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Influencer Marketing

Times are evolving rapidly — and so is the role of dads in the modern household. It isn’t just moms who are actively involved in purchasing decisions. Nowadays, 72% of millennial dads say they have some shopping responsibility for the household. When looking for recommendations, these dads scour the web to seek the opinions of other dads. According to research, 45% of millennial dads say that online search is a primary source for parenting information. This has brought about the rising popularity of dad influencers and dad influencer marketing

Thinking about how you can connect with dad influencers to spread the word about your brand? The Influence Agency has got you covered. Our strategic dad influencer marketing campaigns are spearheaded by our team of experts that consistently exceed expectations. By partnering brands with the most suitable personalities, these influencers work to convey your brand’s tone and image, delivering results you can see. Allow us to connect you with your next brand ambassador!

Dad Influencer Marketing with Results 

Studies show that 61% of dads use social media now more than ever compared to when they didn’t have children. It’s clear that these father figures are also heavily influenced by what they see on their socials – with 24% of millennial dads seeking advice from other parents on these platforms. This is why brands all over the world should be leveraging dad influencer marketing in order to reach those looking for that coveted “seal of approval” that will likely result in successful word-of-mouth marketing. 

The viewpoint of dad influencers is highly trusted and some of the world’s biggest brands have taken note of this. As a result, these social media personalities have become sought-after endorsers and ambassadors. To boost awareness and gain visibility amongst this key demographic, companies are actively seeking to connect their brand with these credible personalities.

Dad influencers are unique in the sense that they are the “celebrities” of online dad communities. By actively sharing their experiences of parenthood on social media, they’ve built a strong following of fellow fathers who can relate to what they have to say and in the process, they tend to pick up a few worthy recommendations. Dad influencers use their platforms to not only support certain brands and products, but also to speak out about normalizing certain social issues such as paid paternity leave, LGBTQ+ relationships and adoption, single dads, IVF journeys, positive parenting tips, and more. Having these voices on social media helps other dads feel heard, which is why they have quickly gained such a large following.

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How Using Influencers Can Benefit Your Business 

Dads are quickly on their way to becoming the biggest shoppers of the family, with 70% of them receiving recommendations on products for the whole family as well as 71% for products and services for their children. With dads taking on more parenting responsibilities and getting more involved in their kids’ lives, their purchasing decisions are bound to reflect that.

Studies show that 77% connect with electronics/gadget brands, 77% with food and beverages brands, 63% engage with men’s grooming brands, 62% with auto companies, and 40% connect with fashion brands. With these skyrocketing numbers, it’s clear that dads are always on the lookout for the best deals this is why brands are racing to catch their attention. All these industries and their products and services gain more credibility when they are dad-approved. 

The online community of dads is tight-knit, with 44% of dads receiving product or service recommendations on social media from other fathers. By leveraging dad influencer marketing for your next campaign, you can rest assured that your content reaches an interested and engaged crowd of social media savvy fathers. 

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What Makes Us Different 

The Influence Agency isn’t just a leading influencer marketing agency, we’re also equipped with the largest database of influencers in North America. When brands are looking to collaborate with influencers who can take their brand visibility to the next level, they already know that we’re the team that can make it happen. Having the right social media personality to represent your brand can give you an instant and lifelong connection with your key demographic.

Through dad influencer marketing, we’ll partner your company with the right personality who will be able to conceptualize content that resonates with your target market. It has never been more challenging for brands to capture attention on social media, but with our team of marketing experts and vast database of well-loved dad influencers, you’re about to stop people in their tracks with an epic campaign that drives traffic to your website and turns consumers into customers.

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Want to Learn More? 

Our dad influencer marketing process is simple. To amplify brand awareness like never before, The Influence Agency will get you in touch with your next ambassador who will paint your brand in a fascinating and dad-approved light.

Team up with The Influence Agency to make it happen! Take a look at our case studies to see more of our work. Contact us to kickstart your next dad influencer marketing campaign that will establish your brand as a #DadLife staple!

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