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The Top 5 Christmas Commercials of 2023

Sara Ensan
Written By
Sara Ensan
Published On
Dec 18, 2023
a collage of stills from 2023 Christmas commercials

Amidst the festive cheer and heartwarming traditions that come with this time of year, Christmas commercials have become an integral part of the holiday season, captivating audiences with their creativity, emotional resonance, and a touch of seasonal magic. 

Year after year, brands around the world strive for the title of creating the most memorable and heartwarming advertisements that capture the spirit of the season. From tear-jerking animations that tug at the heartstrings to whimsical narratives that evoke laughter, these commercials not only showcase the creativity of marketing minds but also reflect the spirit of joy, togetherness, and the timeless magic of the holiday season. 

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to unwrap the Christmas commercials that have managed to sprinkle a little extra magic into the holiday season this year.

Apple – Fuzzy Feelings 

Apple never fails to put out a high production commercial that pulls at your heart strings, and this year was no different. Featuring the work of artist Anna Mantzaris, in this heartwarming Christmas commercial we follow the creative journey of a talented woman working diligently on a stop-motion animation project. Initially, her felted craftsmanship brings to life a series of comically unfortunate events befalling her grumpy boss during the holiday season. However, as the narrative unfolds, moved by the spirit of compassion and festive goodwill, the woman decides to rewrite her story. She recreates her stop-motion to feature a string of heartwarming scenes with her once-grumpy boss now glowing with holiday spirit.

Google – Home Alone 

Google went straight for our nostalgic hearts with their Christmas commercial this year, recapturing our favourite scenes from the beloved holiday movie Home Alone. Starring a number of original cast members, most notably Macaulay Culkin and Joe Pesci, Google recreated a number of scenes from Kevin jumping on the bed, the Wet Bandits driving up to the McCallister house, and Kevin finally eating his mac and cheese as he preps to protect his house.

Of course this was all done alongside a plethora of Google product placements including Google Assistant, Google Nest Mini, and the Google Nest Hub, among others that Kevin used to help fool the robbers.

Amazon – Joy Ride 

In this charming Christmas commercial, the spotlight is on three elderly childhood friends as they observe a group of children gleefully sledding down a snowy hill. Touched by nostalgia, one of the women promptly places an Amazon order for padded seat cushions on her phone. With the wonders of Amazon’s next day shipping, the trio unwrap their cushions the following day, and place them in their sleds. The best friends then recapture the joys of their youth and slide down the snowy hill together, with kids all around them watching in wonderment. While it’s more likely that these women would have broken a hip going down that hill, cushion or not, it’s a heartwarming commercial nonetheless, reminding us to embrace the magic of the season no matter your age.

Coca-Cola – The World Needs More Santas 

In Coca-Cola’s enchanting Christmas commercial, we’re transported to a town adorned with Santas, each extending a helping hand to one another in the true spirit of the season. As the festive melody plays in the background with the lyrics “anyone can be Santa,” the scene seamlessly transitions to the same town, now void of Santas but brimming with regular people. Despite the absence of red suits and white beards, the townsfolk embody the kindness and selflessness of the Santas, demonstrating that the spirit of Santa isn’t confined to a costume.

Microsoft – Make Your Holiday A Masterpiece 

Microsoft took 2023’s biggest trend as inspiration for their holiday commercial this year, putting AI at the center of it. In this Christmas commercial, a woman sets up a booth and asks a diverse group of individuals about their cherished festive traditions. Using nothing but her laptop and Microsoft’s Image Creator AI tool, she transforms these heartfelt memories into works of art that reflect the unique stories and traditions shared with her. The amalgamation of technology and human connection in this ad not only showcases the power of AI, but also encourages us to celebrate diversity during this season and year round.

As we near the end of not only this article, but of another year, companies across the world have once again gone above and beyond with their Christmas marketing from creative narratives that tugged at our heartstrings to visually stunning displays of artistry, each one unwrapped the warmth, wonder and spirit that comes with the holiday season. If you’re looking to have a commercial or any kind of videography made, holiday themed or not, The Influence Agency has you covered, check out some of the commercials we’ve worked on in the past and get in touch!

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