The agents at The Influence Agency understand the value of your work, and the incredible value of your audience.

We understand this from our experience working with influencers / creators, PR companies, brands and agencies. We have run successful influencer marketing campaigns for music labels, retailers, publishers, featured events, products, services and much more.

As a talent management agency, we make sure our creators and influencers select the right deals with the right brands – and get paid on time.

If you are new to Influencer marketing, you may think that free product and a couple hundred dollars is appealing – and you might be right. But it’s important to understand the big picture. Most brands will not hire an Influencer that worked with a similar company in the last 3 – 12 months. So accepting one deal may prevent you from a much bigger opportunity at a future date.

By working with The Influence Agency, we will make sure you select the right deals with the right brands, and we will maximize your growth potential. We will also offer advice and guidance to help you make informed decisions.

If you are an experienced content creator, you may be tired of negotiations, project management, account management, content approvals, scheduling posts, and reporting. Most influencers and creators want to focus on what they do best – create! Our agents will allow you to do so by managing campaigns from start to finish. You focus on creating amazing content, and we will handle everything else.


We provide a no fee and no commission structure to our influencers for any deal they bring us to negotiate. If a brand, agency or platform contacts our clients, we will negotiate and manage the deal at no charge. We also provide our clients with access to valuable resources.


We offer collateral, networking, events, analytics and advice.

Collateral – We will create personalized media kits and sales sheets to help secure new business opportunities.

Events & Networking – We invite our clients to local events and networking opportunities.

Analytics – We create custom reports that highlight audience metrics, and campaign results.

Advice – We’re here to offer our expertise and advice. The industry is changing all the time, and it’s important to have professional representation to protect your interests.


We’re well known for our creative approach to influencer marketing. Due to our connections with brands, agencies, and communications firms, we secure new business opportunities that match the interests and passions of our clients. By understanding your goals and interests, we will ensure you get paid to promote products and services that you love. It’s also important to note that our fees are baked into the campaigns we execute. So our commission will not affect your earnings.


We will never want you to take a deal that may seem contrived or rub your audience the wrong way. We are also always thinking about the implication of taking a deal today on what that means in the future. For example, you may be approached with free product and a couple hundred dollars today and that may seem great. However, accepting and promoting that product may disqualify you from a deal that is much larger with a competitor 6 months from now.


We want to be in touch with everyone, but when it comes to assigning an agent, influencers should have a following that exceed 10,000. We have a process on making sure we understand each other and are a good fit for one another.


1.  Fill Out Our Influencer Questionnaire

Our influencer marketing questionnaire helps us better understand you and the kind of opportunities we should bring you.

2.  Discovery Call / Meeting

We’ll review the questionnaire and ask additional questions to get to know you better, and to answer your questions. The goal of the call is to form an understanding of how we will work together on your behalf.

3.  Partnership

If you would like us to represent  we’ll sign you on to our Influencer Representation service that outlines our mutual terms.

4.  Influence Agency Badge of Approval

We wouldn’t want to sign anyone that we thought fudged their influencer numbers or did anything we consider black hat. We run through your profile with a fine toothed comb, run audience reports and verify you with a badge of approval that you can put on your personal website. This badge will demonstrate credibility so that advertisers are more likely to reach out to you.

Let’s get the ball rolling by filling out the Influencer Questionnaire and by emailing talent@theinfluenceagency.com


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The Influence Agency has been a huge part of our success for The Rose Picnic!! We love working with the team and look forward to many more great years together!

Reviewer: Adam Julian Mahgoub


5 out of 5 stars

Great agency to have by your side if your looking to grow your social followers. Recommend.

Reviewer: Mohammed Mazharuddin


5 out of 5 stars

The Influence Agency is by far one of the best agencies I've worked with in Toronto. They provide so much value to each and every one of their clients, and I've had the pleasure of working with them on many different campaigns. As an artist, they have also provided me with valuable insight regarding the growth of my personal brand. Not only are they professional, but very personable. They are a delight to work with, and I would recommend them to anyone interested in growing their brand or business in an meaningful and creative way.

Reviewer: Kassandra Nunes


5 out of 5 stars

Read what clients have to say about The Influence Agency