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PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click marketing. As the name suggests, a cost is incurred by the advertiser when their ad is clicked on. Many advertisers prefer this form of payment strategy over CPM (cost per thousand impressions) which is more commonly a metric used in Real-Time-Bidding (RTB) Display advertising.

Pay-Per-Click advertising can take on many forms, but the most common are Google AdWords, Yahoo/Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and Remarketing strategies.

Different platforms will have different price points from one another and within their own systems. Largely driven by competition, the platforms operate like an online auction, where advertisers bid for ad placement.



The Influence Agency always begins with determining what the end goal in mind is of the marketing initiative for the business itself, as well as truly understand the intricacies of the actual product or service.

If the goal of the campaign is to drive online purchases of items priced from $20-$200 from women aged 36-50, we may focus on Facebook to start with and try to build a scalable campaign based on ROI. Facebook gives us the unparalleled ability to target based on interests and other personal details not found reliably on other platforms.

If the goal is lead generation for a product/service that is already highly sought after, we may choose to start on Google AdWords due to the volume of inquiry, as well as to target individuals who are specifically searching for your product or service type.

Regardless of what we choose, our strategic input will always involve, the conversion destinations (landing pages), the audience we are targeting, and the message we are delivering on the platform(s) that makes the most sense.



When your content or campaign needs to be searchable or visible immediately, you need to consider Pay-Per-Click.

Unlike other online marketing activities that take time to develop reach naturally, when it’s paid, it’s now – and for many advertisers it means sales now as well.

Pay-Per-Click advertising offers incredible control as you can decide when and where your content is displayed. Our team of internet marketing professionals have experience crafting custom PPC campaigns to meet and exceed your objectives.

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“If you build it… you may still need Google AdWords.”

– Jennifer Mesenbrink

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The Influence Agency has been a huge part of our success for The Rose Picnic!! We love working with the team and look forward to many more great years together!

Reviewer: Adam Julian Mahgoub


5 out of 5 stars

Great agency to have by your side if your looking to grow your social followers. Recommend.

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5 out of 5 stars

The Influence Agency is by far one of the best agencies I've worked with in Toronto. They provide so much value to each and every one of their clients, and I've had the pleasure of working with them on many different campaigns. As an artist, they have also provided me with valuable insight regarding the growth of my personal brand. Not only are they professional, but very personable. They are a delight to work with, and I would recommend them to anyone interested in growing their brand or business in an meaningful and creative way.

Reviewer: Kassandra Nunes


5 out of 5 stars

Read what clients have to say about The Influence Agency