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The Making of an Influencer

Mike Landry
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Mike Landry
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Sep 21, 2017
The Making of an Influencer

… Maybe.

My name is Michael and I’m a partner here at The Influence Agency. This is the first of a series of blogs where I’ll post about the creation, progress and setbacks involved in creating a personal brand through social media. The goal is to become a better version of myself while amassing a following. This is a project I’ve taken on where the test subject is me.

  • Can I lose 100 pounds in a year?
  • Can I become an influencer?
  • Can I become better through the process?

The goal is to be able to answer ‘yes’ to those three questions at the end of the year.

Mikes Big Life

Day 1 of Making an Influencer

The theme and handle of the profile is ‘MikesBigLife’ which will focus on sharing my journey to live and feel better, but also be

better. The initial focus will be on weight loss, and I’ll also share other components of my life as a business owner and as a devoted partner to Jurenda.

The reason I’ve branded my socials handles as MikesBigLife is because it works well with the weight-loss angle, but it’s about a life that’s big. That isn’t to say that my life is bigger than anyone else, because it isn’t, but life itself is big and making every day count matters.

The Approach to Social Media

I’ll be posting about something in relation to my life everyday regarding the things I’m doing, the choices I make, who I spend my time with and what I’m doing. Not every photo posted will be a Kodak moment, but it’ll certainly be authentic. The key is to follow Gary Vaynerchuk’s advice of creating, documenting and simply, executing. 

The Approach to The Blog

This blog series will focus on the mechanics of growing my social profile, while my social profile will focus on Mikes Big Life. Here are the following 3 post upcoming:

  • Choosing a Social Media Handle
  • Best Practices for Posting to Social
  • Progress Report: Lessons Learned in Month 1

For The Followers

The goal is to earn the attention of followers by sharing my journey and life authentically, while taking on board the comments and recommendations.

The production of content is going to be fairly organic. I’ll probably put something more tactical together once I understand what brings the most value, but that’s what will make this all work and be worthwhile.

Whether that value is produced through entertainment, inspiration, or engagement remains to be seen.

For Me

It’s a lot of effort to do and to document, so I’m hoping the payoff will be:

  • Sticking to my goal to lose 100 pounds by this time next year (September 20th is when I write this). I think putting it out there publicly, will motivate me to walk my talk.
  • Being the best version of myself
  • Having a real life appreciation of what goes into creating a successful social channel to better relate to the influencers we work with
  • Have friends, family, and customers, get to know me better

Thanks for reading, so let’s kick this off with a picture of myself today with Stephanie (for scale), but be sure to follow @mikesbiglife on Instagram for daily content.



  • Mike Landry

    Michael Landry is the Director of Strategy at The Influence Agency, and has a passion for great advertising that produces sales, awareness and impact.

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  • Mike Landry

    Michael Landry is the Director of Strategy at The Influence Agency, and has a passion for great advertising that produces sales, awareness and impact.

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