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Top 5 Favorite Influencer Lightroom Presets

Tiffany Gilmour
Written By
Tiffany Gilmour
Published On
Jan 30, 2019
Top 5 Influencer Lightroom Presets


What is a preset?

Have you ever scrolled through an influencer’s Instagram feed and noticed that all of the photos look somewhat the same in terms of colour scheme? Maybe the photos were all faded with a slight orange hue, extra bright with a shade of pink, or had a blue undertone to them. These aren’t your run of the mill Instagram filters, they’re most likely Adobe Lightroom presets.

Adobe Lightroom is a photo editing software that allows you to create custom filters, amongst other photo edits. These filters can be saved and then added to any photo in the future. These presets allow for an entire Instagram feed to have the same look and feel. Lightroom isn’t a new software by any means but has recently been gaining in popularity, as influencers can now sell their custom presets to the public to be used on a mobile platform.

Once an Influencer creates a preset in Adobe Lightroom, they must sell it on an e-commerce site, as presets aren’t sold directly through the Lightroom platform itself. Filter Grade is just one of the many third-party websites where influencers can sell their Lightroom presets to the public (Filter Grade acts as a middle man for a cost). Presets can range anywhere from $25 to a whopping $200… #forthegram, right? 

Keep reading to find out more about how you can upgrade your Instagram game!


We’ve counted down our Top 5 Favourite Influencer Presets:


#5. @AmySeder

Available for purchase here.

If you’re traveling any time soon, check out Amy Seders Instagram feed for some inspiration. Her feed is a sea of blue water and warm sunset tones. She’s created a whole pack of presets that are perfect for all of your travel shots, whether you’re going to be laying on the beach or checking out a moody European city.

Her Essential Collection includes 10 presets made for shots like:

  • Beach Drone: made for aerial shots
  • Sunset Dream: created to enhance sunset views
  • Tropical Water: accentuates water shots and helps the look of your tan
  • Roman Holiday: warm greens with a strong contrast, made for a summer abroad

Her presets sell in a pack for $55 USD, which isn’t bad considering you get 10 presets covering a wide range of photo moods.

#4. @Distorted.Lens

Available for purchase here.

Thirmizi is a Toronto based photographer and content creator. His feed consists of Toronto lifestyle shots along with moody travel photos. If you’re looking to create crisper portraits with a pop, his presets are great. He’s created a pack of 6 presets made for shooting portraits or lifestyle photos that enhance the clarity and detail in your photo as well as provide a nice colour boost.

His preset pack includes filters like:

  • City Tones: Perfect for when you’re exploring your favourite city
  • Sunset:  Ideal for when you’re capturing a sunset photo
  • Moody Days: Rainy days and overcasts have never looked better
  • Cali:  For your next adventure with sunshine, beaches, and palm trees

Thirmizi’s preset pack of 6 sells for $25 USD, which includes enough filters for all of your portrait needs.

#3. @KjTilse

Available for purchase here.

Kurt is an Australian based content creator, director, photographer, and videographer. He also co-created @the.healthcode podcast with his soon to be baby mama, @Sarahs_Day. Kurt’s Instagram feed consists of warm beachy shots (think surfing and paddleboarding), along with dark and moody lifestyle shots.

Kurt has created two packs of 11 and 15 presets that are available for purchase through his e-commerce store:

  • His Wanderlust pack (11 presets) consists of warmer tones, perfect for those beachy shots
  • The Original pack (15 presets) is great for water and lifestyle based shots

Each of the preset packs sell for $49.99 USD, which is a great price considering the large amount of presets that you get within both the Wanderlust and Original packs.

#2. @Lapetitenoob

Available for purchase here.

Joëlle is a Toronto based YouTuber and content creator. Her Instagram feed consists of lifestyle shots around the Toronto area, while her YouTube channel focuses on skincare, fashion and travel Vlogs. Joëlle has created a pack of 10 different presets that will help add a cohesive look to your feed. Her preset pack consists of a number of different filters, so there’s one that will work for each photo that you take.

Her pack consists of filters like:

  • Warm Pink: Brightens and warms any shot while adding a slight touch of pink
  • Brightout: This filter is perfect if any of your shots come out dark, this brightens and cleans
  • Quick Clean: This preset is great for dim lighted indoor shots that you want to make more crisp and bright
  • Sunset: A great preset that warms any shot while giving it a slight vintage feel

Her pack of 10 presets sell for $49 USD, which is great for the number of presets that you get.

#1. @Jillian.Harris

Jillian is from HGTV’s Love it or List it Vancouver, along with being a former ABC Bachelorette.

And yes, we know that her presets aren’t available YET. But, just based on her feed we’re going to say that they’re already going to be one of our faves. Her presets were supposed to be released on January 30th, however she wanted to take a bit more time to perfect them. Who can blame her? She’s been editing her feed with her own presets for quite some time, so we know it’s going to be good. Based off her current Instagram feed, her presets will most likely include those of a warm pink overlay, and we can’t imagine them not working in any sort of shot.

We’ll update with more information and pricing once they’ve been released, so stay tuned!

Level Up Your Instagram Game

Have you been using any Adobe Lightroom presets? If so, what are your favorite ones? Let us know in the comments below!

Additionally, if you want to learn more about The Influence Agency’s social media services, get in touch with us today. We work with brands of all sizes to take their Instagram game to the next level.



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