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How Six Star Pro Nutrition Reached 1.6 Million People Using Influencers

When you fuel your lifestyle with Six Star Pro Nutrition, the #1 sports supplement company in America, you can get six steps closer to your fitness goals. This was the message that the company wanted to send to the masses, so The Influence Agency partnered them with 13 fitness and athletic icons to educate their audiences on the extraordinary benefits of their supplements. If brands are aiming for the stars, we’ll fuel them with out-of-this-world ideas to get them there — our influencer marketing campaign helped them reach over 1.6 million people on social media!

About Six Start Nutriton

Six Star Pro Nutrition is America’s #1 selling sports supplement company. Six Star is formulated for the athlete at all levels to build muscle, increase strength, and improve performance. With precision-dosed key ingredients to support results, Six Star is the best value against the competition for consumers in Sports Nutrition.

The Problem

Six Star Pro Nutrition was looking to educate and inspire Americans to fuel their workout with the most effective and affordable supplements on the market. Six Star Pro Nutrition offers a variety of supplement solutions and wanted to reach Americans between 24-45 who are looking to build muscle or increase their strength.

The Solution

We partnered with 13 Macro and Micro Influencers in the category of fitness and professional athletes to educate people about the benefits of taking supplements pre and post workout. Through educational and entertaining content, we shared how you can support your health and fitness goals with the help of Six Star Pro Nutrition.

Total Campaign Results

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