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Top 10 Most Instagrammable Toronto Restaurants

Samuel Butcher
Written By
Samuel Butcher
Published On
Dec 20, 2019
Most Instagrammable Toronto Restaurants

There are a plethora of Instagram famous restaurants in Toronto, and they all have different looks. We’ve broken it down to the Top 10 Most Instagrammable Restaurants in Toronto, and these are our picks.

As a photographer, content creator or just a foodie, the first thing you probably do most is let your phone camera do the eating before you do. All of that scrumptious content, it’s hard to let it go unnoticed or even worse, un-photographed.

Now more than ever in the digital age, we eat with our eyes first, when a dish looks amazing or tasty, and it’s also Instagrammable it’s a win-win! If the restaurant atmosphere, interior decor, or overall vibe is worth it for the gram, you’ll be able to find us there.

Bon appetit!


An unbelievable plant-based and instagrammable restaurant hailing all the way from Montreal, Quebec. This restaurant is aesthetically so pleasing with their interior decor in both Montreal and the brand-new Toronto location on King Street West being almost perfect. Crisp, clean, warm and inviting, this atmo is sure to please and trust us the food is amazing! For people who are into veganism, this is the perfect place to go. The interiors are ravishing and the place has a very cozy vibe, along with its affordability and food presentation, it’s a must-visit.

REGULARS BAR@regularsbar

Visited by the likes of Shawn Mendes, SHAQ & Snoop Dogg, this restaurant creates the most fire atmosphere, and mixes it with both old and new-age art installations and neon signs. The perfect place for an Instagram photo, or to go out with your best friends for pre-drinks. Their food is amazing and flavourful, and their amuse-bouche is popcorn, how cool is that? The in-house decorations are sure to take your breath away. It’s just not like any typical bar. This place has an atmosphere similar to the casinos and gambling halls of the ‘20s. With the stunning paintings, mismatched chandeliers, pop art and vivid furniture, the place oozes creativity and vibrancy. It has a trendy and fun-filled ambiance with friendly staff and great food. 


Think aesthetic, South-Beach, boho-chic, all of which WISH incapsulates! This restaurant is located just off Yonge Street in Toronto and features a very popular brunch and a wonderfully eclectic menu. A small instagrammable restaurant with a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for celebrating a friend’s birthday, having brunch on a weekend with your loved one or just plain treating yourself!

Serving delicious food, breakfast and brunches, with soothing soft music on play in the backdrop – all of which makes this place a must-visit in the downtown core. Not to mention, their martinis are the best in town. This Toronto restaurant exhibits a classy aura with white couches, white tablecloths, and white pillows. As the name implies, there is a wish fountain on the patio where you can make your very own wish! 

LOCALS ONLY@localsonlytoronto

A cool and almost grungy hidden gem, Locals Only features an awesome tasting menu of snacks, oysters and other gourmet pub-eats! Located on King Street West their decor features an industrial vibe with custom neon lights and graffiti, not to mention a bathroom that everyone takes selfies in! It’s the perfect instagrammable restaurant to start or end your night.


Rain or shine you can find many Torontonians at SMITH for brunch on the weekends. With such a beautiful and eclectic atmosphere it truly does transport you to another world (France or Italy perhaps?) They feature simple ingredients and recipes made with soul and comfort, which makes it even more appealing to go there if you weren’t convinced by their decor!

CHOTTO MATTE@chottomattetor

After opening in London and Miami, it’s finally arrived in one of North America’s largest cities – Toronto. Chotto Matte transports you to an urban jungle! It truly feels like you’re in paradise as you eat amazing Japanese-Peruvian cuisine. These two cultures share a deep appreciation for fresh fish and other seasonings with the famous Japanese sashimi and sushi. The cocktails and their wine list are extensive and tantalizing for your tastebuds. A special appreciation to the top chef in Canada, Jordan Sclare, who has expertise in the preparation of these exquisite cuisines.  A cool, bright and colourful interior makes this a place to best serve your most fun look yet! 


A vegan Mexican food restaurant in Toronto downtown that will not only knock your socks off with amazing food and flavours, but also fill your heart with joy as you eat in one of the most aesthetic restaurants the city has to offer! One of the finest restaurants in Toronto, this is an amazing place for food lovers around the world. Titillating your tastebuds and pleasing to your wallet with their curated happy hour, Rosalinda is in one of the best restaurants for any occasion. This restaurant is filled with plants, hanging from everywhere, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to a botanical greenhouse.

PLANTA QUEEN@plantaqueen @planta

Wow. Stunning food and even more stunning interior decor. This new venture restaurant by the same creators of Planta Yorkville features amazing Asian-fusion menu from Chef David Lee. A sleek, sexy and sophisticated atmosphere make this one of Toronto’s hottest restaurants right now, and the sensory and flavour overload all worth it for the gram!


An Italian restaurant in the heart of downtown, not to mention it’s PINK FEED GOALS! This restaurant in Toronto features an amazing colour pallet in their decor elements and unreal curved vaulted ceilings. The style is quirky, fun, pastel-filled and stunningly art-deco.

Have you even been to these restaurants in Toronto if you didn’t Instagram them? Although sometimes it might not matter how the food was, it’s how it looked on Instagram, we know that these restaurants will be ones to keep in your notes for when you’re planning your next content-day or next special event in your life. After all, they are all picture-perfect, and just another reason why we love to call Toronto home. Do it for the gram.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do here at The Influence Agency, feel free to contact us today! We love working with local restaurants to plan and execute branded photography shoots.

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