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Looking to promote your brand through event marketing? Unlike a product or service, an event needs to engage your target consumers more than anything, which presents its own unique marketing challenges. Through compelling creative, coordinated social media campaigns, and innovative communications, your next event could be sold out in no time. And we’re the agency to help you do it.


Top Event Marketing Company in Toronto

As a top event marketing company in Toronto, The Influence Agency believes that events aren’t supposed to just pass you by—they should be epic experiences that leave lasting impressions on all attendees.

Our event marketing insights are modern, tangible, and create demand through satisfying your customers needs. We aim to raise awareness about your event, get people interested in learning more about your brand or product, and ultimately convince them to attend your event. 

While social media and word of mouth are great ways to attract attention, we also understand that strategic marketing methods need to be intentionally cultivated with succinct and actionable plans. That’s why our four-step process for executing your event is carefully curated to meet your specific goals.

Event Marketing - The Influence Agency

How We Can Make Your Event a Success

At The Influence Agency, we approach every event as the unique experience that it is. Our goal is to help your event reach as many people as possible and prove to your stakeholders that their money is being invested wisely.

Event Marketing - The Influence Agency

What Types of Events Can We Assist With?

Music Festivals

The music festival industry is competitive and crowded, with hundreds of events taking place every year in any major city. To stand out from the crowd and successfully drive ticket sales, you need a comprehensive event marketing strategy that catches your target audience’s eye. We have extensive experience taking our client’s music festivals to the next level through imaginative social media campaigns, influencer marketing programs, and strategic content creation.

Live Entertainment & Concerts

Live entertainment and concerts are among the most popular mainstream events. They’re a pop-culture staple that caters to a huge demographic. If there’s one happening in your area, you’re bound to have seen an advertisement for it. This means that live entertainment and concerts tend to receive saturated exposure. That’s why it’s important to use unique event marketing strategies to convince your audience that yours is the one they shouldn’t miss out on. Our team knows exactly how to get the crowd lining up for your event.

Cultural Events

To stand out and draw the crowds you want, you need event marketing that is properly optimized for your target audience. We have had exceptional results with several cultural event clients through dynamic advertising and timely sales pushes. Read more about our work with Pride Toronto.

Professional Events

Business and professional events require a different approach to customer-facing events, which means their event marketing has to adapt as well. We are highly experienced with all forms of professional advertising, including LinkedIn and Google Ads. Through public relations, we prove that networking can happen before a professional event. 

Experiential Events

In the competitive world of business, having amazing products and services isn’t always enough to turn heads. To level up your event marketing game, you’re going to need to give customers a memorable experience. Make this happen with experiential events, where you don’t just show potential customers what you have to offer—you let them immerse themselves in an experience through activities or pop-ups. 

When The Concierge Club asked for our help in putting together their Polar Drive-Through Holiday Event, a socially distanced yet magical Christmas experience, we jumped at the opportunity to bring their vision to life. As natural storytellers, our expert team successfully created a website that told the event’s story, which ultimately helped drive ticket sales. Through strategic social media marketing, we were able to reach the brand’s desired target audience, propelling the experiential event to complete success.

Spirit of York’s Exclusive Kitchen Launch Party was another experiential event that The Influence Agency was passionate about bringing to life. With distillery tours, food stations, and live entertainment, it featured everything you could ever ask for in a party—and our team succeeded in spreading the word. As a top experiential marketing team in Toronto, we invited the right influencers and media personalities to make the event the talk of the town. With our in-house videographers and photographers capturing the best moments of this extraordinary event, we also created content that served as future event marketing fuel. 

Special Events

Not every event falls under a specific category. The world of marketing knows no limits and businesses are always looking for exceptional and over-the-top ways to leave a mark in their industry. Your special events have the opportunity to turn into iconic ones when you work with the right team. The Influence Agency has the event marketing skills necessary to put your special events on the calendars of your audience.

The Rose Picnic, a popular outdoor festival dedicated to the trendiest wine in the world, wanted to make their 2019 event the biggest yet— and they knew that our team had what it takes to get the job done. The result was an astounding 100% more tickets sold than the year prior and a 4.24x return on ad spend.


Why You Should Hire an Event Marketing Agency

Event marketing is essential to achieve the kind of recognition and attendance you need to ensure your event is one to be remembered.

Event marketing communicates your event’s unique sales proposition – what sets your event apart from the crowd and will be an event your target audience will want to attend. Effective event marketing creates new touchpoints with potential customers to engage with and share, spreading brand recognition and generating a positive return on investment organically.

Combined with social media management, blogging, optimized email communications, and influencer marketing, event marketing can boost ticket sales and make your event an unmissable opportunity for your brand and target audience alike.

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