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A Recap of Instagram Features Released in 2021

Jessica Moy
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Jessica Moy
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Jan 07, 2022
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Instagram has come a long way since it was first launched in 2010. As it continues to evolve, the best way to enjoy the app to the fullest and reap the best benefits is by staying up to date with all the latest features. This is especially true for creators and businesses looking to step up their content strategy and Instagram advertising game. 

But exactly how much has the app evolved in the past year? Scroll through to see The Influence Agency’s recap of the newest Instagram features released in 2021!

Professional Dashboard for Creators and Businesses

Arguably, this dashboard isn’t just one of the best Instagram features of 2021, but pretty much one of the most useful Instagram features of all time. Anyone who uses the app to grow their brand can now easily track their performance, stay informed, and discover new features thanks to all the available analytics, tools, and insights.

From seeing how many people your content reaches to when your followers are most likely to engage, this professional dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of everything you need to know and everything you need to grow.

To access this feature for official creator or business accounts, simply go to your profile and tap “View Professional Dashboard.” 

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Adding Links to Instagram Stories Is for Everyone Now

Pre-2021, only Instagram accounts with 10,000+ followers could add links to their stories (bummer!) Due to popular demand, this has now been expanded to allow any account across the entire platform to add links, regardless of their follower count. Don’t you love how this embraces the idea of inclusivity? It’s clear why it has become one of the newest Instagram features that the crowds absolutely love. 

All you have to do is add the link sticker to your story and input a URL. 

Post and Reel Collaborations 

Whether it’s for influencer campaigns or a chart-topping hit in the music industry, collaborations are generally a force to be reckoned with. This is probably why it was decided to test the true power of collaborations by releasing it as one of the newest Instagram features in 2021. 

This feature allows users to co-author posts and Reels. Hence, two names will appear on the header. Also, the content will appear on the accounts of both of the collaborators. 

Just tap “Add Collaborator” when you’re at the tagging section of creating a post. 

Live Rooms

As soon as Instagram Live was launched in November 2016, it instantly became the popular kid. When the pandemic came around, users strongly requested for this Instagram feature to enable multiple accounts to broadcast together in one session. 

This wish was granted by March 2021 with the launch of Live Rooms, which allows up to four people to do a live broadcast simultaneously. Plus, people love how Badges, Shopping, and Live Fundraisers are among its interactive features. 

To add guests, tap the video button on the lower right corner during your live session and send out requests. 

Remix Reels

Ever since quarantine and other lockdown measures have been instilled, TikTok has taken the world by storm. And with the release of Remix Reels, it’s clear that Instagram has been taking some notes from the duet feature of the short-form video platform. 

Unveiled as one of the newest Instagram features of 2021, Remix Reels allows users to react to an existing Reel. It’s great for sending out responses, documenting reactions, or even putting your own twist on content that interests you.  

To use Remix Reels, tap on the three dots above the Reel you want to remix and select “Remix this Reel.” 

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Desktop Publisher

One of the long-awaited Instagram features has always been the option to post via desktop. In June 2021, the platform finally launched its desktop publisher. 

If you want to post from your PC, look for the upload button in the upper right corner. Just like on the app, you can even add filters and edit brightness, contrast, etc. 

Delete Individual Photos From Carousels 

Whether you’ve accidentally uploaded the wrong photo in your carousel or simply realized later on that you no longer want a specific image to be included in your Instagram content anymore, it’s now very much possible to correct this without having to delete the entire post. One of the newly introduced Instagram features in 2021 includes being able to delete individual photos or videos from carousels. 

To do this, tap the three dots above the post and select “Edit.” Then, navigate to the individual photo/video you want to delete and tap the trash icon on the upper left. 

Hide Like Counts

When Instagram began hiding like counts in 2019, some users were ecstatic while others were left frustrated. In order to please everyone on the platform, they decided to give people the option to hide like counts instead.

To enjoy this new Instagram update, navigate to the specific post, tap the three dots, and select “Hide Like Count.” 

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  • Jessica Moy

    Jessica Moy is a Social Media Manager at TIA. With a journalism and PR background, she is constantly seeking inspiration and connection, which can usually be found via travelling, books, museums, or watching vlogs. You can follow her at @Jessica_Moy on Instagram or @JessicaMoy_ on TikTok.

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  • Jessica Moy

    Jessica Moy is a Social Media Manager at TIA. With a journalism and PR background, she is constantly seeking inspiration and connection, which can usually be found via travelling, books, museums, or watching vlogs. You can follow her at @Jessica_Moy on Instagram or @JessicaMoy_ on TikTok.

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