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XP Sports Case Study: Next Level Energized Gaming

When XP Sports reached out to help grow their brand awareness, our team knew right away that the power and influence that gaming creators and Twitch streamers would be the exact solution they were looking for. The go-to energy solution for the competitive gaming community combined forces with Toronto’s leading digital marketing agency, resulting in phenomenal campaign results that hit the mark.

About XP Sports

XP Sports is a revolutionary new energy brand, targeting the unique needs of esports athletes and gamers so that they can be best in competition. Their products will rise to any occasion, keeping players locked in without feeling jittery or burning out. XP Sports is slated to be the go-to energy booster for gamers across the globe, with other crash-inducing energy drink brands unable to compete.

The Problem

Gaming is exhilarating, but when you’ve been staring at a computer screen for a bit too long, it can also be exhausting. As a result, gamers can lose out both on-screen and in real life; as their mental focus, eye health, and overall energy levels take a critical hit. Competitive gamers and esports athletes need razor sharp precision when split-second decisions can oftentimes be the difference between winning or losing a match.

XP Sports positions its products as the go-to energy solution for those who want to recharge their batteries and take their gaming experience to the next level. 

While it may sound like the ultimate dream for gamers everywhere, XP Sports needed help with developing more brand awareness within the gaming industry. This prompted them to reach out to our team to help spread the word and channel this energy to the right audience.

The Solution

Our goal was to find the most dedicated and competitive gamers on the internet who were deeply rooted in the culture of the game in which they play, ultimately having significant influence within the competitive gaming community. These kinds of creators are the early adopters with the ability to get the word out about XP Sports to their engaged and relevant audiences. Consequently, these hardcore fans are bound to share the news of XP Sports with their own networks, helping to grow the brand’s audience to exponential levels. This is what we call the “trickle-down” effect, and it’s a sure-fire way to build brand awareness.

To get things into motion, we sought out creators who were well known on the streaming platform, Twitch. It’s no secret that any gaming creator’s most devoted fans would be watching and engaging with their live stream content on this platform, as this is where creators are presented in their most authentic and trustworthy forms. By doing this, we would also have the opportunity to repurpose their Twitch live stream clips into social cuts, YouTube videos, paid advertisements, and more. Just like in a video game, the possibilities are endless.

Sponsored twitch streams included a combination of on-stream overlays, set product placements/taste tests within the stream, and a consistent chatbot message throughout the sponsored time to drive traffic to the XP Sports website.

In order to authentically engage with a gaming creator’s community, we needed to provide value and contribute to the experience of the community, so in-stream and social-oriented giveaways were leveraged as well.

The content we were able to develop with the help of our chosen Twitch streamers was supported by announcements on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, as well as ad spots on YouTube. Additionally, in order to authentically integrate with the gaming community, we ran a series of giveaways with the selected creators as well. With the help of one brand ambassador supported by six to ten macro- and micro-influencers, we were able to build a successful program for XP Sports.

The Content

Total Campaign Results




pieces of content


Twitch impressions


Instagram impressions


Twitter impressions


YouTube impressions


engagement rate overall

SypherPK Celebrity Giveaway Results

With our celebrity creator SypherPK, we put together a “$1000 Gaming Upgrade” giveaway to authentically engage with his community and add value


people reached


engagement rate


Instagram followers gained


email subscribers gained


Twitter followers gained


unique site visitors

XP Sports Brand Awareness Results

For XP Sports, we successfully drove brand awareness and used organic search volume as a proxy:

Total Campaign Results

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    If the question is finding the most authentic way to reach a gaming-specific audience, then Twitch is the answer. This is the number one platform wherein gaming creators focus their time and effort before anywhere else. Aside from being the perfect place to engage audiences organically, brands can utilize Twitch clips (branded, lifestyle, or gaming-centric content) in all of their other marketing efforts. As long as all the paid and digital usage agreements are in place, you’re good to go. Most creators are established on Instagram and are aware of their worth, but haven’t quite grasped the power that their Twitch channels hold. As a result, they tend to underprice themselves on this specific platform. Twitch is often seen as a mystery to large prominent brands, but there’s no enigma too puzzling for The Influence Agency to decode in order to integrate with target audiences in the most authentic way possible. It’s these types of streaming platforms that open new doors for optimized brand awareness. Contact Us

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