The Most Instagrammable Places In Halifax with Short Presents
Nancy Chu

The Most Instagrammable Places In Halifax with Short Presents

The city of Halifax on Canada’s east coast is full of beauty at any time during the year, so it’s easy to find Instagrammable places around every corner. Between picturesque beaches, buildings full of history, a lively waterfront, and trendy cafes, you will find yourself with no shortage of Instagram photo opportunities!

Most Instagrammable Places Halifax

To make things easier for your next coastal trip, we sat down with Halifax native Kayla Short of @shortpresents to get her roundup of some of her favourite spots. But first, a few words from Kayla herself about the beautiful city that she hails from:

“Halifax is home to several universities, and I always like to say it keeps us young and vibrant. With so many new folks passing through our city every year there’s perpetual change and energy in Halifax, and one of the reasons I’m so happy to call it my home.

Adjacent to the sea wind is always a factor when shooting in Halifax, but with such beautiful landscape, and fun new restos and cafes popping up all the time: there’s no shortage of places to up your Instagram game.”

With that said, let’s get into it!

Peggy’s Cove

“If you didn’t shoot at Peggy’s Cove did you even visit Halifax?? We couldn’t do a list of most Instagramable spots and not mention Peggy’s Cove. Arguably the most Instagrammed spot in Halifax, though technically located out of the city it’s adored by locals and tourists alike (just be sure to stay off the black rocks).”

The Public Garden’s

“Having sustained many hurricanes, the Public Gardens still remains to be one of the most beautiful places to shoot in the heart of the city. Whether you choose a floral backdrop while enjoying a delicious ice cream, or take a stroll over a cute little bridge, or an adorable little pathway there’s always plenty of spots to shoot.”

 Public Gardens Halifax

The Halifax Public Library

“One of my favourite places to shoot, especially in the winter because of all the natural light, and lack of frigid temps (i.e any fashion blogger’s dream), but the architecture both inside and out lend itself to some pretty cool shots.”

Robie Station

“If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your gram look to none other than Robie Station. Not only is the food amazing and Instagram worthy in it’s own right (try their famous triple cooked fries), but it’s got to be just the cutest little spot. They also get some major bonus points for some great natural light.”

Robie Station  Halifax

Café Lara

“Located in Halifax’s hip north end Café Lara is a must for the gram. I mean a cute polka dot telephone?? Um YES please. Also they have oat milk, and matcha so double points for that too.”

Dartmouth Waterfront

“Arguably the best view of the city comes from the Dartmouth side. Get a great shot of the Halifax Waterfront, or the bridges, and be sure to stop at one of the many great places to drink and eat. Dartmouth has some great and very ig worthy food and drinks.”

Agricola Street / North End

“If cute colorful row houses aren’t gramworthy I don’t what is. In a world where condos are taking over I happen to adore these historic houses, and everything they represent. While in the north end do also check out the Hydrostone as well! It’s tres adorbs.”

Halifax Silva

“It is Halifax after all, and we are a port city, so I had to include at least ONE boat. Take a tour on the Halifax Silva, and whether you take photos on the boat or of the beautiful ocean and landscape behind you: it’s definitely Instagram worthy.”

Lucky Penny

“Halifax is home to many adorable cafes, but one that always stands out for me is the Lucky Penny I mean that moody floral wallpaper tho? It’s just itching to get on the gram.

 Lucky Penny Wallpaper Halifax

Halifax Waterfront

“Last but not least I would have to say the Halifax Waterfront whether you pop into one of the many adorable restaurants or cafés like the Cacao 70 here, or you take a Segway tour of the waterfront its self: there are so many adorable places to take photos. When planning your wardrobe choices just be mindful of that wind I mentioned earlier.”

This is the fourth of our “Most Instagrammable Places In…” series! If you’ve missed any, be sure to catch up:

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Do YOU want to be featured in the next part of this series? Be sure to get in contact with us here.

What are some of your picks for the Most Instagrammable Spots in Halifax? Let us know in the comments down below!


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