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Los Angeles inspires creatives and draws life from all over America for its culture, weather, opportunity and of course, Hollywood. Due to this, L.A has the highest creator density in the world which includes but is not limited to comics, script writers, models, videographers, photographers, actors, celebrities, and reality tv stars. It’s no surprise that Los Angeles is home to some of the internet’s best social media influencers as these creative minds expand their reach and share with the world online. We connect and create relationships with influencer directly, but also work with PR firms and Agencies which allows us to offer the best influencer marketing Los Angeles has to offer. 

The opportunity to work with the talented creators of L.A also gives us flexibility to explore new ideas with the brands we work with to create the best content. After all, in a world full of content, it takes a lot to put something out there truly thumb stopping that creates an impression that lasts and inspires engagement. 

The Influence Agency takes care of all the details. We’ll source the influencers that are not only right for your brand, but most importantly, have the right audience that you want to hear your message. An influencer’s audience goes through a manual review to pass the sniff test, but then our technology dives further to either confirm our instincts or suggests we take another look.  We understand that your brand has an identity and reputation that you’ve put a lot of time to establish, which is why we take the care to ensure that your next influencer campaign is brand building.

influencer marketing los angeles


Like many, we aim to provide the best influencer marketing Los Angeles has to offer. We’re able to execute thoughtful campaigns with brands and influencers through a combination of care and experience (good and bad). While there is much that we do and that goes into a campaign, the following three points are what we do differently from most influencer companies:

1. Impartial Influencer Selection

The Influence Agency utilizes a variety of sources to find the best brand ambassadors for your next campaign. We work with a lot of freelance influencers that deal with us directly, and leverage the relationships we’ve built with PR firms, sports agencies, and networks. The advantage to our marketing partners is that the recommendation we provide are not limited to those we have exclusive deals with or that we manage. We simply put together the best people that’s right for the campaign objectives.

2. Campaign Strategy

We make ourselves available to service the agencies and businesses that come to us in any way we can to make the campaigns successful. Sometimes that means just sourcing the right influencers, and negotiating rates. However, most times our clients enjoy having us come up with strategies and campaign detail because of our experience in running world class influencer campaigns. Essentially, we’re flexible and custom craft what we do based on your needs. 

3. White Glove Service

We have yet to meet a business owner, marketing manager, or agency contact who doesn’t have enough to do. Unlike the automated platforms, with us, you get as good or better influencer selection, but you also get creative input and full management. As the end client, you’ll rarely have to coordinate or communicate with the influencer. We keep communication between us so we can communicate with them like we know how and save you the time and energy of working with new personalities.

The Influence Agency provides a service that manages an influencer campaign from inception to completion by working closely with clients and the right influencers to reach right audiences the right way. Ask us about our case studies that highlights what’s possible when influencer marketing is done right.



American are the recipients of thousands of marketing messages every day. We see logos on every car, billboards, newspaper ads, tv commercials, facebook ads, youtube ads, bench ads, bus ads, train ads, etc. It might feel like a lot less, but that’s only because as a matter of survival and sanity, we filter and dismiss so many of them. That’s why as an advertiser, influencer marketing is so exciting for us. It allows us to work with talented entertainers/creators/influencers  to cleverly integrate the message of brands in the social content that audiences choose to opt into

We make your brand part of the dialogue and part of the content, opposed to having it perceived as a distraction or interruption. 

The smartest marketers know that people trust people, not brands and there is no better way to create ‘digital word of mouth’ than through people that already have an engaged audience who trust them. We pride ourselves on offering the best influencer marketing Los Angeles has to offer.  Our team will identify the right influencers, work with you and the influencers to create the clever messaging and content to deploy across the many social mediums.


Working with Influencers can be a rewarding and effective means to communicate and market your brands, but like anything, there are some important things that we look for:

  1. Audience Demographics – Who is that audience? Where are they from? Are they male or female? Are they fake or bought? Is that audience engaged and if so, what kind of feedback are they leaving? For example, a company looking to market a bikini to women may end up working with an influencer that is mostly followed by men in foreign countries that have no interest in women’s clothing.  
  2. The Influencer’s History – You’ve spent a lot of time creating the voice and identity of your brand so it’s important to vet the your next digital ambassador. A couple things to look out for would be to see if they’ve promoted a competitor or expressed any alienating viewpoints online. 
  3. Authenticity – Influencer marketing is about advertising in the form of providing the end user value and entertainment. Deployment has to be creative and tasteful for full effect. 

A platform can do one of those three things, which is why we put ourselves as an agency of people, not platforms.

influencer marketing los angelesA lot of agencies or those competing in the influencer space are trying to serve up influencer marketing with the same convenience of an ad platforms. Digital marketers have been accustomed to utilizing time saving platforms and automation that allow for executing large buys with a high degree of precision (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Programmatic Display, etc.). However, with influencer marketing the available technology falls short.

For the first of the three points mentioned above, we are indeed, able to leverage technology and automation to gather data on audiences. For the last two, it requires a human hand to sort through the history and assess the suitability of an influencer. These are nuances that technology cannot yet match a human for and still to this day when Google scans your website, it still rely’s on alt tags on your images to understand what the picture is about. Since Google has a hard time knowing what is contained in a picture worth a thousand words it is fair to say that a platform cannot reliably vet influencers for your brand.

Ultimately, influencer marketing is about human connection and it takes critical thought and the human eye to do what platforms can’t. The team here at The Influence Agency does all the heavy lifting and through that has gained experience dealing with the campaign from start to finish, as well as working personally with the influencers. We know what to expect, what to look for and for many, we know the track record.




We love working with talented creators with an engaged following. If you’re one of those influencers and want to be included in our upcoming influencer marketing campaigns, please fill out our Influencer Marketing Questionnaire. We always ensure that you, your content and the brand is a fit for all parties, because ultimately everyone wants to make the right impression on the audience by delivering entertainment authentically. 

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Read what clients have to say about The Influence Agency