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10 Effective SEO Tips to Win in 2022

Dale David
Written By
Dale David
Published On
Apr 12, 2022

The time to start winning is now. But where do you even begin? 

If appearing at the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) is one of your key indicators of a “win,” then let’s start by upgrading your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. 

The Influence Agency, one of North America’s leading digital marketing agencies, is here to equip you with the top ten SEO tips for 2022 that will help put you in the lead. 

Let’s start winning.

1. Maintain a Regular Publishing Cadence

Publishing consistently is the key to convincing your audience that there’s always fresh content to look forward to. A regular cadence of publishing on your website’s blog will help keep people hooked. 

Leaving huge gaps between content releases could put you behind in the race towards attracting clients — you wouldn’t want your industry competitors to outrun you.

One of our top SEO tips for 2022 is to figure out what publishing schedule works best for you and stick to it. 

2. Build Your Content Strategy Around Search Intent

The goal of SEO is to be easily discovered. To make this happen, you’ve got to be exactly what they’re looking for. This leads to our next SEO tip for 2022: build your content strategy around search intent.

What are the common questions people might type into Google that could lead to your website providing the ultimate solution? These are the queries you should aim to answer through your content.

3. Move From a Keyword First to a Topic First Mentality

You probably already know that targeting popular keywords is among the SEO tips that you should prioritize. While this is a great way to create relevant content and put yourself on the radar, here’s another SEO tip for 2022 that will help expand your audience: move from a “keyword first” to a “topic first” mentality.

Here’s how this works: Let’s say you’re an eco-friendly fashion brand that creates blogs highlighting how your production process upholds sustainable living. Your top keywords would most likely be “sustainable fashion.” Moving to a “topic first” mentality would mean targeting a wider umbrella of topics to establish yourself as an authority on a more extensive subject, resulting in a larger audience. 

You could consider producing blogs under the category “sustainable lifestyle,” which would involve fashion, travel, and various other tips that eco-heroes would have a keen interest in.

4. Target Long-Tail, Low Competition Keywords

While it might be tempting to always join in on a popular conversation to stay relevant and easily connect with your audience, it isn’t always the best way to stand out. This is because trending keywords tend to be something that everyone else is targeting, and it’s bound to get crowded on the SERPs at some point.

With low competition keywords, like the term says itself, there’s much less competing that needs to be done — and much more room for you to be on the first page of the SERPs.

Long-tail keywords are another top SEO tip for 2022 that shouldn’t be neglected. They have a much stronger conversion value because they’re very specific. As a result, you can expect more high-quality traffic to your website. 

5. Writing for Human Beings, Not SERPs

Ultimately, the brands that manage to establish a strong connection with their audiences are the ones that thrive in online spaces. A few ways to resonate with them are to write website content that’s relatable and to use natural language that’s easy to understand. 

When people love your website, the SERPs will pick up on that. After all, the only way to impress Google is by impressing human beings first. 

6. Purposeful Internal Linking

Our top SEO tips for 2022 include strategic internal linking, which is basically like empowering your pages to lift each other up.  

Your website is full of incredible content — and interlinking between these as much as possible will help to increase traffic to various pages. This way, you’ll be able to provide an elevated user experience that will result in a higher visitor time.

On top of that, purposeful interlinking increases SEO because it helps Google understand which pages on your site are most important. 

7. Updating Old Content for Google Rich Results

Times are always changing and nothing ever stays the same — but that doesn’t mean you should instantly be all like: “throw out the old and in with the new.” 

Sometimes, all you need is a subtle update. 

One of our top SEO tips for 2022 is updating old content on your website with fresh information. This could mean adding more images, including infographics, or simply bulking up content with additional valuable details. Google loves that kind of stuff.

8. Repurposing Social Media Collateral Across Google My Business and Blogs

Your brand’s social media collateral, such as photos and videos, is high-quality content that deserves to be as visible as possible. One of the top SEO tips for 2022 involves repurposing these across Google My Business and your blogs, which will help boost your brand image on various platforms.

9. Invest in Your Page Experience

Here’s one of our next SEO tips for 2022: don’t underestimate the power of a smooth user experience.

Not many visitors have the patience to put up with a website that isn’t convenient to use. A slow and disorganized site won’t convince users to stay on it for long. Ultimately, too many site exits will lead to poor SEO performance.  

This is why it’s important to invest in your page experience. Doing your homework on web accessibility and user-friendliness, or turning to a digital marketing agency’s professional web development services are among our top SEO tips for 2022. 

10. Build Up Your Backlinks

If you aren’t building up your backlinks, then that’s one of our SEO tips for 2022 that you should definitely put on your to-do list. 

Basically, backlinks are links on a website (that is not your own) that lead the user to your website. It’s very similar to a citation. Think of it this way: if you were to link to another website on your own page, then the page you just linked to has received a backlink. 

But why are backlinks important for SEO? Well, it’s because Google looks at these backlinks like they’re “votes” for your website. This influences the decision of search engines when choosing which sites are useful and credible.

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Start Winning with These SEO Tips for 2022

Are you ready to rise up on Google’s SERPs? With The Influence Agency’s search engine optimization and blog content services, you’ll be able to experience increased organic traffic and amplified brand discoverability. 

From local to global brands, our team of experts has succeeded in shining the spotlight on companies across diverse industries. Climbing your way to the top starts right here. 

Contact us today to learn more!

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