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Influencer-Curated Shops Emerge as E-Commerce Model

Jackie Tambosso
Written By
Jackie Tambosso
Published On
Dec 27, 2023
A curated shop’s online store page

Is there anything that influencers can’t do?

In a world dominated by social media and digital influence, a new wave is transforming the way we shop online. An influencer-curated shop is a dynamic e-commerce model that’s redefining how we discover, connect, and shop in the digital realm.

Imagine having your favourite influencers handpick and curate the trendiest, most personalized products just for you. In this blog, we’re diving into everything you need to know about using influencer power to drive curated shopping!

Curating Consumer Experiences

The customer journey is in your hands—influencer collaborations can be exactly what you need to make it memorable!

It matters because expectations are changing. Consumers continue to expect brands to evolve over time, but also to keep their preferences in mind, entertain them, and continuously put effort into ensuring a more seamless online shopping experience. 

An influencer-curated shop does all this and more. It’s definitely one of the e-commerce trends you don’t want to miss out on if you want to maintain the loyalty of your existing clients and inspire new consumers to start supporting your brand. 

Now, to get started, let’s review some curated shopping basics! 

What is Curated Shopping?

You’ve likely gone on a few curated shopping experiences without even knowing it.

Have you ever looked up an item online, only for it to pop up as an ad while you were on another site? That wasn’t exactly the shopping deities pushing you to make that well-deserved purchase. Rather, it was marketing tools being leveraged by digital experts. 

One of these tools is cookies. They’re used by e-commerce stores to track your behaviour to find out what kind of products you like. Along with other methods, this is how they are able to show you items that might appeal to you.

What Are Influencer Curated Shops?

Some e-commerce trends are complicated, but an influencer-curated shop is exactly as it sounds: an online storefront or collection of items curated by an influencer. 

They make it easier than ever to purchase top-tier items that have the seal of approval of your favourite influencers. Rather than scour videos and content for what an influencer likes, fans can shop all their recommendations in one place. It streamlines the online shopping experience, making it easier than ever for fans to buy the looks they see online. 

There’s a reason these kinds of influencer collaborations are dominating trends. As we’ll soon discuss, curated shopping is beneficial to the influencer, the seller, and the buyers, too. It’s an exciting, win-win proposition all around—what’s not to love? 

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Building a Brand-Influencer Partnership

Building a brand-influencer partnership is more than just collaborating with someone who has thousands or millions of followers to attract customers online. Rather, it involves aligning your brand with the right personality. Easier said than done, we know. 

Having a similar target audience, vision, and values are just a few of the elements that are key to an effective campaign. The old saying “quality over quantity” definitely rings true in terms of influencer collaborations and curated shopping as well.  

The key word here is partnership. We’ve already highlighted how these kinds of partnerships can benefit all parties, so be sure to keep that in mind with e-commerce trends like this that entrust others to represent your business! 

Trust and Authenticity in Influencer-Curated Shops

Partnering with the right influencer is a fantastic way to win over their loyal audiences as well and keep them interested in your products and services. It’s a rewarding way to level up your online shopping experience as a brand. 

Why? It’s because these public figures have built authentic connections with their audience thanks to their engaging content. They support them as people, rather than just following them as fans of their products. So, as a result, their followers tend to trust in their recommendations when they give a product their stamp of approval. 

Whether it’s online shops or a brick-and-mortar store, when businesses associate with the right influencers, they can easily put their name on their radar as well and rest assured that awareness is being boosted like never before. 

An influencer talking about a few items featured in her curated shop

The Data Behind Curated Shopping

The industry has come a long way from barebones influencer collaborations consisting primarily of sponsored posts. E-commerce trends are always changing.

In the U.S., nearly one in five adults have purchased a product or service based on an influencer recommendation. 24% of these respondents said they bought an item through a creator’s curated list of products on platforms like Amazon or LTK. 

Influencer marketing has reached a global market size of $21.1 billion; influencer-curated shopping is sure to continue growing in popularity. The time is now to start having the right influencer curate your online shopping experience! 

Build Your Curated Shop With Influencer Collaborations

Ready to use the power of influencer-curated shopping to create an elevated customer experience in your e-commerce store?

Make it happen with the trailblazers with The Influence Agency. We’re an award-winning digital marketing agency that specializes in connecting brands with the right influencers to produce campaigns that always captivate audiences.

Talk to one of our experts today to get started!



  • Jackie Tambosso

    Jackie Tambosso is a Senior Client Success Manager at TIA and specializes in all things related to influencer and digital marketing. When time allows, you can catch her travelling to new and exciting places around the world!

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  • Jackie Tambosso

    Jackie Tambosso is a Senior Client Success Manager at TIA and specializes in all things related to influencer and digital marketing. When time allows, you can catch her travelling to new and exciting places around the world!

    View all posts

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