Social Media Management Setup

Facebook is one of the most cost-effective way to reach your audience. Give us a few details and we'll be in touch with the rest...
  • The Basics

  • Access Information

    We'll need access to your social profiles, please provide all pertaining logins below:
  • Please provide your username and password
  • Please provide your username and password
  • Please provide your username and password
  • Please provide your username and password
  • Your Key Demographic

    What is the customer profile you're trying to target with your social content?
  • Please list all applicable locations you wish us to target through this campaign
  • For example: Activities, life stage, relationship status, hobbies, etc. Please list any of the primary characteristics about your ideal customer
  • Please list all that apply
  • Campaign Information

    Let's understand the logistics about your Social campaign!
  • * If applicable (for paid social advertising)
  • * If applicable (for paid social advertising)
    Which platform(s) would you like us to advertise on? (select all that apply)
  • * According to your signed agreement
  • Please provide as much detail as possible, including any related links to online product pages etc.
  • Please provide all relevant ad destination URLs
  • Advertising Collateral

    Ad copy, info, and imagery
  • What makes your product/service and /or business better than the competition? For example: 25 years experience, lasts 25% longer than the other leading brands, 100% cotton, etc.
  • Including offers and promotions, or other sales messages that will entice a user to click on your ad. For example: 25% off until May 1st, free shipping, lifetime warranty, etc.
  • Thank you!

    Once of our Influence Agents will get in touch with you asap to discuss next steps. Typical setup lead time is 2 weeks upon provision of payment details.