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Jamieson Vitamins Case Study:
Own Your Health

About Jamieson Vitamins

Jamieson has consistently been voted Canada’s most trusted brand of vitamins. They set themselves apart with their industry-leading commitment to providing consumers with the purest, safest and most effective natural health solutions available.

Jamieson is proud to offer Canadians a variety of natural health products for the entire family, including:

  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Health supplements including omega-3s
  • Digestive health products and natural sleep aids
  • Prenatal vitamins and vitamins for growing children
  • Herbal extracts and botanical solutions
  • Natural beauty and skincare products

Jamieson products have a worldwide reputation for purity and potency. Their industry-leading commitment to quality, through their 360 Pure Commitment, guarantees that their products are of the highest quality available.

The Opportunity

Jamieson was looking to increase their brand awareness in Canada and establish themselves as the number one brand of vitamins.

The KPIs for the program were as follows:

  1. Generate relevant reach, impressions, and engagement across Canadians who are interested in health and wellness
  2. Create educational and relevant content that spoke to wellness enthusiasts, families, and fitness lovers
  3. Educate Canadians and empower them to #OwnYourHealth through accessible content that demystified the vitamin and supplement space

The Solution

The Influence Agency identified that strategic influencer marketing, targeted paid media, and custom branded content would best support the 2021 KPIs.

The strategy for each service was as follows:

Influencer Marketing:

Partner with a mix of micro and nano influencers in the family, lifestyle, and wellness categories to create static posts, reels, and Instagram stories across the year.

Leverage media personalities Sangita Patel and Tracy Moore as brand ambassadors for the duration of the campaign as they aligned with the TV integrations Jamieson was running on Entertainment Tonight Canada and Cityline.

Partner with fitness influencer Beverley Cheng throughout 2021 to create monthly content for her page and the brand page to maximize her exposure as a brand ambassador.

Custom Branded Content:

Each month, Jamieson focused on a new theme for their social media and digital marketing. The Influence Agency created custom photography, video, and stop motion assets that aligned with the monthly themes, brand aesthetic, and elevated the brand’s visual identity. The custom branded assets were used by Jamieson for their organic social media, paid ads, newsletter, blogs, and website.

Paid Media:

Each month, influencer content was amplified via boosted posts to increase reach, impressions, and clicks to the site. In addition to boosted posts, influencer content and custom branded content were repurposed with strong calls to action for custom ads that drove site traffic and conversions.


Throughout the duration of the 2021 program, there were multiple campaigns that spoke to key brand themes and tied in relevant Jamieson Vitamins products. The content produced for each campaign was leveraged on the brand’s social media, newsletters, website, and blogs, and complimented the Jamieson overarching marketing strategy in-store and their out-of-home initiatives.

Each phase we tailored our strategy for the influencers we partnered with to ensure the genre aligned with the theme. The branded content strategy was also unique for each phase and we ensured the propping and aesthetic matched the theme.

The campaigns throughout this program focused on a mixture of seasonal wellness, including cold & flu support during winter months and summer health. In addition to core brand themes that spoke to the quality and range of products that Jamieson offers for all members of the family.


Total Campaign Results

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    In 2021 a key component of our influencer marketing strategy was ensuring that BIPOC and minority voices were amplified in the wellness space. Over 77% of our impressions were from BIPOC and minority influencers who shared their tips and personal experiences with wellness.

    • Surpassed our reach goal by 21%
    • Surpassed our impressions goal by 37%
    • Over 350K engagements
    • We worked with 54 unique influencers
    • Created 250 pieces of influencer content
    • Saw an overall engagement rate that was 3% higher than the industry average.
    • Drove over 130K clicks to the Jamieson website (Organic + Paid)
    • Through retargeting site visitors, abandoned cart targeting, and A/B testing, we saw a lift in ROAS


    The 2021 Jamieson Vitamins campaign surpassed our reach goal by 21% and impressions goal by 37%. Through leveraging a diverse range of influencers in various genres including lifestyle, fitness, nutrition, family, and wellness, we drove awareness about the brand and highlighted that Jamieson is a trustworthy brand that they should lean on to support their health!

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