Branded Content

How to Stand Out With Branded Content: Our Portfolio of Work

It’s more important than ever to find new ways for your brand to stand out online. Not even taking into account other social media platforms, there are 200 million business accounts active on Instagram alone in 2022—so the competition for attention online is fiercer than it's ever been. We understand this better than anyone, which is why we put so much thought and passion into the branded video and photo content we produce for our clients. Here is a roundup of our best work from the last year.

Stop Motion Animation


This stop motion for Napoleon was captured on a small countertop using a large LED light with a softbox, white bristol board as a reflector, and an overhead rig for the camera. Once we were happy with the styling of props and lighting, we started to capture the uncooked pizza shots, careful not to move or turn anything off so the stop motion would look seamless once the pizza was cooked. We also had a full pint of beer magically appear when the pizza was ready, with a pinch of salt in the glass to extend the life of the foam. It was well worth it in the end and the pizza really did taste as good as it looks! This content was used for Napoleon’s social feeds and paid ad campaigns.


Cruuzy is a fun client to work with! The content is very summery, warm, and vibrant. It transports you to the beach and that’s exactly what we wanted to create in this scene. We cut waves into two hues of blue bristol paper and held a palm leaf below the light for some breezy shadows. The shells were a cute addition from our Social Media Manager who just visited Florida! We put a sticker on the toy surfboard and in post-production, the hue was changed from red to orange to match the brand colours and the strain “tangerine sunrise”. It’s the little details that really matter and get us excited on set. 

Staples Canada

This stop motion was created to show appreciation for educators and all their hard work. It was featured on social media as part of a giveaway to nominate your favourite teacher for a chance to win multiple prizes. Staples Canada sent us the specific products to feature and then we created this fun asset! First, we photographed the scene with all of the products in place, as you see once the apple hits the table. We then took away objects and asked the hand model to slowly remove the apple. Sometimes you have to shoot backwards in order to get the most seamless motions. 

Jamieson Wellness

This scene was captured in a beautiful, naturally-lit studio we rented for a half-day. We typically like to use studio lights so we have full control of the set, but it was fun to see how this turned out as the sunlight moved across the room. This asset was shot for Jamieson’s Mom & Baby campaign back in March 2022. We wanted to feature the product along with a healthy, nutrient-rich smoothie and a fun transition. We actually only had one glass on set so once the product moved just enough across the table, we quickly poured the ingredients into a blender and back into the same glass. The sudden change of lighting was a great natural representation of time passing and worked out well! 

The Green Organic Dutchman

Although the grass is fake, the summer vibes are real! We created this picnic scene in our studio with a small piece of turf, props from home, and TGOD’s premium products. We used a studio light without any modifiers—or “bare-bulb”—as it creates harsh natural-looking shadows as the sun would. Once the props were in place, our hand model reached into the scene bit by bit and lit the joint. This makes for very fun seasonal content that can be watched on a loop. 



This was the first Cinemagraph our agency ever made and it wasn’t even planned. After editing the image, we thought it would be fun to add a little sparkle to the mirror. We appreciate the trust our clients have in us during the creative process and Rakuten loved the end result! To create a cinemagraph, you need to combine a photo and video file. The photo was taken in our studio and then we sourced the motion on iStock. Most of the magic happens in the post-production process using Adobe Premiere. You mask out the area of the photo where the video will play. It’s a lot of fun to play around in Premiere, and many great resources online can teach you this technique. 


The following cinemagraph was created for our client, Honeycomb Hospitality, specifically for their restaurant Baro. This technique creates a unique experience for the viewer, as it appears as a still image with an element of movement. In this case, the bartender is pouring a drink and while she remains still, the cocktail keeps pouring into the glass in a neverending loop. To recreate this technique, you need a tripod and a camera that can record video (you can even use your phone!). You can start by recording a 10-15 second video, which you then bring over to Adobe Premiere and freeze in time while masking out the movement that you’d like to keep. By experimenting with the type of movement, whether it is trees moving in the wind, or a sparkler that is lit forever, cinemagraphs bring an extra level of energy to already beautiful images.


Progressive Nutritional

This image was created for Progressive Nutritionals’ social media feed. We wanted the photo to stand out amongst other health brands by using fun, vibrant colours and a hint of human interaction. We created a beach-like scene by placing a towel on a blue background. Our model was lying down as the camera overhead captured the photo. Sometimes we get a bit particular about the small details so we photoshopped the colour of the sunglasses to match the flavour of the product and the orange smoothie to tie it all together. 


If this photo doesn’t scream “dreamy summer vibes” we don’t know what does! We’re pretty obsessed with Cruuzy’s brand colours. The blue and orange take us right back to colour theory class in school and we’re here for it. This set was so fun to style, from the trendy picnic blanket to the retro cassette player we think everything ties together nicely to represent the brand. Editing this image was very fun as well. We wanted to enhance the saturation and contrast to really make the product “POP”.

Harbour 60

The technique used in this image is called Photo Manipulation. This process really helps create images that are either impossible to shoot or have high production costs. This photo was shot on-site for our client Harbour 60. Our teammate held one of the oysters at different angles, while multiple photos were captured on a tripod. Using Photoshop, the oysters were arranged to create a striking composition, as if they are floating underwater. What is exceptional about Photo Manipulation is that you can recreate anything you like, as long as you plan ahead! 


This image taken for Napoleon was for a 4th of July campaign and also repurposed for National Hot Dog day. Once the food was plated on this beautiful wooden board, we styled some red, white, and blue accents around the dish to highlight the American holiday. This was captured outside in natural sunlight with a reflector to lighten the shadows. 

Highly Dutch

Most cannabis brands really focus on quality and simplicity. Highly Dutch stands out as they really lean into creativity as a core value. This is ideal for our creative department as we get to really explore props, styling, and concepts. To prepare for this image we had to source fabric, props, and models in addition to thinking about technical execution. We tried a technique using a plastic bag with holes cut in it for the lens to shoot through. It creates a blurred edge around the frame of the photo and worked very well with this scene. The image is fun, colourful, and inclusive all while highlighting the product.



This commercial was made in collaboration with Plooto, an automated accounts payable and receivable software. It showcases the ease of the Plooto platform for small business owners who are looking to streamline their processes with payment automation. We are extremely proud of this video as it was the first commercial our agency created—from ideation to production to the final product. This 52-second ad can be used across multiple platforms such as YouTube pre-rolls, social media ads, website banners, or TV spots.

The Influence Agency: The Yearbook 2021

This commercial was created to promote our 2021 edition of The Yearbook, aiming to showcase how exciting and engaging our annual publication is. We utilized our own team members, their families, our office, and special locations around Toronto in order to produce the final product. A lot of our team played critical roles in helping with the production of this commercial, but our Lead Videographer, Maxim Kim, created the idea, storyboard, moodboard, and visual treatment for this incredible piece of content! The final 38-second commercial was used for YouTube ads, social media ads, and as an organic post on our social media channels. 

The Influence Agency: 5-Year Sizzle Reel

Show Reels or Sizzle Reels are short videos showcasing a person, brand, or agency’s previous work. To celebrate our five-year anniversary, our team surprised the partners of the agency with this video as a celebration of all we had accomplished to date. The sizzle reel utilizes influencer content, photo and video assets, custom-branded content pieces, and original concepts and techniques to create an exciting final product. It truly is an all-encompassing representation of some of our most pivotal work over the last five years, showcasing all there is to know about our company in a quick and engaging way.


For this video, we wanted to highlight the experience of dining at Dasha during their dim sum happy hour. We utilized dry ice to evoke an other-worldly ambience, matching the restaurant’s dark and moody vibe. This technique combined with our team’s participation as hand models created eye-catching motion throughout. Dasha is known for encouraging family-style shared dining, which we reflected in the video’s staging. The final video was exported in a vertical format so it could be utilized on Instagram for both Reels and Stories.

Petty Cash

The goal of this video was to showcase Petty Cash’s new pizza menu. We focused on capturing macro shots to show off the dishes’ details and simulate a sense of hunger. Fresh, gooey cheese and crispy meats would get anybody’s taste buds watering! Camera motion was used to create an upbeat and bright look and feel. The final video was formatted for Instagram in order to bring attention to the new menu and draw in customers.