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19 Nutritionist Influencers to Follow

Maggie Fogg
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Maggie Fogg
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Sep 27, 2023
A collage of five famous nutritionist influencers

Do you ever feed your social media scrolls with some nutritious content? 🥦

The best way to do this is by diving into the posts of nutrition influencers! The best ones are turning the world into a better place by creating content that promotes physical well-being and good mental health—the best of both worlds, really. 

So, without further ado, check out these 19 nutritionist influencers who are dishing life-changing content you should take a bite of!

🥕 19 Nutritionist Influencers to Follow 🫑

1. Lindsay Pleskot, RD | @lindsaypiskot.rd

Lindsay Pleskot is on a mission to help you make food feel good. On her platform, this registered dietitian shares healthy but delicious recipes, helpful tips to overcome food guilt, and a ton of meal prep hacks. Thanks, Lindsay!

Lindsay Pleskot and a search bar that says “should I work with a dietitian?
Image source: Instagram

2. May Zhu, MBA, RDN, LDN | @nutritionhappens

You can count on May Zhu to help you define your own version of health. As a holistic nutritionist, she’s a firm believer that nutrition happens when you learn to respect yourself and nourish your mind, body, and soul.

May Zhu smiling in a grocery store
Image source: Instagram

3. Sisley | The Acne Nutritionist | @thepurelife_

Sisley is known as North America’s leading acne-focused Registered Holistic Nutritionist.Her focus is on clearing acne naturally via food, elevated lifestyle habits, supplements, and minimal yet effective skincare. She’s our daily reminder that you shouldn’t let the state of your skin stop you from doing the things that you love!

Sisley playing with her hair while posing
Image source: Instagram

4. Steph Grasso, MS, RD | @stephgrassodietitian

With over 2.2 million followers on TikTok, Steph Grasso is one of the most famous nutritionist influencers on the planet inspiring people to make healthy lifestyle changes. 

As she educates audiences on maintaining a balanced diet through grocery guides and evidenced-based meal prep tips, she never forgets to add a dash of humour into the mix—definitely a winning recipe!

Video source: TikTok

5. Miranda Galati, RD | @real.life.nutritionist

From the “Real Nourished Basics” program to the “Feel Good Nutrition Method” Miranda Galati’s comprehensive courses have helped so many people buck diet culture in favour of finding a healthier balance with food. It’s easy to see why this intuitive eating counsellor is one of the top nutritionist influencers!

Miranda Galati in a video about eating cookies responsibly
Image source: Instagram

6. Andrea Mathis, MA, RDN, LD | @beautifuleatsandthings

How do you approach nutrition realistically while keeping things delicious? Andrea Mathis has got you covered with her healthy eating tips that she’s been gracing the world with since 2009. Her Instagram platform is a top source of incredible recipes, body-positivity posts, and super relatable quotes.

Andrea Mathis in a blue shirt with a checklist on it
Image source: Instagram

7. Ayat Sleymann, MS RD | @momnutritionist

Ayat Sleymann’s amazing content is dedicated to all moms out there who are looking to feel confident, balanced, and at peace with food. She’s been featured by Popsugar, Poosh, Eating Well, and Good Morning America. Start following her to discover simple ways to make your health a priority! 

Ayat Sleymann eating a bowl of salad
Image source: Instagram

8. Wendy & Jess, RDs | @foodheaven

When you start diving into the content of Wendy and Jess—dietitian BFFs and diabetes experts— you’ll find yourself in healthy food heaven. 

Apart from nutritious eating, they also talk about everything else health-related: skin health, dental health, mental health, and so much more. Oh, and these nutritionist influencers are also the hosts of the Food Heaven podcast!

Wendy and Jess posing together in front of a yellow wall
Image source: Instagram

9. Marisa Moore, MBA, RDN | @marisamoore

Dive into Marisa Moore’s plant-forward approach that focuses on what you can add to your plate versus what you can take away. As an integrative dietitian, she’s all about health as a whole person, and not just a meal plan. She’s also the author of The Plant Love Kitchen, which was released in April 2023!

 Marisa Moore smiling in her kitchen
Image source: Instagram 

10. Desiree Nielsen, RD | @desireenielsenrd

For everything plant-based, you’ve got to follow Desiree Nielsen! This nutrition expert has also written a string of successful books, including Un-Junk Your Diet,  Good For Your Gut, and Eat More Plants: 100 Anti-inflammatory Plant-centred Recipes for Vibrant Living—the latter of which became a #1 National Bestseller!

A screenshot of Desiree Nielsen from a video about plant-based diets
Image source: Instagram

11. Deanna | @dietitiandeanna

Wondering how to keep your nutritional health and financial health in check? Then Deanna is the business mentor and dietitian who’ll help you become your most empowered self. As someone who’s dealt with both orthorexia and anorexia nervosa, there’s no doubt that her story will inspire you to care for your physical health. 

Deanna with the words “what to track besides weight?”
Image source: Instagram 

12. Maggie Michalczyk, RDN | @onceuponapumpkin

This registered dietitian and recipe developer specializes in millennial nutrition. Thanks to her incredibly engaging content, she’s become one of the most well-loved nutritionist influencers. 

If you’re wondering where the adorable name “Once Upon A Pumpkin” came from, well, that’s because pumpkin is a year-round superfood that she loves adding to “just about anything.”

Maggie Michalczyk chopping a cucumber in her kitchen
Image source: Instagram 

13. Kylie Sakaida, MS, RD, LDN | @nutritionbykylie

Kylie Sakaida is a nationally recognized registered dietician who has worked to improve the overall health of patients at renowned hospitals such as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Boston Children’s Hospital. 

On top of that, she has also been featured on Good Morning America, Healthline, SELF Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and PopSugar Magazine. You’ll love her evidence-based content sprinkled with a dash of *savage* humour.

Video source: TikTok

14. Vanessa Rissetto, MS, RD, CDN | @vanessarissettord

Vanessa Rissetto is the CEO and founder of culinahealth.com, which offers personalized, virtual nutrition care from experts you can trust. As someone who’s on a mission to make clinical nutrition care accessible and affordable, she’s turned Culina Health into an entity that’s in-network with most insurance plans. 

Vanessa Rissetto in a sparkling top and blue jeans
Image source: Instagram

15. Jass Stupak | Candida + Bloat Nutritionist @nourishwithjass

When it comes to gut health and skin health, Jass Stupak has all the must-know tips. This holistic nutritionist and herbalist specializes in bloat and anti-fungal cleansing and provides helpful lifestyle tips to combat these conditions.

Jass Stupak promoting her anti-fungal food guide
Image source: Instagram

16. Steph Jolly | @stephsjolly

Aside from being one of the most famous nutritionist influencers, audiences also can’t get enough of Steph Jolly’s adorable mom adventures with her daughter, Gracie. 

She was inspired to study nutritional sciences after seeing women struggle with their hormones, gut health, and more. This was when she decided to be someone who could equip them with reliable advice that would help them heal. 

Steph Jolly behind a white marble table covered in vegetables
Image source: Instagram

17. Jess & Nita, Dietitian Mamas | @happyhealthyeaters

Jess and Nita are nutrition professionals who have more than 20 years of combined experience working as Registered Dietitians. Their content is centred around infant and childhood nutrition that helps parents raise a happy, healthy eater.

Jess and Nita in an advertisement for Jamieson Vitamins
Image source: Instagram

18. Hannah Magee, RD | @hannahmagee_rd

You might know Hannah Magee as a regular on her Global News Morning segment called “Healthier with Hannah.” Here, this nutrition advocate shares healthy eating ideas as well as her top food and kitchen products.

Hannah Magee beside a stainless steel fridge holding a pink smoothie
Image source: Instagram 

19. Carrie Walder, MS, RD | @walderwellness

Carrie Walder’s food photography skills are on a whole other level. Her talent for making good food look incredibly photogenic will leave you in awe. She’s dedicated to sharing ways to add more whole foods into your meals in a simple, realistic, and balanced way. Go, Carrie!

Carrie Walder on her phone outside a restaurant
Image source: Instagram

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