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50+ Influencers over 50 Years Old

Darcy Price
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Darcy Price
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Sep 11, 2021
Collage of influencers over 50 years old

It’s undeniable that influencer marketing budgets are predominantly allocated towards the millennial generation. Millennials make up about 10 million consumers in Canada and have embraced online shopping and social media with open arms – so, it’s no surprise that they hold massive power in influencing both younger and older generations.

However, most marketers are only thinking about reaching younger demographics, and because of this, baby boomers are often forgotten. What they don’t realize is that boomers consistently outspend millennials – with more disposable income, their total buying power is around $2.6 trillion every year. These consumers aren’t just spending money, they’re also embracing technology. In fact, research shows that more than 80% of baby boomers believe that social media improves their lives.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top 50 influencers over 50 years old. Don’t snooze on this massive demographic; with inclusivity and diversity at the forefront of many brand’s messaging nowadays, it’s important to represent all types of consumers, no matter their age!

Sonia | @stylebeyondage

Travel and lifestyle blogger Sonia
Image source: @stylebeyondage on Instagram

Sonia is a fashion and lifestyle blogger over the age of 60 who is helping us all “stay in touch with our power” by giving us timeless style with a contemporary edge. Her brand is all about shopping in your own closet, but seeing your wardrobe through a different lens.

Sunny Leigh Sherman | @oldfashionguru

Fashion and lifestyle influencer Sunny Leigh Sherman
Image Source: @oldfashionguru on Instagram

“Don’t deny age, defy it” is this 70-year-old fashion guru’s mantra – and we couldn’t agree more! Her goal with her blog and Instagram is to inspire others to own their age, and to do so stylishly. From tips on how to dress, to sharing her travel adventures, Sunny proves to us just how true the saying, “age is just a number” really is.

Renate | @stylealiveafter55

Style influencer Renate G.M. McSherry
Image Source: @stylealiveafter55 on Instagram

We cannot get enough of Renate’s Instagram feed – let’s just say we are living vicariously through every single image of her aboard her trawler. Dare we say it floats our boat? If you’re looking for how to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe and do it in a flawless, ultra-chic way, give this influencer over 50 years old a follow!

Shauna | @chicover50

Lifestyle influencer Shauna Grow
Image Source: @chicover50 on Instagram

Shauna is a lifestyle influencer based in the U.S. that focuses on promoting inner and outer wellness to women over the age of 50. Her personal brand, CHIC, is literally that. She shares hairstyling tips, her workout regimen, insider tips to shopping a good sale, and more!

Rick Campanelli | @rick_campanelli

TV personality Rick Campanelli
Image Source: @rick_campanelli on Instagram

Everyone’s favourite temp – Rick Campanelli! He’s also one of Canada’s most beloved TV personalities, content creators, and dad influencers. This talented emcee doesn’t shy away from posting throwbacks from his days on MuchMusic – first time NSYNC was in Canada, anyone? 

Stewart Reynolds | @brittlestar

Lifestyle influencer Stewart Reynolds
Image Source: @brittlestar on Instagram

Coined “The Internet’s Favourite Dad” by none other than himself, Stewart Reynolds is hilariously and unabashedly true to his brand. One of our favourite influencers over 50 years old, this content creator does it all – podcasts, keynotes, and branded content for some of the biggest names out there. Check him out!

Sheila | @call_me_a_gypsy

Travel and lifestyle influencer Sheila Kiss

Follow Sheila if you want to see what the life of a globe-trotting 63-year-old retired fashion model is like! Currently in Bali with her daughter, this Australian beauty is all about good vibes and sunshine. Her content ranges from affordable fashion, designing and making her own clothing, and showing her followeSheila rs that your age does not define what you wear! As she says, “if you are confident, love it, then wear it.” Yas!

Luisa | @thesilverlining_1970

Fashion and lifestyle influencer Luisa DunnImage source: @thesilverlining on Instagram

We don’t think “hair envy” can properly articulate how envious we actually are of this naturally silver bombshell. Luisa, aptly named “the silver lining” on Instagram has over 185,000 followers that look forward to her posts on hair care, fashion, and all things creative. Who knew aging looked so good?

Suzanne Smith | @crazyblondelifeblog

Fashion, food, and fitness influencer Suzanne Smith
Image Source: @crazyblondelifeblog on Instagram

This influencer over 50 is inspiring women to live their best lives through their fashion, food, and fitness choices. Based in North Carolina, her blog “Crazy Blonde Life” covers all the best parts of life – from how to make the perfect charcuterie board to advice on how to get through life’s biggest challenges. Everyone needs a bit of Suzanne’s positivity on their feed!

Tennille Murphy | @thetennillelife_

Lifestyle influencer Tennille Murphy
Image Source: @thetennillelife_ on Instagram

Tennille is one of our top influencers over 50 years old. As a brand partner with Sephora, she supports their clean and environmentally friendly skincare lines. Effortlessly sustainable, effortlessly chic – this interior designer has an eye for what looks good in more ways than one. Check out her feed for all her aesthetically pleasing content!

Platinum Punk | @platinumpunk

Lifestyle influencer Platinum Punk
Image Source: @platinumpunk on Instagram

Although her bio says she’s new to IG, this Asain-American influencer over the age of 50 is proving her content is it. Ageless beauty has never looked so flawless. Follow her page for makeup, hair, and skincare tips from someone who proves #ageisjustanumber! 

Carla | @fabnfitbycarla

Fitness influencer Carla
Image source: @fabnfitbycarla on Instagram

Carla is one fierce influencer over 50! Fab n’ fit is her motto – and she LIVES it. Check out her highlights to see more about her workouts, meal plans, and overall wellness content. She shows her followers exactly how to add a splash of “fab” in your everyday life.

Kim | @kimyoungatanyage

Lifestyle and fitness influencer Kimyoungatanyage
Image Source: @kimyoungatanyage on Instagram

Everyone needs a friend like Kim in their lives. A constant line of support, her uplifting social media presence reminds women to be themselves, completely. From encouraging her followers to wear those cute shorts to the gym, to supporting self-reflection is all its glory. Wellness isn’t just looking good, it’s about feeling good too, and Kim is that perfect balance.

Mansi Basandrai | @mansi.basandrai

Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content creator Mansi Basandrai
Image Source: @mansi.basandrai on Instagram

Mansi is serving us look after look on her feed – and we can’t get enough. Not afraid of a pop of colour, a bit of silk, and always making sure to pair an outfit with a bag, this corporate mom has got style. Check out her account for some style inspiration!

Susie Wright | @susie.wright

 Fashion and beauty influencer Susie Wright
Image Source: @susie.wright on Instagram

As a former Nordstrom buyer, Susie has all the intel into what’s trending in the world of fashion. Get front row seats to affordable fashion options, paired perfectly for you – right down to the shoes! Follow her for your own personal shopping experience.

Janie Medley | @medleystyle

Fashion and lifestyle content creator Janie Medley
Image Source: @medleystyle on Instagram

Bold, beautiful, and 62 years young – Janie Medley is a fashion icon and the brains behind “Medley Design”. Follow her account for all things flowers, fashion, and even some inspirational content to get you through the day. 

Trae Bodge | @truetrae

Lifestyle and finance influencer Trae Badge
Image Source: @truetrae on Instagram

Trae’s content is all about helping us save money when it comes to shopping. Fashion, interior decor, home goods, you name it. Who doesn’t love a good deal? She also takes the time to remind us to not take life too seriously. Slow down, shake off your self-consciousness, and let go!

Julie D. Harbour | @stylishparadox

Fashion influencer Julie D. Harbor
Video Source: @stylishparadox on Instagram 

Julie is a proud #blackinfluencerover50 teaching women to own their age, their curves, and their style. No matter our stage in life, we could all use a bit of body positivity and words of affirmation on our feed. Give her a follow!

Beth Djalali | @styleatacertainage

Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and wellness influencer Beth Djalali
Image Source: @styleatacertainage on Instagram

With surmounting words of wisdom about aging, Beth is basically our Instagram fairy godmother guiding us through the trials and tribulations of growing older. Her style is impeccable, her dogs are adorable, and she’s full of advice when it comes to skincare, makeup, and everything wellness.

Dianne and Karian | @50sfine

Fashion and lifestyle influencers Dianne and Karian
Image Source: @50sfine on Instagram 

These Toronto-based influencers over 50 are out to inspire people with their elevated fashion and lifestyle choices! You don’t even have to be in their age group to take some cues from their style — even millennials are sure to pick up some OOTD inspiration!

Adelina | @flygrannybk

Image Source: @flygrannybk

How do you embrace the gray while aging gracefully? Allow Adelina to show you how! The silver hair model is totally #HairGoals. Her natural curls make us want to get a perm, stat. This granny is truly fly.

Leslie B | @styleinyour70s.withleslieb

Fashion content creator Leslie B
Image Source: @lifeinmy70s

At 74 years old, Leslie B is slaying the OOTD game. There’s no denying that she looks like royalty straight out of a modern fairytale book! She believes that “aging is changing” and that “your best time is now!” Words of a true royal, indeed!

Sheree Frede | @shesheshow

fashion, travel, and lifestyle influencer Sheree Frede
Image Source: @shesheshow on Instagram

This influencer over 50 years old hails from Sanibel Island, Florida and is lighting up Instagram with her content on fashion, travel, and lifestyle! A few scrolls through Sheree Frede’s feed, and you just know that she’s the embodiment of cool.

Jennifer Connolly | @awellstyledlife

Fashion influencer Jennifer ConollyImage Source: @awellstyledlife on Instagram 

Through her blog, awellstyledlife.com, Jennifer Connolly is helping women all over the world become their most stylish selves! The personal stylist and image consultant is out to make life after 50 her best years of all. 

Annette | @reiventing50

Beauty and lifestyle influencer Annette Buttress
Image Source: @reinventing50s on Instagram 

Everything you need to know about beauty products and routines is what Annette is here to supply you with! This influencer over 50 years old is a Sephora Squad team member and shares her honest reviews with her 53K followers. Also, if you’ve been thinking about ice therapy for your face, Annette swears by it!

Cathy Williamson | @themiddlepageblog

Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger Cathy Williamson
Image Source: @themiddlepageblog on Instagram 

We love how Cathy Williamson injects Dallas elements into her wardrobe! The Dallas-based fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger leads a website called the-middlepage.com. The cool grandma has a fashion sense that’s both classy and edgy — and we’re already taking some notes! 

Brigitte Marie Foret | @brigittemarieforet

Fashion influencer Brigitte Marie Foret
Image Source: @brigittemarieforet on Instagram 

Is Brigitte Marie Foret’s Instagram account a sister page of Pinterest? Because it’s just that aesthetically pleasing. You’ll love how this influencer over 50 years old doesn’t just simply share photos. Each post comes with a caption that tells a story worth reading! And she always lets her personality shine through her narratives! 

Lynnie V | @whitehairwisdom  

Fitness influencer Lynnie V
Image Source: @whitehairwisdom on Instagram 

Looking for white hair wisdom? You’ll find it on Lynnie V’s Instagram account! She’s 59 and proud of her greys. This yoga teacher promotes clean living and fitness with her following of 159K! You’re bound to pick up some valuable tips from her. 

Jin | @agingwith_style_and_grays

Fitness and beauty influencer Jin Cruce
Image Source: @agingwith_style_and_grays on Instagram

We’re honestly still not over how catchy Jin’s Instagram handle is #Genius. This halmonie and influencer over 50 years old has been dye-free since 2018, and she’s rocking those silver locks! Also, you’ve just found your new #Fitspiration. You’re welcome!

Joan MacDonald | @trainwithjoan

Fitness influencer Joan MacDonald
Image Source: @trainwithjoan on Instagram 

Okay, but we want to be just like Joan MacDonald when we grow up. She’s so fit that we doubt anyone would dare get in her way. If you’re wondering exactly what her fitness routine is and why she looks so incredible, hit that follow button! 

Arlinda | @funkingafter50 

Fashion influencer and entrepreneur Arlinda
Image Source: @funkingafter50 on Instagram 

She’s sophisticated and funky — and her name is Arlinda! This influencer over 50 years old is the CEO behind the brand Sofistafunk The Skirt Co. And you guessed it right, she designs the coolest skirts on the planet. BRB, we’re adding one to the cart right now. 

Grece Ghanem | @greceghanem 

Fashion and lifestyle influencer Grece Ghanem
Image Source: @greceghanem on Instagram 

Who’s that supermodel walking down the street? It’s Grece Ghanem! With more than 664K followers on Instagram, this influencer over 50 years old is giving millennials a run for their money with her chic style and extraordinary poise!

Colleen Heidemann | @colleen_heidemann

Model and actress Colleen Heidemann
Image Source: @colleen_heidemann on Instagram

This 72-year-old influencer is a model and actress who looks like she just walked straight out of a Vogue magazine! If you’re running out of poses to use for your Instagram feed (aren’t we all?), then Colleen Heidemann is the pro who can show you how it’s done. 

Tziporah Salamon | @tziporahsalamon

Author and fashion influencer Tziporah Salamon
Image Source: @tziporahsalamon on Instagram

The author behind the book, The Art of Dressing, is here to show you how to take dressing to the next level! I think we can all agree that Tziporah Salamon looks like she’s the queen of some high fashion nation that we are yet to discover on the map.

Suzi Grant | @alternativeageing

Influencer, author, and broadcaster Suzi Grant
Image Source: @alternativeageing on Instagram

Suzi Grant is a broadcaster, author, blogger, and influencer over 50 years old you should definitely follow! She runs a blog called alternativeageing.net with the tagline “vintage lady, vintage style”. Simply put, Suzi Grant is a vintage dream.  

Paul Mason | @fashionsanta 

Fashion influencer and fashion Santa Paul Mason
Image Source: @fashionsanta on Instagram

You’ll never believe this, but we found Santa Claus! And he’s got a stellar sense of style. Paul Mason is taking over Instagram with his whimsical content as he posts Christmas-esque photos all year round. This influencer over 50 years old has even walked the runway at Paris Fashion Week! 

Mette | @msorrig 

Fashion influencer Mette Sorrig Anderson
Image Source: @msorrig on Instagram

Anyone who visits Mette’s Instagram page will be stepping into a world of bright colours that just pop! This Denmark-based influencer over 50 years old is winning the fashion game one post at a time. Follow her to start adding more colour to your feed!

Helen | @baddiewinkle 

Model,fashion and lifestyle influencer Helen Vanwinkle
Image Source: @baddiewinkle on Instagram

If you’ve ever heard the famous line “Stealing your man since 1928,” we’re here to tell you that it came from Helen, who’s more popularly known as Miss Baddie! She became an internet superstar at the age of 85. Now at 93 years old, she continues to steal hearts everywhere with her loveable personality!

Angelique Miles | @angeliquemiles

Beauty, fitness, wellness, and lifestyle influencer Angelique Miles
Image Source: @angeliquemiles on Instagram 

Angelique Miles will inspire you to get up and keep moving! For her, this is how she reduces stress and takes care of her mental health. The 55-year-old influencer and former music publishing executive is living her best life!

Melissa Meyers | @melissameyers 

Wellness, beauty, and fashion influencer Melissa Myers
Image Source: @melissamyers on Instagram

Melissa Meyers isn’t called “the glow girl” for nothing! This influencer over 50 years old is shining bright on social media. She covers everything on beauty, fashion, and wellness on her platform. Follow her to see how she gets her glow on!

Jannik | @jaadiee

 Fashion influencer Jannik
Image Source: @jaadiee on Instagram

Gen Z and Millennials must be shaking because grandpa Jannik is here to claim his crown as fashion icon of the century! He pretty much owns every pair of sneakers you’ll ever want. Catch this stylish grandpa on TikTok too as he mesmerizes his one million followers with epic content! 

Grandpa Chan | @grandpachan

TikTok influencer Grandpa Chan
Video Source: @grandpachan on TikTok

The Korean Wave extends all the way to the influencer category as Grandpa Chan takes the TikTok platform by storm! The page features 79-year-old grandparents who create content to connect with their four grandchildren. Their 1.9 million followers are always treated to cute dance routines and hilarious skits!

Cool Grandpa | @theverycoolgrandpa 

TikTok content creator Cool Grandpa
Image Source: @theverycoolgrandpa on TikTok

He’s a very cool grandpa and he knows it! With his hilarious dad jokes and even more hilarious delivery, he’s inducing laughter among his 3.4 million followers on TikTok. Seriously, dad jokes have never been this cool! 

Grandma Lill | @grandma_droniak 

TikTok influencer Grandma Lill
Image Source: @grandma_droniak on Instagram

Grandma Lill’s TikTok description reads ”hello I’m a celebrity and a 91-year-old grandma”; that honestly sounds like a flex no one can compete with. See how endearingly savage she is on the platform as she gives life advice and replies to the comments of her loving viewers!

Linda Fargo | @lindafargo 

Fashion content creator Linda Fargo
Image Source: @lindafargo on Instagram 

You might know Linda Fargo as the senior vice president of the fashion office and store presentation at Bergdorf Goodman department store in NYC. This influencer over 50 years old has taken her good eye for style to social platforms and shines bright on them as well! She currently has over 85K followers on Instagram.  

Renia Jaz | @venswifestyle 

Fashion influencer Renia Jaz
Image Source: @venswifestyle on Instagram

This ageism fighter turns the streets into her personal runway with her cop-worthy outfits! Renia Jaz is a queen of aesthetics, and you can’t tell us otherwise. She’s got a collection of the prettiest designer shoes and accessories, and we love how they are stapled to her feed so beautifully. 

Isabella | @confessionsofasuperager 

Lifestyle content creator Isabella Thorp
Image Source: @confessionsofasuperager on Instagram

Some people are superheroes and some are superagers. One thing’s for sure though: they’re equally cool! Isabella is embracing midlife in style. Follow this influencer over 50 years old to see her confessions on how she ages so gracefully!

Lisa Hale | @thesilverstylist 

Fashion and lifestyle influencer Lisa Hale
Image Source: @thesilverstylist on Instagram

Lisa Hale’s Instagram page is dedicated to helping women of all ages, shapes, and sizes feel fearless in their own skin through fashion! She believes that you shouldn’t let aging stop you from looking great #Preach. We couldn’t agree more!

Violeta Zuvela | @violeta.zuvela 

Fashion model and influencer Violeta Zuvela
Image Source: @violeta.zuvela on Instagram

Violeta Zuvela is all about ageing naturally! The 56-year-old is a fashion model who goes by the name “A Stylish Age” on Instagram. This mother of five will be supplying you with endless inspiration for your next chic OOTDs!

Lyn Slater | @iconaccidental

Fashion influencer, activist, and writer Lyn Slater
Image Source: @iconaccidental on Instagram

Fashion influencer and content creator Lyn Slater inspires her audience through her one of a kind look. Her outfits are a representation of the fun, and the playful person she is! From dresses with sneakers to heels and boyfriend jeans, Lyn is a true trendsetter and isn’t afraid to go against the norm when it comes to her wardrobe.

Lisa Tant | @lisatant

Fashion, travel, and lifestyle content creator Lisa Tant
Image Source: @lisatant on Instagram

Lisa Tant is a former fashion Editor-in-Chief and currently at Nordstrom in our very own Toronto! She enjoys posting content about her pug, style, travel, and everything in between.

Odile Chevassus | @odilechevassus

Fashion, travel, and lifestyle influencer Odile Chevassus
Image Source: @stepanhieouimetphoto on Instagram

Odile Chevassus is a model based in Quebec who loves to share content about her life, travel, and adventures. She’s always somewhere different on the map and we love that she takes her audience along with her. Be sure to follow Odile!

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If there are other creators over 50 teaching us a thing or two about how #ageisjustanumber, let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you.

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