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How to Make the Most of Music Festival Season in Las Vegas

The Influence Agency
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The Influence Agency
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May 01, 2022
A music festival

After almost two years of pandemic-induced hiatus, music festivals are roaring back to life! 

Organizers and audiences can’t wait to see their favourite artists get back on stage and feel that pulsating energy from the crowd again. The 125,000 per day turnup at Coachella 2022 is proof of that.

If you missed the event, cheer up! There’s so many lined up in and around Vegas this year it’ll make your head spin. What you really need is to get yourself ready so you can make the most out of the music festival season.

7 Tips and Tricks to Elevate your Music Festival Experience

As magical as music festivals are, there are little things that can make them even better. We’re seasoned attendees ourselves, so we fairly have a good idea what those are. 

Here are some of them:

1. Know the Festival’s Complete Schedule and Make a Plan

If you don’t have an actual plan, you’ll likely just hop from one event to another. You’ll see headline acts, sure. But you’ll miss seeing less popular but amazing talents if you don’t check out the outer stages. 

The outer stage is where you’ll discover artists before they get huge. If you’re like us who take a secret pleasure in saying, “We’ve been listening to that artist long before everyone else!”, make sure you know the complete schedule and create a plan so you don’t miss out on these hidden gems.

2. Secure Your Stuff

It’s hard to enjoy anything if you lose your phone, wallet, or any of your belongings. Dense crowds are a pickpocket’s playground so secure all your stuff. 

Make sure all your bags have zips. If you’re camping, use a combination lock to secure your tent. Share access with your tent-mates so you don’t have to unlock it yourself each time they need anything inside.

And don’t keep your phone in your pocket! You won’t notice it fall out especially if you’re dancing, moving around, or get tipsy after a few drinks—and you’ll likely do all of them!

We love using fanny packs for occasions like this. They can hold valuable items like phones, cards, and money right where you want them to be—near you!

A bird’s eye view of pitched tents at a music festival

3. Plan the Logistics Ahead of Time

Music festivals are attended by people all over the world, so expect accommodations to be fully-booked on the dates leading up to the festival. This is bad news if you don’t want to stay in a tent but haven’t booked a place to stay early on.

Even if there’s availability, prices will surely be steep. Good thing there’s a cost-effective way to secure accommodation and get a festival ticket at the same time: purchasing hotel + festival ticket packages

They’re usually cheaper and you get the best value for your money because some even have services, tours, and access passes into some of the biggest parties and nightclubs in Vegas.

4. Remember to Eat and Hydrate

And by eat and hydrate, we don’t mean edibles and alcohol. Music festivals are long events that can span several days so you need the right kind of fuel to see it through the end. 

You don’t want to have fun one night and spend the next day with a bad hangover or, heaven forbid, sick in your tent for the rest of the event. So even if there’s so much entertainment going on and you’re having so much fun, don’t forget to look after yourself by eating and hydrating.

5. Keep Your Phone Charged

From checking schedules to posting photos and videos on your social media, your phone’s definitely going to be working overtime during a music festival. You don’t want it to conk out on you right when your favourite artist gets onstage!

There are usually charging stations during music fests, but just like cash machines, they often have a long queue. Either line up early or buy a battery-powered emergency charger before the festival starts to keep your phone alive throughout the event.

6. Explore the Local Area

Las Vegas has some of the most beautiful sights, sounds, and attractions in the country. Why not make the most out of your stay by exploring nearby spots? If you have a bit of time to spare—and we think you should set aside some—might as well check what else the local area has to offer. 

7. Take Advantage of the Freebies

Nothing in life is free, they say. But there might be some cool, free stuff you can get during music fests. 

Well, fine. They’re probably not completely free, especially if you spent more than a hundred bucks on your ticket. But hey, if you don’t have to pay extra for those stuff, why miss it?

Play close attention to your music festival’s other offerings. Who knows, you might be able to eat, drink, get cool stuff from sponsors, get record signings, etc.—all without extra charge.

Upcoming Music Festivals Happening In and Around Las Vegas

Like we mentioned earlier, if you missed a few music fests earlier in the year, you can still pick from the long list of events coming up, all happening in Las Vegas: 

 A woman hoisted on her companion’s shoulders so she can see the stage

Creating Epic Music Festivals Together

The music festival season is more than just a big party—it’s a form of escape from the humdrum of daily life, an opportunity for liberation, a path to identity formation. 

If you want your brand to share in this experience, you need to build a bridge between your brand and the people.

That’s what we do at The Influence Agency. We create campaigns that connect brands with audiences for an unforgettable shared experience.

 Contact us today to know how we can make your music festival a success.

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