run dates.

Repurpose Influencer Content

Influencers In Your Corporate Video

More and more SMBs recognize the importance of developing corporate videos that can be made to share on their website, advertise on YouTube, or even television. One of the obstacles to doing such videos is that often enough, the business owners are not comfortable being on camera so an actor or actress takes their place and communicate on their behalf. Instead of hiring a little known actor, source a well known influencer!

A well known influencer can serve as an ambassador for your brand. For example, let’s suppose a news anchor or someone on daytime TV is an influencer with a modest following of 15K (because they’re not really trying to build up their social channels). Imagine the kind of recognition and credibility it would bring to have that person be the face of your company and the voice of your message.  The right influencer would be someone with some semblance of recognizability that can push your message forward and star in your video.

SEO Value

A lot of influencers, especially the ones who influence for a living also operate high traffic blogs. As part of the engagement, content on the blog that links back to the advertisers website is great to generate referral traffic, but even greater is the value of the backlink. If the blog has a high domain authority, a link can help add authority to the advertiser’s website, which impacts how well they show up on Google’s search engine results page (SERP).

When thinking about influencer marketing, it is true that there is a lot of value in that audience, but there is also a lot of value in that influencer!

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