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Influencer Marketing

The world is way too big to stay in one place — but before you start packing your bags, you need to make sure you’re off to a place where you can make amazing memories (and take Instagram-worthy photos). Travel-related content helps 86% of people choose where their next vacation will be – and they do this by sharing wanderlust-worthy photos, videos, and blogs that give an authentic voice to a specific location. This is why travel influencers continue to leave their footprints across the globe and have millions of followers on social media eagerly watching their adventures. 

Through travel influencer marketing, The Influence Agency can help you secure a partnership with the perfect influencer who will be a key player in getting your message across to your core audience. With our strategic digital campaigns, you’ll be able to put your name and location on the radar.

Travel Influencer Marketing with Results 

Travel influencers are popular for producing creative content revolving around their voyages. They captivate their audience with world-class photography, videography, and blog writing.

On Instagram, 63% of 18 to 24-year-old users follow travel influencer accounts. By immersing themselves in different cultures, these social media celebrities get to show their audience what the different parts of the world look like from their perspective. For their audience, these authentic experiences have become so much more impactful than the content available in most travel ads, magazines, and brochures. 

Their followers get to tag along on their adventures and are being convinced to visit those places at the same time. This is exactly how New Zealand’s tourism started to accelerate exponentially in 2015. An expert traveller’s point of view acts as their trustworthy travel guide. 

A travel influencer’s content isn’t just limited to gorgeous imagery of breathtaking landscapes. When they visit these places, they document their food adventures, hidden gems, and style diaries too. This wide range of content has extended their social media reach to an audience who’s interested in the different elements of their journey. Their influence travels beyond the voyage — they’re influencing fashion and restaurant choices too. You can count on their followers to take notes of the food they should try and what to wear while on their own trip abroad.

Businesses that leverage travel influencer marketing by utilizing the influential voice of travel content creators will be gaining a one-way ticket to a community of globetrotters who put their trust in the brands that these personalities promote and endorse. 

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How Using Influencers Can Benefit Your Business 

In 2019, global leisure tourism spending reached $4.715 billion. An increasing amount of people are investing in making unforgettable and Instagrammable memories. Although COVID-19 has caused travel to slow down, 61% of consumers are feeling hopeful about travel in 2021. 

According to surveys, Millennials travel the most compared to other age groups at an average of 35 days each year. This is followed by Gen Z at 29 days each year. The demographic that’s most interested in travel also make up the largest age group on Instagram at 33.1%. More than half of these consumers say they’ve made plans to visit a specific destination based on images or videos they’ve seen from friends, family, or peers on social media. 

It’s clear to brands where they can easily capture the attention of explorers everywhere. Because of these statistics, hotels, tourism boards, resorts, airfare companies, and travel agencies are turning to travel influencers to make their names visible in the news feeds of their followers. 

These influencers have massive communities of followers who have a strong appreciation for different cultures and new sights, which is why these personalities have become sought-after endorsers for companies in the travel industry. Businesses who turn to travel influencer marketing gain access to an audience who are looking for the inspiration to their next travel destination.

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What Makes Us Different 

When you partner the most-fitting influencer with the right brand, you can count on it that your social media campaign will reach the perfect audience. This is what we do at The Influence Agency. Through travel influencer marketing, our team will help your brand create quality content that will amplify your online visibility and connect you with your target market. Travel influencer marketing will quickly help you get your message across to the masses. 

In the loud world of social media, it’s vital to choose a brand ambassador who has a voice that people listen to. With the largest database of influencers in North America, partnering companies with their next endorser who will speak for their brand is our expertise. 

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Want to Learn More? 

Authenticity is highly valued in the world of influencer marketing. This is why a travel influencer’s content resonates so well with their audience. Travel influencer marketing is a strategy that will only work if it comes across as a campaign that the influencer is genuinely interested in. That’s why we’ll connect you with an influencer whose personality aligns with your brand’s image. 

When we partnered RedTag.ca with three influencers (and real-life best friends) from our database, the travel agency saw an increase in brand awareness and traffic to their website. The three influencers were sent on an epic Las Vegas trip where they documented every step of their adventure on social media and through blog writing. The campaign resulted in more than 403,000 people reached, 100,000 engagements that resulted in an overall engagement rate of 33.3%. 

With travel influencer marketing, you’ll make a strong impact on your target audience’s travel destination choices. At the same time, The Influence Agency will help you achieve your dream destination as a company — massive brand visibility. 

To see more of The Influence Agency’s case studies, click here. To get started on your travel influencer marketing campaign, connect with us!

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