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Moments of Influence: The Power of Interactive Content

Brigitte Truong
Written By
Brigitte Truong
Published On
Mar 17, 2021
Moments of Influence: Interactive Content

With over 5000 ads competing for our attention every single day, marketers must get inventive and creative to engage with people, who, let’s face it, don’t have the attention span like they once did. In fact, according to Microsoft, the average human being has an attention span of 8 seconds, four seconds less than what it was in the year 2000. 

So with that in mind, it makes sense when we take a look at the power of Interactive Content; 

content that requires active engagement from users and consumers—and not just look at what it is, but the impact it has on consumer satisfaction. And the key is to make the engagement so seamless, that the participation feels natural by tapping into multiple sensories and establishing an emotional connection so that people care. 

According to a recent post by Hubspot, interactive content receives twice as much engagement than static content, with 43% of consumers valuing interactive video content over other forms because of the autonomous choice in the ‘what’ and ‘when’ departments.

 A person watching an interactive video on their phone

The Rise of Interactive Content

We saw the power of audience interaction in 2011 when Cineplex Entertainment teamed up with TimePlay, giving movie-goers a chance to interact with on-screen content in real-time on their phones. Back then it was considered a novel way for advertisers to market products and services in a venue that made sense, through content that was consistent with what movie fans came to expect in theatres.

Nine years later, the formula continues to resonate as seen in 360 videos to polls, live commenting capabilities, to gaming opportunities, and quizzes.

An Era of Interactive Content Marketing

Buzzfeed has dominated the interactive content space, offering topical quizzes that infuses popular culture tailored to their target demographic. This kind of content not only retains users on the site itself but also allows advertisers the opportunity to display their ads right where we figure out which of Taylor Swift’s cats we relate to the most. 

We’ve seen a similar strategy used by brands and influencers on Instagram, with Story features like polls that help boost the visibility of products and promotions. These channels receive real-time data and insight into user preferences while offering a little bit more for us to think about in the midst of 500 million stories posted each day.

And we can’t forget about Twitch, the gaming platform that continues to succeed in the ongoing competitive space of video and live streaming. By March 2020, Twitch saw 56,000 concurrent broadcasters on average, 1.44 million average viewers, and over 41,000 partners.

On July 16th, Amazon sought to take these numbers to the next level by announcing the launch of Amazon Interactive Video Service, a fully managed service that will simplify the setup and cost of live interactive video streams for web or mobile apps. What used to take 20-30 seconds to set up live streaming media will take 3 seconds!

Stand Out with Interactive Content 

With the increase of brands and advertisements, it’s clear that the key to standing out in an oversaturated pool of daily content while meeting the demand of users is through engagement and engagement only exists when continued added value is at the forefront of each and every strategy.

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