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14 SEO Influencers to Follow on Social Media

Jackie Tambosso
Written By
Jackie Tambosso
Published On
Jan 12, 2022
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While everyone in the world instinctively runs away from road traffic, almost every brand nowadays is willingly chasing after web traffic. Who wouldn’t want a staggering amount of visitors entering their website, right? 

But to make this happen, Search Engine Optimization is absolutely necessary. SEO can sound intimidating at times, but when you team up with a top digital marketing agency and take advice from the right SEO influencers, you’ll quickly begin to take your skills to the next level and see brand awareness shoot up like never before.

Check out The Influence Agency’s list of the 13 SEO influencers you should be following on Twitter!

Pam Moore | @PamMktgNut

Pam Moore’s Twitter bio

Recognized by Forbes as a “Social Power Influencer,” Pam Moore is known as one of the most influential names in the world of marketing. In fact, the CEO and co-founder of Marketing Nutz has over two million followers across her social media platforms. It’s no surprise that about 100k people download her Social Zoom Factor podcast each month, where she shares social media marketing, branding, business and lifestyle updates! 

Larry Kim | @larrykim

Larry Kim’s Twitter bio

As the CEO of MobileMonkey and the founder of Wordstream (a top online marketing and keyword tool used by millions of marketers globally), it can’t be denied that Larry Kim is one of the most credible SEO influencers of all time! Seriously, even the US Senate and House of Representatives have given him special recognition for having created over a thousand high-tech jobs in the last ten years. 

Everything you need to know about SEO and digital marketing, you’ll find in Larry Kim’s tweets!

Danny Sullivan | @dannysullivan

Danny Sullivan’s Twitter bio

Danny Sullivan is the founder of Search Engine Land and serves as their editor-in-chief as well. But that’s not it—he’s Google’s official public liaison of search, too! It’s evident that he’s one of the SEO influencers you’ll pick up some incredibly helpful tips from. By following him on Twitter, you can stay in the loop with what he has to share (which often includes Star Trek and Cobra Kai appreciation tweets, aside from SEO knowledge!) 

Rand Fishkin | @randfish

Rand Fishkin’s Twitter bio

If you’re familiar with SparkToro, then you’ll love to know that Rand Fishkin is the genius behind this market research software! Formerly known as the founder of Moz, Rand is a bonafide professional in the world of SEO and marketing. Over 453K people on Twitter are tuned in to his tweets! 

Brian Dean | @brianedean

Brian Dean’s Twitter bio

When it comes to SEO training and link-building strategies, we’re pretty sure you’ve relied on Backlinko at some point! And if that website has helped you polish your skills, then don’t miss out on following its founder, Brian Dean, as he gives his audience an even closer look at everything SEO through his tweets. 

Neil Patel | @neilpatel

Neil Patel’s Twitter bio

Okay, but what doesn’t Neil Patel know about digital marketing? Really, it’s almost as if he’s an all-knowing force in this industry. He’s helped huge companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Airbnb, Google, Thomson Reuters, Viacom, NBC, Zappos, American Greetings, Intuit, General Motors, and SalesForce grow through marketing. Truly, he’s one of the most recognized SEO influencers on the planet. 

Marissa Mayer | @marissamayer

 Marissa Mayer’s Twitter bio

Marissa Mayer used to serve as the president and CEO of Yahoo, and was also a long-time executive, usability leader, and key spokeswoman for Google. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, she’s also the founder of Sunshine Contact, which focuses on artificial intelligence and consumer media! She currently has 1.5 million followers on Twitter looking forward to the SEO knowledge she shares. 

Cyrus Shepard | @CyrusShepard

Cyrus Shepard’s Twitter bio

Dozens of startups and Fortune 500 companies have worked with Cyrus Shepard to fuel their growth and optimize their strategies. He’s also the founder of Zyppy, an SEO company that provides helpful tips and software to make it easier for everyone. You’ll learn so much by adding Shepard to the list of SEO influencers you follow! 

Ann Smarty | @seosmarty

Ann Smarty’s Twitter bio

As the founder of ViralContentBee.com and the brand manager of Ninja Marketing (a full-service internet marketing company) who never fails to share valuable content, it’s evident that Ann really is a #Smarty who lives up to her last name! 

Follow this SEO influencer on Twitter for instant tips that your brand could put to great use.

John Rampton | @johnrampton

John Rampton’s Twitter bio

When Entrepreneur Magazine names someone the “Top Online Influencer in the World,” you just know that stellar content awaits. This couldn’t be more well deserved as John Rampton has built over four unicorn companies in the past ten years! Tap that follow button to learn all about SEO, content marketing, and branding from the CEO and unicorn builder himself.

Dharmesh Shah | @dharmesh

Dharmesh Shah’s Twitter bio

You might know Dharmesh Shah as the co-founder of the ultra-successful company, HubSpot. On Twitter, he’s known for sharing his lessons learned on startups, scaleups and the entrepreneurial journey!

Brian Clark | @brianclark

Brian Clark’s Twitter bio

You’re bound to have heard of digitalcommerce.com, a company that delivers strategic content marketing and SEO. The co-founder behind it is SEO influencer, Brian Clark. Follow him for digital marketing tips, travel content, and even adorable photos of his pet cat. 

Matt Cutts | @mattcutts

Matt Cutts’s Twitter bio

There’s no doubt about it that Matt Cutts is one of the most popular names in the world of digital marketing. He’s got more than half a million followers on Twitter to date! The software engineer and SEO influencer was the former head of search quality at Google and even became the Administrator of the US Digital Service. 

Steve Toth | @seo_notebook

Steve Toth’s Twitter bio

If you’re looking for actionable, modern SEO strategies that you won’t find on any other mainstream outlets, then Steve Toth’s SEO Notebook might just be the solution for you. 

Join the 10,000 subscribers who receive strategy notes directly in their email from the former SEO Strategy Lead at “FreshBooks” and Founder of “SEO That Ranks.”

Through his consulting firm, Steve has helped various growth-stage companies in search of scalable channels. Even USA Today, Business.com, and Search Engine Land have discussed how effective this SEO influencer’s work is!

Fuel Your Brand with the Power of Influence and SEO

Your brand becomes unstoppable when it’s fueled by the power of influence and SEO. At The Influence Agency, that’s exactly what we do. 

As an award-winning digital marketing agency, we’ve helped countless brands climb their way to the top of SERPs through our Search Engine Optimization, Content Strategy, and Web Development services.

Contact us to know more about how we can get you to page number one.



  • Jackie Tambosso

    Jackie Tambosso is a Senior Client Success Manager at TIA and specializes in all things related to influencer and digital marketing. When time allows, you can catch her travelling to new and exciting places around the world!

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  • Jackie Tambosso

    Jackie Tambosso is a Senior Client Success Manager at TIA and specializes in all things related to influencer and digital marketing. When time allows, you can catch her travelling to new and exciting places around the world!

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