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20 TikTok Kids You Should Follow

Kayla Mandel
Written By
Kayla Mandel
Published On
May 31, 2024
A collage of Rosie Mcclelland, Brice Gonzalez of Enky Boys, Gavin Magnus, The Crunch Bros, and Xochitl Gomez

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for TikTok Kids! These are young content creators who make videos about anything that happens in their lives—from school stuff, dance challenges, and memes, to girl talk and food. With their treasure trove of relatable content, these kids on TikTok will become your children’s best buds on the internet.

Are you ready to meet the TikTok Kids stars? Here’s our list of everyone you should meet!

1. Cooking for Levi | @cookingforlevi

Kids on TikTok, feast your eyes on the delicious dishes prepared by Jack Zhang, the man behind Cooking for Levi on TikTok. This gourmet chef/father loves sharing his passion for cooking with his son, Levi. 

When Levi was 2, Zhang introduced his son to the wonderful world of gastronomy. He began recording his cooking process and Levi’s reactions to his mouthwatering meals. You’ll find the little bundle of joy praising his father’s skill in their TikTok account!

@cookingforlevi Levi eats Salmon Wellington with lemon beurre blanc and pomegranate reduction! #wellington #salmon #cooking #toddlereats ♬ original sound – Cooking for Levi

Video Source: @cookingforlevi | TikTok

2. Lauren | @laurengall

Your kids will love watching Lauren and Marlow on TikTok. This mother-daughter duo will melt your heart with their adorable content! Filled with videos on food prep, adventure vlogs, and tea parties—their account is literally a treasure trove of ideas you can try with your tots.

@laurengall_coordination at its finest♬ Confidence (sped up version) – Ocean Alley

Video Source: @laurengall | TikTok

3. Lilliana Ketchman | @lillybketchman

Don’t you just love seeing kids growing up? Lilliana Ketchman is one of the TikTok Kids with millions of followers because of their history in television. This starlet became famous for her amazing dance skills showcased in Dance Moms and her family content on YouTube.

Lilly now uses her TikTok account to share daily vlogs of what it’s like to be a growing teen. Follow her to see what she’s been up to!

@lillybketchman Hey y’all!! Are u guys interested in learning more about CollegeAdvisor? Connect with their team today for a free 1:1 45-min admissions consultation. The team will assess your college readiness, share insider tips on how you can stand out to Admissions Officers, as well as give details about CollegeAdvisor’s premium packages. I’ve been working with my advisor for a few weeks and she has definitely helped relieve the stress of college application! 😅 check them out here ⬇️ #ad ♬ original sound – Lillyk

Video Source: @lillybketchman | TikTok

4. Gavin Magnus | @gavinmagnus

What do kids on TikTok do nowadays? Well, Gavin Magnus loves connecting with his fans by making funny and relatable content! This YouTube star-turned-singer uses his account to promote his new songs, create dance challenges with friends and answer questions from fans.

@gavinmagnus I Promise Im Not Lying👍 #fyp #pop #newmusicfriday #hearthorse ♬ History – Gavin Magnus

Video Source: @gavinmagnus | TikTok

5. Elliana Walmsley | @ellianawalmsley

Starting her stardom with dancing on television, Elliana Walmsley is among the TikTok kids with millions of followers. This IT girl gained fame from her dance skills in Dance Moms, Dancing With the Stars, and Chicken Girls. Now, she dabbles with modeling and has been appearing on magazine spreads.

Give her a follow to see her adventures traveling abroad, fantastic dance clips, and fun collaborations with her friends!

@ellianawalmsley what i do in my free time… 🥶 #fyp #dance #flexibility ♬ CARNIVAL – stqr.audi0s

Video Source: @ellianawalmsley | TikTok

6. Rosie Mcclelland | @rosie_rgm

Remember the two young girly kids who went viral for their awesome cover of Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass? They’re all grown up now! Rosie Mcclelland, the other half of the famous duo, is a beautiful singer who’s released hit singles, such as Handstand and Safe In Your Love

Her TikTok account is for kids who love GRWM videos, outfit inspos, and friendship life updates. You’ll love scrolling through her account!

@rosie_rgm Bit late to the trend but it had to be done (fake body) @Ellen @Nicki Minaj @Sophia Grace #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Rosie Mcclelland 💗🦋

Video Source: @rosie_rgm | TikTok

7. The Prather Family | @awoodbp

TikTok kids have a lot of wisdom to share and Semaj from the Prather Family has a lot to share. This sweet boy became a viral sensation after complimenting her mom and calling her beautiful when she only gave him a couple of fruit snacks!

Follow the Prather Family for good vibes and family-fun content. Your kids will love them, too!

@awoodbp mommy gone be beautiful all week. #allididwasgivehimfruitsnacks #greasyface #yougreaseditup #fyp #viralvideo #foryoupage ♬ Maj beautiful all week – AzhaPrather

Video Source: @awoodbp | TikTok

8. Maryem | @maryemelhileh

Kids on TikTok have accounts managed by parents, and Maryem is one of the great examples of that. She’s a mom of three beautiful children, all of whom she records videos from time to time. 

This fitness geek loves to make content about workout routines, family bonding moments, and post-pregnancy stories—a great channel not just for kids but also mommies and expecting mommies out there!

@maryemelhileh My weekends in a nutshell 😂😭 #parentsoftiktok #parenting #parentingtips #kidhumor #kidjokes #kidsarefunny #parented #parati #paratii #kidsbelike #kidscomedy ♬ original sound – Maryem🍉

Video Source: @maryemelhileh | TikTok

9. Londyn & LaWayne | @razzi_boo

We’re all heart eyes for the mother-daughter duo, Londyn & LaWayne! Their content ranges from fashion hauls, shopping vlogs, dance challenges, and funny memes that you and your kids will love. We especially love their popular matching outfits reel—such a cute twinning moment!

@razzi_boo Cute matching outfits ✔️ @novakids @FashionNova check 😍 #cuteoutfits #pinkandwhite ♬ original sound – EX7STENCE™

Video Source: @razzi_boo | TikTok

10. Cooking With Kian | @cooking_with.kian

Is there such a category as “Cooking TikTok for kids”? Of course, there is! And Cooking With Kian is a great place to start. This young gastronome has landed multiple viral videos on everyone’s For You Page with his delectable, easy-to-replicate recipes.

We highly recommend parents check his account out and see what recipes you can make with your kids! It’s a fantastic way to start ‘em young.

@cooking_with.kian Carne Asada Tacos! #tiktok #cooking #tacos #carneasada ♬ Mexican Hat Dance – Party Songs for Kids

Video Source: @cooking_with.kian | TikTok

11. Kayla Danielle | @kayladanielleart

It’s Kayla Danielle, her husband, and their three TikTok Kids against the world! We absolutely love seeing her and her family cook together at home—which only shows that cooking is indeed a superior family bonding experience. Follow her for videos showing their teamwork in the kitchen!

@kayladanielleartHappy Sunday😃🥰 make some Oxtails with us♬ Easy Lovers Alternate Take Slowed – Sounds

Video Source: @kayladanielleart | TikTok

12. Vitam | @sincerelyvitam

We think Vitam single-handedly won the fashion TikTok challenges. This soon-to-be-mom-of-four has a penchant for making the best outfits, and you’ll never see her or her three children in mismatched clothing pieces. 

Whatever the season is, Vitam will offer you a lookbook that offers style and comfort. Follow her account and activate push notifications if you want you and your kids to learn more about fashion!

@sincerelyvitam Friday 🌸🤍 #ootd #fy #fyp #ralphlauren #ralphlaurenaesthetic #oldmoneystyle #style #kidsfashion #boystyle #cableknit ♬ original sound – EX7STENCE™

Video Source: @sincerelyvitam | TikTok

13. Addie Mccracken | @addie_mccracken123

Young couple Addie and Brady are all about showing how their precious baby Rustyn brings joy to their lives despite their trials and tribulations as parents. Addie uses her TikTok account to show the world what it’s like to be a mother—from play times to watching her child grow. We can’t help but shed a tear or two!

@addie_mccracken123 Rustyn was so proud to be a part of our surprises! The only diamond ring for the only one 🥹🫶🏻 #DarryRing #IDverificationring #DarryRingPartner ♬ original sound – addie mccracken

Video Source: @addie_mccracken | TikTok

14. Enky Boys | @enkyboys

Randy and Brice, also known as the Enky Boys, have been making TikTok content for kids and kids at heart since 2019. This father-son duo loves to embark on fun adventures together. They create videos of them lipsyncing to funny audio skits, winning the hearts of millions online. Their smiles and banter have brought joy to their audience, even after Randy passed away in 2023 due to colon cancer. 

Brice continues to carry his father’s legacy today, still smiling and making people laugh with his silly jokes.

@enkyboys When Brice travels from Texas to California 😆 #enkyboys #enkyboy ♬ original sound – MsJoJo👩🏾‍✈️🤍

Video Source: @enkyboys | TikTok

15. Jenn & Jordy | @justjordynnaround

Jenn is a mother of two adorable tots, Jordy and JJ, and they love brightening your days. This happy family loves making videos of the mundane in their home. Whether it’s helping their dad make coffee or getting a snack from the pantry, their cuteness will make your heart melt over and over again!

@justjordynnaround Every morning, Jordy helps her daddy @endo_81 make a cup ‘o Joe ☕️, #butfirst☝🏻cookie & vitamins #2min ✌🏻 #justwait ♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling

Video Source: @justjordynnaround | TikTok

16. Piper Rockelle | @piperrockelle

Follow Piper Rockelle on TikTok if you want to stay updated on the latest dance trends on the internet. This teen girl loves to dance with her friends and always kills it in every post. Her TikTok account mainly revolves around her life as a young content creator, so expect snippets of what goes on behind the camera!

@piperrockelleyou dont get to say whos a perfect f’ing 10 🩷♬ perfect 10 – Piper Rockelle

Video Source: @piperrockelle | TikTok

17. Jadyn Xavier | @jadynxavier

Jadyn Xavier is living the content creator’s dream! She’s one of the kids on TikTok who makes content about the day-to-day life of a social media influencer. In her account, you’ll find her getting exclusive event invites and recording product reviews and PR hauls. 

She currently has over a million followers, and we’re one of them!

@jadynxavier 🖤✨ @Dior #diorfall24 ♬ 2000 – vowl. & Sace

Video Source: @jadynxavier | TikTok

18. The Crunch Bros | @thecrunchbros

Add the Mukbang niche to your list of TikTok content for kids because we’ve found an amazing account that will hook you and your children’s attention!

Meet The Crunch Bros, a father-son duo who loves to eat almost anything. Their mukbang videos are not only appetizing but also entertaining because of the random topics they discuss. Give them a follow to see what the hype is all about!

@thecrunchbros These soup dumplings are 🔥 #soupdumplings #eatmila #fatherson ♬ original sound – The CrunchBros

Video Source: @thecrunchbros | TikTok

19. The Caking Girl | @thecaking.girl

Joey and Ellis are the the embodiment of the saying, “like mother, like daughter” with their jaw-dropping cake creations. This talented duo has baked a rose, pho noodles, and character cakes with their skills. Their creations are so good, you wouldn’t dare to eat them!

@thecaking.girl Ellis’ rose cake! @blackpinkofficial #jisooflower #jisoocake #caketok ♬ Dance You Outta My Head – Cat Janice

Video Source: @thecaking.girl | TikTok

20. Xóchitl Gómez | @_xochitl.gomez

Xóchitl Gómez is a triple threat—an actress, a dancer, and a social media sensation. Her TikTok account gives you perspective on what it’s like to be a superstar. From attending the Oscars to dancing randomly on camera, her videos will have your kids falling head over heels with her attractive charisma.

@_xochitl.gomez I think i like this little life #oscars2024 ♬ Little Life – Cordelia

Video Source: @_xochitl.gomez | TikTok

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  • Kayla Mandel

    Kayla Mandel is a Client Success Manager at TIA, specializing in Influencer Marketing campaigns. She’s passionate about music, travel and interior design.

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  • Kayla Mandel

    Kayla Mandel is a Client Success Manager at TIA, specializing in Influencer Marketing campaigns. She’s passionate about music, travel and interior design.

    View all posts

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