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Social Media Trends For 2020

Samuel Butcher
Written By
Samuel Butcher
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Mar 03, 2020
Social Media Trends

We’re well into Q1 for this new year and we’ve come across already so many different social media trends for 2020. Social media has truly become something that people are actively using every day and sometimes all day, no matter where they are in the world. It’s a place for people to consume media, join in on conversations, speak their opinion and their truths, and may function as a source of news for Gen Z’s, Millenials and beyond. Staying up to date on the latest social media trends, up and coming platforms and iterations, and using findings, data and analytics to fuel your strategy can help catapult your brand or business to the next level.

Paying attention to key areas of interests, certain niches and having the ability to change and pivot as need be is one of the best things you can do when executing your social media marketing strategy.

We’ve created a list of 5 Social Media Trends For 2020, let’s take a look!

Growth In Public & Private Communities

Many factors in the past have lead us to believe that public communities are best, although in 2019 Facebook confirmed that there is a definitive niche and requirement to lead within the private spaces on their platform and social media in general. Private communities allow for a smaller more intimate circle, discussions and topics can be heard and understood, and the ability to create an openness and safe-zone within that community will help it thrive. Within 2020 many brands will be looking to find the ultimate perfect balance between the two. Brands must drive a broader reach using the public feed while continuing to talk to private channels, which will allow focus on one-to-one engagement and creating deeper relationships with their customers.

Growth In Public and Private Communities

Video Trends

Video content is still dominating the social media world, especially with platforms like TikTok taking over. Video is some of the most engaging content and is completely successful both in short-form and long-form videos on multiple different platforms. The importance of utilizing video content as part of your marketing strategy comes in at a time where image content is still king, although that may change within the next few years.

The usage of video allows you to captivate your audiences and make a more memorable and long-lasting impression with them by using key slogans, music, brand-specific messaging, celebrity or influencer features, and putting a specific face or tone to your brand. Video is quality consumable content that often has a longer engagement span than static imagery, and also allows for greater creativity in conceptualization!

Storytelling & Content Diversity

Long-form stories, long-form captions, captivating content, letting your audience have a glimpse into your real raw life, showing your emotions, regular ups and downs, and being your authentic self are all themes we’ve noticed within the end of 2019 on social media and going forward into 2020. Modern-day storytelling with daily story vlogs, posting one’s to-do list or sharing with your followers the recap or a highlight reel of your day are all things that authenticate who you are and allow your followers and audience to connect with you on a multitude of levels.

Micro & Nano Influencers

Companies and brands are looking for the ability to utilize smaller more engaged content creators within the micro and nano influencer verticals. The plus side of using micro and nano influencers rather than macro and above is the tight-knit communities, great organic reach, and the ability to move the needle in terms of captivating original content creation.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

More Dynamic Social Ads

Social ads have changed from static call to action’s to now involving carousels with different photos, and photos and videos combined, and now we are seeing a lot more dynamic social ads. Ads have become more advanced and brands are taking notice, this helps to encourage direct business from customers and audiences on the given social media platform, or website click-throughs via the ads. Facebook has even created platforms and processes in regards to driving more company ad spend with the help of personalized ad experiences within the Facebook Ads Manager.

For more information on what happened in 2019 and for more popular trends to look out for in 2020 like these, you can visit our page HERE! Signup for our new exclusive newsletter and get your very own copy of our Influencer Marketing & Social Media Trends 2020 Playbook.

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  • Samuel Butcher

    Samuel Butcher is the Creative Director at TIA. He is passionate about all things creative & content. In his spare time this vegan-foodie can often be seen travelling and soaking up the sun while capturing amazing photography with his keen eye! You can follow him @smbtchr

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  • Samuel Butcher

    Samuel Butcher is the Creative Director at TIA. He is passionate about all things creative & content. In his spare time this vegan-foodie can often be seen travelling and soaking up the sun while capturing amazing photography with his keen eye! You can follow him @smbtchr

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