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Influencer Marketing

There’s a whole world of adventure out there just waiting to be explored all you have to do is step into the outdoors. 

In 2020, the total outdoor participation in the U.S. rose to 52.9%, a significant increase compared to 50.7% in 2019 and 50.5% in 2018. This industry is climbing its way to the top, and the outdoor and adventure influencers play a huge role in this rising popularity. Through their enthralling and Instagrammable content, they’re influencing their audience to step out and connect with nature.

Outdoor and adventure influencer marketing gives businesses the opportunity to instantly boost brand awareness amongst the adventure-loving crowds. The Influence Agency continues to facilitate these dynamic partnerships by connecting businesses with the most suitable social media personalities. Our team produces influencer marketing campaigns that will succeed at convincing audiences to explore your brand. 

Adventure Influencer Marketing with Results 

Sometimes, all it takes is one compelling Instagram post to inspire us to embark on our own outdoor adventures. This is exactly what outdoor and adventure influencers continue to succeed at. Whether they’re posting content on biking, hiking, camping, fishing, horseback riding, sailing, or motorboating, they always manage to bring out your inner explorer. When it comes to outdoor activities that are worth experiencing, these influencers are trusted sources — and their attentive audience is always on the lookout for what they do next. 

By documenting their adventurous lives on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube, these influencers actively encourage their audience to explore how incredible nature is. The love for adventure transcends multiple demographics, which is why their content resonates with people of all ages. 

The wide reach of these social media stars has turned them into in-demand brand ambassadors. Through outdoor and adventure influencer marketing, brands will be able to leverage this influence and instantly gain access to a trusting community that will have a keen interest in their products and services.

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How Using Influencers Can Benefit Your Business

The search for adventure continues to be on the rise. In the U.S. alone, the outdoor recreation economy generates $788 billion in consumer spending. Research shows that businesses in the outdoor recreation industry and its participants support 2.1% of the country’s economic output. 

The onset of the pandemic has resulted in individuals constantly looking for recreational activities that are exciting yet physically distanced. This has easily pointed them in the direction of open-air hobbies — and outdoor and adventure influencers are among the top recommenders of these activities that are now skyrocketing in popularity. Studies show that camping participation increased by 28% in 2020, while it climbed 16.3% for hiking, and grew 8.6% for freshwater fishing. 

Ultimately, these social media personalities don’t just have a ton of influence on the outdoor activities that their followers try out; when searching for the equipment necessary to carry out these adventures, their opinion is greatly valued as well. Their influence is one of the key elements behind the rising sales of outdoor gear. In 2020, the sales of bicycles increased by 63%, while paddle sport products saw a rise of 56%.

With the global adventure tourism market projected to reach $1,626.7 billion in 2026, at a CAGR of 13.3% from 2019 to 2026, it’s clear that demand for adventure will not be slowing down anytime soon. There’s no denying that an industry that’s thriving calls for businesses to step it up in the marketing game. 

As the celebrities of the adventure-loving community, collaborating with these public figures will quickly put your brand on the radar of your target audience. Outdoor and adventure influencer marketing campaigns will help you reach the right crowds and deliver results that exceed your expectations.

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What Makes Us Different 

The Influence Agency strives to connect brands with the right social media personalities to produce campaigns that always succeed at demanding engagement. Having the largest database of influencers in North America enables us to provide businesses with the most suitable influencers whose personalities will align perfectly with the brand’s image. With our team behind you, your campaigns will always come across as authentically captivating. 

Outdoor and adventure influencer marketing is the fail-proof strategy you’ve been looking for. The Influence Agency’s team of digital marketing experts is here to make sure your brand shines brighter than ever in online spaces. 

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Want to Learn More? 

With The Influence Agency, outdoor and adventure influencer marketing has never been easier. We’ll match you with your next brand ambassador who will connect you with an audience of epic proportions through quality advertising. Influencer marketing is an adventure your brand shouldn’t miss out on.

To see more of the influencer marketing campaigns we’ve produced, click here. If you’re ready to take your digital marketing game to the next level, connect with us!

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