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8 Shopping Trends to Keep Your Eye on This Holiday Season

Ethan Gallagher
Written By
Ethan Gallagher
Published On
Dec 04, 2023
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While holiday shoppers are on the lookout for fantastic finds this season, marketers often find themselves wondering what exactly people want during this time of year.

Well, wish granted ✨ ! Here at The Influence Agency, we’ve compiled eight holiday shopping trends for 2023 that every marketer should watch out for and capitalize on leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We’re talking about consumer behaviour, social commerce, and everything in between here, people. 

Now, scroll down to unwrap this special gift we got just for you 🎁!

1. Getting Into The Holiday Spirit Early 

Did you know that 25% of shoppers kick off their holiday shopping as early as October? Think of how many have already started by the time you read this! 

This is a neon sign for brands to get into the holiday spirit early on to keep up with these shopping trends. Releasing your Yuletide collections a little earlier or giving out promotion codes sooner than usual are two ways to attract the early birds—you know how the old saying goes about who gets the worm! 

2. Being Searchable 

Over 50% of shoppers do research before making a purchase, which means your brand needs to appear when they conduct their searches. 

This online shopping trend means building a strong digital presence through SEO, blogs, and extraordinary influencer marketing campaigns. If you’re searchable, you’ll be able to provide holiday shoppers with some useful information that will push them further than the sales funnel. TBH, not being easily searchable nowadays is also a little shady

3. Embracing Social Commerce 

Here’s another stat for you: 60% percent of Gen Z and 56% percent of millennials will do at least some holiday shopping on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media apps. 

Social commerce is having a huge moment as one of the biggest holiday shopping trends this 2023. To leverage this one, you’re going to want to boost your social media presence and incorporate social commerce into your profiles. The sooner you embrace these platforms, the sooner you’ll earn people’s holiday spending.

a miniature shopping cart atop a laptop

4. Offering Free Shipping 

Okay, to be fair, this one is always trendy. But, it’s worth mentioning because free shipping reigns supreme in holiday shopping trends for 2023.

The benefits of offering free shipping include increases in average order value, reduced cart abandonment rates, and more sales overall. People shop online for convenience, and free shipping reinforces their decision. It also helps alleviate some of the insecurities associated with non-in-store shopping. Need we say more? C’mon, we all love it! 

5. Buy Online, Pick Up In Store 

Buy Online, Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) is booming! However, given what we just told you about free shipping, you might be wondering why—let us explain. 

Not all companies offer free shipping. So, with BOPIS, people get the convenience of doing the actual shopping online without any extra fees. It also gives people a chance to check out their purchase in-person before actually paying to ensure it’s just right. This is especially great to offer if you sell clothes or very expensive items! 

6. Deals & Discounts Galore 

There’s no way around it: life is expensive right now. Some holiday sales during the merriest season of the year can be a big draw. 

Perhaps now more than ever, a 20% off sticker could be the reason someone decides to shop at your store. However, even beyond that is how retail sales and offering deals helps build brand loyalty and repeat customers. So, as far as holiday shopping trends in 2023 go, we’re telling you to start getting those catchy voucher codes ready!

a red sale tag hanging in front of gold ornaments

7. Buy Now, Pay Later

Piggybacking on our last point is the increasing popularity of “buy now, pay later,” which, to no one’s surprise (we think?), is exactly as it sounds.

Providing flexible payment options is a great way to attract consumers at a time when holiday expenditures are skyrocketing. In 2022, 64% of shoppers said they planned on using BNPL to buy gifts for the holiday season. Adding this option to your payment methods is one of the trends for online shopping you need to implement! 

8. Easy Returns

Aren’t we all more likely to make a purchase when a company offers a convenient return policy? Think about how much confidence it communicates!

Over 60% of shoppers read a product’s return policy before buying. That’s why easy returns do a great job of convincing people to tap that checkout button: what do you have to worry about if your products are as great as advertised? Put your money where your mouth is and give shoppers the gift of peace of mind this holiday season. 

Crush Holiday Shopping Trends With The Influence Agency

As we tie a bow on our list of trends for 2023, let’s now turn our attention to you for a moment. We know what you’re wishing for this holiday shopping season: a team of digital experts who can put a new marketing strategy under your tree! 

Look no further than The Influence Agency. We’re an award-winning digital marketing agency that can help you build a stunning online presence through SEO, blogs, and influencer marketing, and more. Let’s start making that holiday wish come true, shall we?

Talk to one of our experts today to get started!

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