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The Yearbook Digital Insights

The Influence Agency presents The Yearbook: a record of the biggest and most influential events that took place over the last year. Additionally, in this downloadable document we attempt to answer the question, what does 2022 hold for digital marketing?

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SEO & Web Development

  • Pandemic Search Behaviour: Pivots That Will Become Permanent Post-COVID
  • How a Global Pandemic Made Us Rethink Web UX
  • Online Shopping: Increasingly Cashless and More Digital Than Ever
  • 2022 Predictions for Search Engine Optimization

Paid Media

  • Why You Should Be Leveraging Data-Driven Influencer Marketing for Your Next Campaign
  • The Rise of Cookieless Marketing
  • Scaling Business: The Pandemic’s Surprising Effect on Industry Verticals
  • 2022 Predictions for Paid Media

Influencer Marketing

  • The Influencer Wars: Millennials vs. Zoomers
  • How to Nail Your Influencer Marketing Campaign With TikTok
  • Twitch: The Pandemic Platform of Choice
  • 2022 Predictions for Influencer Marketing

Cannabis Marketing

  • Rollin’ With It: Marketing Cannabis on Social Media
  • Best Buds: The Relationship Between SEO and the Cannabis Industry
  • Cannabis and Branded Content Production: Interview With TIA Photographer, Gabby Frank
  • Cannabis Marketing 101: A New Webinar
  • 2022 Predictions for Cannabis Marketing

Content & Creative Media

  • Why Everyone Now Has a Podcast (Including Us!)
  • The Death of Clubhouse
  • 2022 Predictions for Content and Creative Media Marketing

Social Media

  • Social Shopping: Creating the Single App Experience for Consumers
  • Putting Creators First: OnlyFans Reverses Ban On Hosting Sexually Explicit Content
  • The Battle of the Creator Funds
  • A Snapshot in Time: Social Media in 2021 (Infographic)
  • 2022 Predictions for Social Media

A Look Back at The Influence Agency’s Inaugural Influencer Awards

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Digital Marketing Transcends Online Spaces

For those working in digital marketing, the responsibility to do better is greater than most industries because we’re the gatekeepers of representation, social feeds, and messaging for some of the most influential brands in the world.

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Yearbook 2022

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Whether you work in digital marketing, own a business, or are simply interested in expanding your understanding of the online sphere, The Yearbook has something for everyone. Gain insights from industry experts on topics ranging from the most recent updates in the Google landscape to Influencers you need to watch out for in the new year.

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