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Ways We’ve Pivoted Our Brand During COVID-19

Since the announcement from our Canadian government about this pandemic, we have worked tirelessly to showcase ways we’ve pivoted our brand during COVID-19. We have been asked consistently over the past few months, “How should brands readjust their tone and messaging across socials during COVID-19?” For us internally as well as for our clients that means we continually should be adjusting our campaigns, social collateral, and key messaging. It’s important during unprecedented times like these, to ensure you are being mindful of the content you are pushing out, especially given the current state of affairs globally at this time.

Make sure you’re aware of proper context, considerate, consistently reassessing the situation as it unfolds, navigating uncertainty for the communities you look after, and contributing consciously. Remember, we’re all in this together.

Let’s take a look at some of the social collateral we’ve created during these times.

Inspirational Infographic

Inspirational tips from our internal team about how to adapt and change client communications, and foster relationships with continuous support. This list is some of the best tips and tricks for supporting your clients virtually and from afar, how to be proactive, plan, and think about the future, as well as the importance of being compassionate and thoughtful to ensure proper navigation of these uncertain times.

Remote Team Working Tips

The past few months have seen unprecedented changes in almost every single aspect of our lives. As our world continues to adapt from our usual day to day routines, we’ve been seeing entire teams (including our own) begin the shift to complete remote work or Work From Home’s for the first time. We’ve showcased a few tips on how your teams can best support each other work diligently to serve your clients, business partners, and vendors during this time.

Informative In-depth Video Series

We’ve introduced a very informative fast-paced video series to our social media channels called Moments of Influence. This is an IGTV series that will focus on moments in history that have shaped our culture, and continue to influence the way we navigate the world, with an emphasis on Social Media and social culture in general. This is a good idea to keep followers interested and engagement up with your accounts and brands, as you provide thought-leadership in a certain niche or space and showcase your creative ideations. We’ve covered topics such as COVID-19, Memes, People of Influence, Emojis, and Influential Brands. 

Engaging Social Challenge

Staying relevant on the topic of remote work or Work From Home, we decided to hop on the “Bingo” wave that has been trending a lot on social media given the fact that more and more internet users are living on their phones and devices, and have more time to fill out, share, and engage with social challenges like these. This Bingo depicts a series of actions, that one may or may not have done or participated in since being at home, mixed with WFH life. We would hope this would help you share a laugh or two with us as we settle into our new (albeit temporary) normal.

Quick Tips To Support Local

As a small business ourselves, it’s important we help out where we can within our community in Toronto. We created a graphic depicting quick and simple ways to support local businesses and brands during this time. We’re living in times where small actions can mean A LOT, especially for local businesses. Because of COVID-19, many of our favourite local restaurants, shops, and businesses have had to pivot in some way or another to stay alive, as they try to weather this storm.

Interactive Social Content

Being at home during the time of coronavirus, social media users are looking for something to distract them from their responsibilities, family, roommates, the news, or just the current climate as a whole. We jumped on the trend of this recent meme where we gave our followers the fun debate about which quarantine house would be better to live in, featuring some notable characters and famous faces. Which house would you choose?

Blog Post

While governments are scrambling to impose social distancing restrictions to Flatten The Curve and decrease the spread of COVID-19, the rest of the world is at home wondering how long this will last and what to do with all this spare time. We took a look at the different ways Influencers, celebrities, and personalities alike are reacting to COVID-19 and formatted this in a blog post for a more in-depth read on The Influence Agency’s internal blog. Read more HERE!

Content Creator Spotlight

We reached out to some of Canada’s top influencers, to ask them about collaborating on a content piece project for our agency. We gathered their answers to the question: How have you as an influencer adjusted the tone of your content (branded and organic) in response to COVID-19? We asked for their insights and expertise during these times, with the requirements of 1-2 sentences, and created a beautiful and engaging piece of content.

We’ve taken this time to learn, adapt, change, and pivot our internal brand communications as well as the platforms of our clients. It’s important that the takeaways from this article be that you should always plan ahead, you never know when things like this could happen. React responsibility and consciously, and ensure that everything you produce and post is checked over and that it takes to account all parties’ best interests. Learning from this experience and how to navigate it will be the best asset you can have for your business going forward. 

If you’d like to learn more about what we do here at The Influence Agency, feel free to contact us today! Did you find this article helpful? Please let us know, we’d love to hear from you!



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