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The Influence Award Winners 2022

Kaela Johnson
Written By
Kaela Johnson
Published On
Nov 30, 2022
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In a world filled with incredible influencers and the agencies that support them, our community has spoken and chosen their ultimate favourites.

The Influence Awards celebrates the amazing work of digital content creators and talent management teams across multiple categories and platforms in both Canada and the US. These digital awards are curated by us, The Influence Agency—an award-winning digital and influencer marketing agency—and the winners are chosen by you!

The long wait is over… Here are the winners of the 2022 Influence Awards across all 20 categories:

Athlete Influencer of the Year 2022

Darrynton Evans | @itzliveee

This American football running back and return specialist for the Chicago Bears wins this year’s award for favourite athlete influencer!

Aside from thriving in the sports industry, Darrynton Evans also makes waves on YouTube and Twitch with his entertaining content.  

Darrynton Evans
Image from @itzliveee on Instagram

Beauty Influencer of the Year 2022

Monet McMichael | @monetmcmichael

For this year’s beauty category, Monet McMichael takes home the crown!

Whether it’s her naturally glowing skin or on-fleek make-up, there are plenty of reasons why this influencer shines bright in the beauty scene. On TikTok alone, her content has garnered over 86.1 million likes.

Monet McMichael
Image from @monetmcmichael on Instagram

Cannabis Influencer of the Year 2022

Cheech and Chong | @cheechandchong

When it comes to a daily dose of cannabis content that just hits different, Cheech and Chong always understand the assignment.

These social media personalities continue to spread next-level humour as they uplift the community of cannabis enthusiasts. It’s clear why they’ve won The Influence Award for favourite cannabis influencer!

Cheech and Chong
Image from @cheechandchong on Instagram

Changemaker of the Year 2022

Sarah Landry | @thebirdspapaya

The Influence Award for favourite changemaker goes to Sarah Landry!

As she continuously advocates for body positivity and female empowerment, this social media personality has made a huge impact as a changemaker. For anyone who needs to be inspired to love and accept themselves, her content might just be the epiphany they’re waiting for!

Sarah Landry
Image from @thebirdspapaya on Instagram

Comedy Influencer of the Year 2022

Cogey Marx | @cogey

Cogey Marx is all about faux vintage and real sass—and everyone is totally here for it. That’s why she takes home The Influence Award for favourite comedy influencer!

Social media simply wouldn’t be the same without her unique, vintage-inspired memes. From astrology to mental health content, there’s nothing that won’t make you smile.

Cogey Marx
Image from @cogey on Instagram

Family Influencer of the Year 2022

Heydy Lopez | @heydylopez_

This supermom to adorable little boys never fails to entertain her audiences with her relatable family content.

Whether she’s sharing the challenges or perks of being a millennial mom, her posts are both heartwarming and hilarious—that’s why she’s this year’s favourite family influencer!

Heyday Lopez
Image from @heydylopez_ on Instagram

Fashion Influencer of the Year 2022

Kelsey Breisinger | @kelclight

Kelsey Breisinger is your “midsize fashion bestie” slaying the fashion game one OOTD at a time. This Nashville-based content creator says her mission is to “help women find beauty in the skin they’re in no matter their shape or size.”

She’s captured the hearts of the stylish crowd and won this year’s fashion influencer award.

Kelsey Breisinger
Image from @kelclight on Instagram

Fitness Influencer of the Year 2022

Kira West | @bykwest

Kira West is all about “keeping it real.”

This creator, entrepreneur, athlete, and Certified Distance Running Coach says that her running journey has shown her just how much she’s capable of, not just at the end of that race but in life. She continues to inspire online communities to level up their fitness game too—so it’s no surprise she’s this year’s favourite fitness influencer

Kira West
Image from @bkywest on Instagram

Food Influencer of the Year 2022

Chris “CJ Eats” Joe | @cj.eats_

When it comes to easy, approachable recipes for the home cook, Chris Joe has always been everyone’s life-saver. This Los Angeles-based based recipe developer is actually a self-taught cook! And we’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones who are in awe of his amazing talent. 

CJ Eats takes home the award for favourite food influencer!

Chris “CJ Eats” Joe
Image from @cj.eats_ on Instagram

Gaming Influencer of the Year 2022

Nicholas “Nickmercs” Kolcheff | @nickmercs

With over 2.6 million Instagram followers, it’s clear that Nickmercs is one of the most influential names in the gaming scene. He holds several world records in Fortnite and is a former MLG National Champion.

Adding to his growing trophy collection, he wins The Influence Award’s gaming category this year.

Nicholas “Nickmercs” Kolcheff
Image from @nickmercs on Instagram

Health & Wellness Influencer of the Year 2022

Rebeckah Price | @rebeckahprice

Anyone who’s looking for wellness and self-care strategies will find that Rebeckah Price’s content truly has the power to inspire.

From her thought-provoking “today I rise” quotes to her helpful tips as a wellness advocate, it’s clear why audiences always love what she has to say. 

Congratulations, Rebeckah Price, for winning in the health and wellness category at The Influence Awards 2022!

Rebeckah Price
Image from @rebeckahprice on Instagram

Interior Design Influencer of the Year 2022

Elena Lohse | @thishouse5000

Elena Lohse’s great eye when it comes to interior design always makes Instagram a prettier place. Anyone who loves chic minimalist looks will pull up a whole lot of inspiration from @thishouse5000’s feed.

The crowds have spoken—Elena Lohse is this year’s top interior design creator!

Elena Lohse
Image from @thishouse5000 on Instagram

Lifestyle Influencer of the Year 2022

Kelsi Kendel |@kelsikendel

Kelsi Kendel is a self-proclaimed “serial yes girl” who’s “seriously sarcastic.” It’s a fascinating lifestyle that her audiences love tuning in to! And it’s won her the award for favourite lifestyle creator at The Influence Awards.

Her interesting life as a stylish mom, wife, and speech therapist always colours Instagram with incredible content. 

Kelsi Kendel
Image from @kelsikendel on Instagram

Music Influencer of the Year 2022

Dahlia “DJ Rosegold” Palmer | @djrosegold

Dahlia Palmer has made a name for herself as one of the most in-demand DJs in Toronto. She was even handpicked to DJ at an event for former U.S. President Barack Obama!

On her impressive resume, she’s also opened for Young Thug and Gunna at Billboard’s SXSW show. Now, she’s also this year’s favourite music influencer at The Influence Awards!

Dahlia “DJ Rosegold” Palmer
Image from @djrosegold on Instagram

Pet Influencer of the Year 2022

Tika the Iggy & Thomas Shapiro | @tikatheiggy & @tommyshap

Tika the Iggy’s show-stopping looks did not come to play—and we definitely have Tommy Shapiro to thank for blessing our feeds with such high fashion, pet influencer looks. From sporty casual to formal, there’s no aesthetic Tika the Iggy can’t pull off.  

This year’s award in the pet category goes to this little stunner!

Tika the Iggy
Image from @tikatheiggy on Instagram

Travel Influencer of the Year 2022

Asha Sardar | @la_wandereuse

Asha Sardar is “forever seeking worldly adventures.” And we’re pretty sure she’s inspired her followers to do just the same! She takes home the award for top travel influencer this 2022. 

Not only does she give her audiences a glimpse of the world’s most amazing places, but she’s a pro at the OOTD game too.

Asha Sardar
Image from @la_wandereuse on Instagram 

Tech Influencer of the Year 2022

Shevon Salmon | @shevonsalmon_  

You can’t deny that navigating the world of tech can get very confusing. It’s times like these when we turn to our favourite tech influencers to make it all clear for us—and Shevon Salmon is one of the pros we can always count on.

Because of their next-level tech tips, reviews, unboxing, tutorials, gaming videos, and lifestyle content, they win first place in this year’s tech category!

Shevon Salmon
Image from @shevonsalmon_ on Instagram

Up & Coming Influencer of the Year 2022

LaToya Lanice | @blackess

Be sure to watch out for LaToya Lanice—because she was voted as the top up-and-coming influencer for 2022!

This cool mom and lifestyle, beauty, and style content creator is empowering audiences to be comfortable and confident with who they are. 

LaToya Lanice
Image from @blackess on Instagram

Large Agency of the Year 2022

A3 Artists Agency | @a3artistsagency

Based in Los Angeles and New York, A3 Artists Agency was voted as the top large agency at The Influence Awards 2022.

For over 40 years, they have successfully fostered the careers of performers, filmmakers, and influencers. Back in 2019, they were even the title sponsor of the Catalyst Content Festival in Duluth, MN. Today, they continue to have access to all the major players in the industry.

A3 Artists Agency

Boutique Agency of the Year 2022

Shine Talent Group | @shinetalentgroup

You might know Shine Talent Group as a talent management agency for social superstars. With branches in Los Angeles, Toronto, and London, they’ve built a name for themselves as a leader in their industry. They currently have over 2,000 talents in their network.

At The Influence Awards 2022, they were voted as the top boutique agency.

Shone Talent Group

That’s a Wrap on The Influence Awards 2022!

Congratulations to all of this year’s award winners and nominees who never fail to make social media a captivating space worth scrolling through. To see all of our second and third-place winners CLICK HERE.

The Influence Agency would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote for their favourites at The Influence Awards 2022! To our guest judges—Andrew Verescak, Bryan Kingston, Killian Abuan, LaToya Shambo, Laura Silver, Melissa Ahlstrand, Raenah Hawkins, Stephanie Joseph-Flatts, and Toni Rufo—thank you for lending your expertise and being a special part of our panel. 

As we roll the credits for The Influence Awards 2022, don’t forget to stay tuned for next year’s award season!

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