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Display Advertising refers to the banner ads of different sizes that you see on websites across the internet. Often, these ad units are part of a display network like the Google or Yahoo Display networks. Advertisers will most often pay on a pay-per-click or cost per thousand views basis (also known as CPC and CPM). At a larger scale, advertisers have the option to bid on ad placements through Real-Time-Bidding (RTB) platforms, on a per-impression basis, by means of programmatic immediate auction, somewhat like how financial markets function.

Depending on the platform, advertisers can choose to pick specific sites, site genres, and other demographic specific information to place their ads.

Different websites will command different pricing, and of course, that’s why it’s important to consider all of your options.



The goal of display advertising is to generate the most interest, engagement, and brand awareness at the lowest cost. In today’s digital advertising age, having a banner just doesn’t resonate the way it did 10 years ago as the average internet user has learned to ignore boring ads and focus on the content they’re seeking out.

That’s why it’s important to come up with the theme, the delivery method and then pick the audience and properties for your display message.

By creating a thoughtful and engaging ad we’ll see higher click-through-rates, engagement, and depending on the goal of the campaign, leads and sales.



Display advertising allows small businesses to remind users that have visited their website that they still exist. It also allows them to convey a specific and perhaps new call to action like a coupon code.

Display advertising is of course, used by big brands to stay top of mind, but it is also there to educate users and let them know something new about the brand that they did not know before. For example, it could be a new model of car, or a national sale.

At The Influence Agency, we have access to a variety of display platforms that offer our clients a wide breadth of options. We offer our clients access to standard Ad networks, as well as sophisticated Real Time Bidding (RTB) platforms based on the goals of each campaign.

Display advertising generates brand recognition and grows awareness. For many campaigns, Display is a great complimentary piece to the marketing mix.

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– Ann Handley